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EXPO ‘Jorge Manilla – Beyond the Limits II’ – Popeye loves olive, Athens (GR) – 17 Avril-9 mai 2015

Jorge Manilla – Beyond the Limits II

this week at Popeye loves olive, Space for Contemporary Jewellery in Athens Greece

Inauguration 17 avril  à 19:00h
 "Beyond the Limits II" (Jorge Manilla) this week at Popeye Loves Olive, Space for Contemporary Jewellery in Athens Greece
 “The after Joya Effect” is an Exhibition that took place at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space. It aimed to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing. It was inspired by the jewelry exchange in Project01 that held in Joya-Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair, 2013.
From 23/04/2014 – 30/06/2014, the project evolved in five solo exhibitions of Greek artists and one group exhibition of thirty five International artists. During the the exhibition the public voted for their favorite artist. The winner of “The after Joya Effect” First Edition is Jorge Manilla and his solo exhibition opens on the 17th of April 2015 at 19.00′.
Jorge Manilla
In the past few years, Jorge Manilla has created a personal style of work that is the result of his Mexican background and conceptual education in Europe. In his work, Manilla often manipulates a wide array of materials to make sense of the intricate and painful relationship people have with religion and the concept of the body.
Currently, he is simultaneously working as a tutor at Alchimia International School of Contemporary Jewellery in Florence Italy, as a teacher and a PhD researcher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp and of course as a professional Artist.
With this Exhibition, Manilla seeks to find the morphology of the ideas and explore how far he can go with the characteristics of the material during his creative process. How do thoughts arrive, what constructs them, what is their inspiration and how do they transform into material.
Jorge Manilla is interested in creating a confrontation between aesthetics and emotions, to investigate the body: visible, psychological or physical and to create very interesting jewelry as they are objects conceived from the human body.
Beyond the limits II, will show a selection of pieces made in the last 5 years by the visual artist and jeweler, created from the confrontation between the aesthetic and the emotional, from which the author claims to investigate and discover that dark side of humanity, which, in most of the cases, leads to destruction and to the brutality, either psychological or physical.
Jorge Manilla  - necklace -
Jorge Manilla neckpiece
Jorge Manilla - beyond the limits Jorge Manilla – beyond the limits
Jorge Manilla - beyond the limitsJorge Manilla – beyond the limits
Jorge Manilla rings  Jorge Manilla rings 
Jorge Manilla -  brocheJorge Manilla -  broche
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