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COUP de COEUR : Selen OZUS bodies & portraits

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Selen Özus  jewelry …. like little sculptures, like drawings to wear …. importance of the body represented

 Selen Özus was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1983. She got her BFA in Ceramic and Glass Design in Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, and completed a three year Jewellery Program in Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy. She took classes from Peter Bauhuis, Manfred Bischoff and Ruudt Peters during her education in Alchimia. Selen Özus, attended various exhibitions in Europe and Istanbul, is living in Istanbul now and working as an instructor at Maden Contemporary ​Jewellery Studio which is founded by herself with her colleague Burcu Büyükünal.
Selen Ozus Jewelry
« I am gliding on an emotional air and trying to understand my feelings such as anger, love, and sorrow. I am also inspired by human body and the conditions it is involved like simple daily life and intricate relationships to other people.
My works are my memories. They are little sculptures that carry poetic and ironic stories. I share my memories with people when my pieces are worn. Then every piece starts having new memories. This is why I make jewelry.
I usually convey my expreriences through my illustrations first. It works like a therapy for me. I develop my jewelry by carrying my illustrations to the materials I like, especially silver, iron, and porcelain. I use silver like a canvas, pure and white, I fire and texture it to express a drawing quality. I also enjoy joining the darkness and heaviness of the iron with the fragile but robust nature of porcelain.
When I am working I dive into a wonderful world full of surprises. I feel safe in the loneliness of my creative process and express my feelings as outloud as possible.«
selen özus: pregnant / brooch - silver, 2009Selen Ozus: pregnant / brooch – silver, 2009
selen özus: will / brooch - silver, 2009Selen Ozus : « will » / brooch – silver, 2009
selen özus: in Firenze / brooch - silver, iron, 2009Selen Ozus: « in Firenze » / brooch – silver, iron, 2009

Selen Ozus Jewelry   "day in + day out" - brooch - silver, silk fabric - 2008
Selen Ozus Jewelry   « day in + day out » – brooch – silver, silk fabric – 2008
Selen Ozus - "as" brooch - porcelain, iron 2011Selen Ozus – « as » brooch – porcelain, iron 2011
Selen Ozus Jewelry - "thoughtful"  Brooch - SilverSelen Ozus Jewelry – « thoughtful »  Brooch – Silver 2009
Selen Ozus "close" brooch silver 2009Selen Ozus « close » brooch silver 2009
Selen Ozus Jewelry - "lover" brooch - silver 2009Selen Ozus Jewelry – « lover » brooch – silver 2009

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