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DECOUVERTE pour SCHMUCK 2015 : Stanislava Grebenickova

Stanislava Grebenickova from Czeck Republic,  has been selected for SCHMUCK 2015

Stanislava Grebenickova  -Light & Shadow Brooches - Cut & Polished flat Glass  with Marble and GraniteStanislava Grebenickova  -  Light & Shadow Brooches – Cut & Polished flat Glass  with Marble and Granite

« She is one of those women, who managed to balance their job and family, who are admired for their beauty and pleasant behaviour, she is a wonderful and an attentive hostess, a lady in the best sense of the word. But first and foremost she is an excellent glass-making artist.
Stanislava Grebeníčková graduated from The high school of applied arts for glassmaking in Železný Brod and then passed the atelier of Stanislav Libenský on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Desing in Prague. The very important life experience was a scholarship at Amsterdam Academy at the famous professor`s Sybren Valkema. During her studies and immediately after graduation she highly devoted herself to a formed glass. Already at that time her objects were characterised by a humour and pop art playfulness. The first big success and at the same time very characteristic illustration of her creation of the 80s was a series of objects for the exhibition in Roztoky u Prahy (1984). As a fresh graduate at that time, she created Fishing tackle, enlarged severalfold and supplemented with metal components. It was a perfect illusion of existing realias. A precise workmanship, a bright variety of colors and a perfect reproduction of the logo of the famous firm producing fishing tackle helped her to attain an unusually strong effect. The installation overwhelmed professionals and lay public as well. Real objects in unreal size were deployed on plinths in gallery and with fishing-lines a visitor was under the impression he became Gulliver in the empire of giants.
After the creative pause, devoted above all to upbringing of children and building of family background, she started to give a thought to comeback as an active artist. She knew how much time had passed since her pop art objects and realized that she couldn`t return to this era anymore…she has already been in a different stage of life and started to look for new ways of her creative expression. She has found a clear conception of her new style very soon. She created a series of objects made from combination of stone and glass. Symptomatically called plastics The bearable weight of being or On my own two feet put visually and physically massive cube of polished granite on fragile crystal spirals from formed and shaped glass. A courage and humour these plastics are presented with, take rank with her early objects.
In the second half of 90s this glass artist became more a sculptor. This is related to a desire to make a one-piece work. Whereas her husband (M. Handl) became a pioneer of the gluing technology in glass freestyle, Stanislava was not comfortable with this. Although this technology has dominated in her jewellery creation, it doesn`t seem suitable for her big objects. More likely than a distrust of mechanical qualities of glues, it is an idea, that the sculpture in itself, both sculptural and plastic, works with an integral mass and capacity. Stanislava perceives glass as a sculptural material and desires her plastics would have an influence as a sculptural masterpieces. As a graduate from Libensky school she handles „through glass painting tools“ optics and valair as well. In this time came up for example Asylum, Secret place and Mysterious Asuka.
At the same time with freestyle creation Stanislava has been profiling as a jewellery maker since 90s. At the beginning there was as she says „women`s vanity“. A desire to decorate herself, however, turned into more deeper interest, which became an integral and interesting part of her artwork. Her brooches soon became popular, well-known and sought-after in the world of modern jewellery. Her first jewellery, created in 1993, was surprisingly made of stone – local slate. A supple and accessible material facilitated working on a lapidary machine. Later Stanislava started to splice different types of glass, carefully detrited, she spliced it and glued it. Soon, however, an available color scale stopped being satisfying and she started to combine glass with interesting stones and also to experiment with melting of her own glass plates. The color in itself was not the matter, it was rather a structure and colorful combination. Looking at these brooches we often don`t know, if it is a polished natural stone or skillfully and unrepeatably melted glass. Some glass plates, used in these unique jewellery, are so much remarkable that deny the rules of glass cohesion. They are feasible only in such tiny size and are absolutely inimitable. Jewellery of this creative artist, in spite of their size, appear very monumentally. They remind of pictures. Partly by unprecedented colorful surfaces, which themselves look like a brush texture, but also by their unconditional two-dimensionality. They are based on space illusion. Almost each of them is a small expample of optical illusion: reversible cubes, vanes, prisms, portikas and columned halls are just sofisticated colorfully-geometrical segmentation of area. And therein is a jewellery work of this author so exceptional. A smooth, glazy, accurate, very precise and compact jewellery appears optically as a fragile, plastic, vulnerable and membered. Thus, it implicilty connects the most important characteristics of modern jewellery. Potential of wearing, originality and perfect manufacturing.
At present Stanislava Grebeníčková has been teaching on Higher, Secondary and Apprentice Glass School in Nový Bor. She lives and works with her family in nearby Polevsko. » (Eliška Vavříčková – 8. 12. 20:07)

Stanislava Grebenickova   - glass brooch 2000 Stanislava Grebenickova   – glass brooch 2000

Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry - brooch 2000Stanislava Grebenickova  – glass jewelry – brooch 2000

 Stanislava Grebenickova  -  brooch glass, granite 2002Stanislava Grebenickova  -  brooch glass, granite 2002

Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry - brooch 1999Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry – brooch 1999

  CENTRUM BAVARIA BOHEMIA - Stanislava Grebenickova (CZcech) - glass jewelry Stanislava Grebenickova   – glass brooch - CENTRUM BAVARIA BOHEMIA


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