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DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Jim BOVE – The Drawing series

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Jim BOVE sélectionné pour SCHMUCK 2015

Jim Bové - drawing series - 3 brooches 2014Jim Bové - drawing series – 3 brooches 2014

Jim Bové is a practicing artist and educator living just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an Associate Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. Jim has organized and curated several international exhibitions and lectures between the United States and Japan, including the cross-cultural exchange, Metalsmiths Linking. In 2011 Jim’s artwork was selected for Metalsmith magazine’s Exhibition in Print. His artwork has been featured in several books, including Lark Book’s 500 series, Humor in Craft by Brigette Martin and most recently in 500 Art Necklaces. His artwork resides in collections in the United States, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Malaysia. Member of SNAG

 Jim Bové - Ring I - drawing series 2011Jim Bové – Ring I – drawing series 2011

« The search for spontaneity in my artwork has brought me back to the sketch. Pages of drawings have been produced as I searched for new ideas to create in metal. When I looked at those drawings, my eye caught on the impression of the pen, the gesture of the pencil and the weight of the stroke. I wondered how to re-create that immediacy in wearable art. This new series of work employs a surface that allows me to work more spontaneously. Sometimes the piece evolves from a page in my sketchbook, at other times the metal is prepared and the small canvases can be carried with me so I can work the surface as I am inspired. The work is minimal and abstract. I have grown even more appreciative of abstract expressionism and artists like Robert Irwin and Antoni Tapies, especially the thought Irwin puts behind his creations. maybe because I teach design theory classes, I have come to enjoy the search for the perfect line in the perfect place. Something so simple can occupy so much effort.« 

Jim Bové drawing series broochDrawing Series: Brooch – Awarded Honorable Mention, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea. 2013 Industrial auto paint on die formed copper with patina. 2012

« Color satisfies the eye, line satisfies the mind »  

« The Drawing Series expresses my love for line, shape and the mark of a tool on a surface.  Inspired by minimalism and abstract expressionism, the shaped, wearable canvases allow me to explore composition.  Many of the shapes are rooted in observation.  Shadows, light, architecture, all of these become subjects to reinterpret, simplify and incorporate into my work. The pieces are intentionally un-named. They are pure composition and exist only as part of a series of drawings. By using a strong, industrial primer on formed metal I can sand and prepare the surface to a smooth, satin finish, almost silk-like to the touch.  The strength of the paint allows me to carve through, as well as draw on, the surface. A chemical patina enhances the contrast. »

 Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Drawing Series Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012Jim Bové - Drawing Series – Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové - ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové – ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Fold1 necklaceJim Bové – Fold1 necklace - Necklace. Industrial auto primer on copper with patina and black rubber cord. 2013

« The technique The Drawing Series is a unique process that I developed.  By using an industrial auto primer, the same used in auto body shops, I create a canvas on a shaped, copper base.  The strength of the paint allows me to carved or sand through the surface.  Using the ancient technique of silver and gold point, I can draw on the surface.  A simple patina enhances the colors of the metal.  Silver turns a warm French gray, gold becomes a cool gray and copper ranges from black to brown. The pieces are very lightweight and durable. Once cured, the paint is hard, resistant to damage and easy to clean. » Making « First the copper metal is shaped. This is done using various fabrication techniques. I start by sawing the shape out. If the piece needs to be shaped, I use sinking, hydraulic die forming or folding techniques.  After the piece has been formed, I solder on any pin backs, accents or hanging hardware.  Once soldering is complete and the piece has been cleaned, I prepare auto paint by mixing a hardener and an extender into the paint. The mixed paint is applied by spray gun.  After the paint has hardened and set, each piece is wet sanded until the finish is satin in texture. Sharp scribes and chisels are used to carve through the surface.  Gold, silver and copper wires are used to draw on the painted surface.  Finally a patina is applied to enhance the color of the metals. « 

 Jim Bove  -  - Fold1 necklace - Society of North American GoldsmithsJim Bove  -  – Fold1 necklace 

Jim Bove - squarespace necklace   Jim Bove - squarespace necklace

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