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DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Georgina TREVIÑO – the denseness of concrete

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Georgina TREVIÑO , who has been selected for SCHMUCK 2015, is a contemporary jeweler from Tijuana, Mexico currently living in San Diego, California.
She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Applied Design with an emphasis in Jewelry Making from San Diego State University in 2014. Her work is a personal narrative and reflection of the nostalgic memories of unfinished architecture in Tijuana, Mexico. She incorporates industrial material local to the framework of Tijuana infrastructure into jewelry that discusses the dichotomy between conventional building material straddling the United States and Mexico border.


 Georgina Treviño Georgina Treviño (detail)

 » My work captures the nostalgia of my childhood memories while living in Tijuana, Mexico. After being surrounded by cement walls during my childhood, I started to notice the differences between the way houses and buildings were being built when I moved to the United States. In Tijuana, structures, including family homes, are mostly made of cement. Sometimes they remain unfinished for years, even as additions to already completed structures. No two buildings looked the same and there were no designated communities where class was distinct based off the architecture. When I moved to the United States for college, I drove around neighborhoods, downtown, ventured into suburban and urban areas and I immediately noticed how different the architecture was from my hometown, which was only a short thirty-minute drive away. Buildings in the United States used wood as the framework and housing all looked the same. It was very clear to tell the areas of the city that were poor, wealthy and middle class, just based on the architecture. I focused on this dichotomy in this work and explored with the materials I remember as a child, incorporating them with modern materials that I am surrounded by now as an adult.

Georgina Trevino - Cement and brass neck-pieces. Georgina Trevino – Cement and brass neck-pieces

Georgina Trevino -Cement and steel necklace . 2014 . Georgina Trevino -Cement and steel necklace . 2014

  These pieces investigate the inner structures of buildings and the process of casting cement while capturing geometric and organic shapes. These forms represent trapped memories; the geometric represent the hard walls of my childhood and the organic represent the hollowness that I see and feel now when I look back and try to hone in on those memories. The use of metal implies the half-way-done feel of rusting buildings. I cast cement using found objects that, to me, signify a culture that is distinctly young American. For example, to create a sense of tension, I cast inside latex gloves, condoms, and plastic shot glasses, which create a texture that aids the process of making with these materials. They elevate the meaning between my past and present. The cement forms themselves look heavy but are hollow and very lightweight. This is a direct reflection of the impression I had when I touched the hollow wood walls in the United States after living my entire life in the denseness of concrete. »

 Georgina Trevino - Cement and brass neck-pieces  Georgina Trevino – Cement and brass neck-pieces 

Georgina Treviño. Steel, cement and string . 2014 . Selected for Schmuck 2015Georgina Treviño. « Mensula » – Steel, cement and string . 2014

Georgina Treviño.Cement, foam and sterling silver .2014  Georgina Treviño. « entrampado » – Pendant. Casted Cement, Sterling silver and foam .(2014) 

Georgina Trevino - Found rope, cement , brass and steel . 2014 Georgina Trevino - Nostalia 2 – Found rope, cement , brass and steel . 2014

georgina trevino broochGeorgina Trevino brooch


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