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Decouverte : Lynn BATCHELDER, selected for TALENTE 2015

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MFA in Metal at State University New Paltz at New York (2013 MFA Thesis)
BFA in Metals/Jewelry Western Michigan University

….. and she is selected for TALENTE 2015

[Talente-Award presentation 2015 : 14 March 2015  16:30, Halle B1 Main stage of IHM (Internationalen Handwerksmesse Munich)]

« I like the idea of making something that is nothing in particular. everyone sees something in everything– in a shape, in a line, in a color– it is our way of identifying or making sense of what we see. thus, non-things – they could be something, but guess what, they aren’t. »

LYNN BATCHELDERLynn Batchelder – SUNY (State University of New York), New Paltz, USA MFA 2013 – necklace, Sawing/Drawing, 2013, steel

lynn batchelder Fictions :   (BACK detail) steel, silver solderLynn Batchelder Reconstructions Brooch  (BACK detail) steel, silver solder

Lynn Batchelder  - Sawing/Drawing (Brooch)  - steel - 2013Lynn Batchelder  – Sawing/Drawing (Brooch)  – steel – 2013

 Lynn Batchelder  - Reconstructions (Chain) - 2013 steel Lynn Batchelder  – Reconstructions (Chain) – 2013 steel

Lynn Batchelder "non-things" - copper, silver, enamel, thread - & back detailLynn Batchelder « non-things » 2009 – copper, silver, enamel, thread – & back detail

Lynn BatchelderLynn Batchelder copper, paint, thread

Lynn Batchelder  silver, maple, house paintLynn Batchelder  (detail of back)

Lynn Batchelder  silver, maple, house paint 1 detail of back

Lynn-Batchelder- non-things - faux leather, threadLynn Batchelder – non-things – faux leather, thread


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