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During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘MAD Exhibitionists’, Munich (DE) – 11-16 Mars 2015

Walking exhibition « MAD exhibitionists »

master students of the MAD-Faculty, PXL, Hasselt

Beginning Wednesday, 11. March 2015 16 h

MAD 2015

As ‘MAD Exhibitionists’ eight master students Object & Jewellery of the Mad-Faculty in Hasselt, Belgium* will be presenting a sneak preview of their master projects.

MAD Exhibitionists’ refers to the way the pieces will be shown. Isn’t wearing contemporary jewellery comparable to exhibitionism ? And isn’t looking closely to worn jewellery invading someone’s private space? In this walking exhibition, the ‘MAD Exhibitionists’ will be flashing: They will lift their display coats like clandestine jewellery sellers in the streets. No need to be scared of them, it’s only to show you their work and get some feedback. You are reassured it’s appropriate for all ages.
You can meet the students between the 11th and 16th of march 2015, every day from 10am until late at night, walking through Munich City.
Follow them on Facebook ‘MAD Exhibitionists’ for exact times and locations, and don’t miss them! But don’t worry, they will pop-up in the right places at the right time.

*The department of ‘Object & Jewellery’ at the MAD-Faculty offers an artistic academic course, consisting of three bachelor years and one master year. The program revolves around experimentation and research, for which thinking and doing are in constant interaction. The ambiguous position that the field of object-making and jewellery takes within the world of the visual arts, crafts and design is seen as an inspiring starting point that is constantly questioned in order to develop a critical attitude towards our own discipline.

 Students :  Jill Lenaerts / Juan Harnie / Margot Declerck / Liesje Merken / Senna Fransen / Sofie Van Belle / Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen / Liu Zhaoan


 Senna FransenSenna Fransen (MAD)
MAD  Juan HarnieMAD  Juan Harnie
 Juan Harnie
MAD Liesje Merken Liesje Merken
Margot Declerck - 2014 · - "the big pearl" - wood (MAD)(SCHMUCK 2015)Margot Declerck – 2014 · – « the big pearl » – wood – not from the master project)
exact times and locations on facebook: MAD exhibitionists 
Tel. +32 478 833106


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