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EXPO ‘I-Land – Carina Chitsaz-Shostary’ – ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 4 Dec.2014 – 31 Janv. 2015

I-Land Mini Exhibition by Carina Chitsaz-Shostary

ATTA Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)

 Attagallery Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary

« What´s left of Krypton »
« The basic material for the pieces of the series „What´s left of Krypton” are thick colour sheets from a graffiti wall in our quarter. I take off the colour pads directly from the wall or collect them from the ground, when they fall off like old plaster. By carefully dividing the material into fine layers, fragments of covered graffiti appear again. As the wall is exposed to wheather conditions and the single layers connect to each other, the colour plates show surfaces that resemble ancient frescoes.
In contrast to this stands the futuristic language of the forms in which you can recover the cryptic letterings and comiclike drawings of the graffiti art.
My inspiration for these forms came from the story of the comic hero superman. His chrystal home planet Krypton meets its fait by getting destroyed by a natural catastrophe. Superman reaches earth as the only survivor. His world is lost, but still he owns a few chrystals of his home which enclose memories of all of Krypton´s knowledge like a computer chip.
My brooches too retain something- the memories of the former liveliness and rich colourings of all these lost graffiti.« 


Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary - I-Land Mini Exhibition-   broochCarina Chitsaz-Shoshtary« Green and grey », brooch, 2011. Graffiti, silver, stainless steel. Photo: Mirei Takeuchi

 Carina Chitsaz-Shostary- I-Land Mini Exhibition. Carina Chitsaz-Shostary – Fiery orange, brooch, 2012. Graffiti, silver, stainless steel. Photo: Carina Chitsaz-Sh.

Carina Chitsaz-Shostary, "Volcanic islands", brooch, 2013, graffiti, silver, steelCarina Chitsaz-Shostary, « Volcanic islands », brooch, 2013, graffiti, silver, steel

Carina Chitsaz-Shostary "Break of dawn", brooch, 2013. Graffiti, silver, stainless steel. Photographer: Mirei TakeuchiCarina Chitsaz-Shostary « Break of dawn », brooch, 2013. Graffiti, silver, stainless steel.  Photo: Mirei Takeuchi


ATTA Gallery
O.P. Garden, Unit 1109 4,6 Soi Charoenkrung 36 Charoenkrung Road,
Bangrak Bangkok,
10500, Thailand
tel + 662 238 6422



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