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EXPO ‘Jeux de mots & traits de caractères’ – Galerie Collection, Paris (FR) – 17 Avril-6 Juin 2015

Jeux de mots & traits de caractères

Galerie Collection, Ateliers d’Art de France

Mots d’esprit, billets amoureux, histoires à conter, souvenirs calligraphiés… Pour l’exposition Jeux de mots & traits de caractère, la galerie Collection fait se rencontrer matériau et narration, formes et expression, parole et couleur.
À travers une sélection de pièces aux accents humoristiques, ludiques, poétiques ou symboliques, sept créatrices réunissent ces deux éléments originels que sont le verbe et la matière.

Jeux de mots ...... Atelier d'Art de France - broches Galatée Pestre

Julie Decubber Flavia Fenaroli – Ferri Garcès — Valentine HerrendschmidtGalatée Pestre — Rachèle Rivière — Annie Sibert — Laurence Verdier.


 Galatee Pestre - telling story  broches Galatée Pestre – « telling story »  broches

b.o. "créoles et bavardes " de Galatée Pestreb.o. « créoles et bavardes  » de Galatée Pestre

Valentine Herrenschmidt Valentine Herrenschmidt

Julie DeccuberJulie Deccuber

Laurence Verdier  Laurence Verdier 

Flavia Fenaroli :  sculptures du corps - "Les Assistants" (bracelet, Cuivre et argent, haut. 7 cm)Flavia Fenaroli :  sculptures du corps – « Les Assistants » (bracelet, Cuivre et argent, haut. 7 cm)



Ateliers d’Art de France
Galerie Collection
4 rue de Thorigny,
75003 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 78 67 74
Métro : Saint Paul (ligne 1) et Arts et Métiers (ligne 3 et 11)
Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 11h à 13h et de 14h à 19h.
contact : Anne-Laure Roussille, responsable de la galerie



EXPO ‘Transition by Réka Fekete’ – Galerie RA (NL) – 25 Avril-13 Juin 2015

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. RA (NL),Hollande (NL),Reka FEKETE (HU) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:11

Transition by Réka Fekete

 Being inspired by different cityscapes within and from above, the emerging artist transfers the constant movement into her jewelry. 

 Opening: Saturday, 25. April 2015, 16-18 h     

EXPO - Galerie Ra  new work by Réka Fekete -(Réka Fekete, Last little bits, brooch, 2015, steel, textile)

Travelling and relocating, and the associated emotional and practical changes: Réka Fekete experiences these intensely.
Leaving things behind and packing, meeting and discovering. Routes, places, buildings and building sites. How do all these relate to each other and to her? Her head is a machine in which outside impressions and the way in which she experiences processes of transition are connected with each other to generate new insights and possibilities. This transition is also evident in her approach to creating jewellery and objects, with maps and routes, constructing and reconstructing. Using individual forms, like letters that have yet to become words. For her jewellery Réka folds and stacks materials such as steel and textile. In her zinc and paper collages she plays with scale, capturing the city as a machine in bird’s eye views.

 Transition by Réka Fekete. - Galerie RAReka Fekete

Réka Fekete, "New Routes 1" brooch, 2015, steel, silver, cottonRéka Fekete, « New Routes 1″ brooch, 2015, steel, silver, cotton

EXPO - Galerie Ra  new work by Réka Fekete - necklaceRéka Fekete - necklace « Locomotion I », 2015, steell, wire, papercord

Réka Fekete - necklaceRéka Fekete – necklace


Galerie RA
Nes 120
1012 Amsterdam
The Netherlands
P  +1 206 265100
F  +1 206 204595

EXPO ‘Forgotten Stones / Vergessene Steine’ – Eva Maisch’s Gallery, Würzburg (DE) – 18 Avril-23 Mai 2015

Forgotten Stones – Art Jewelry Exhibition at Eva Maisch’s Gallery

neue Ausstellung « Vergessene Steine » wird am Samstag, den 18. April eröffnet.

 Eva Maisch gallery

Wir präsentieren Arbeiten von  Adam & Stoffel, Michael Becker, Rudolf Bott, Petr Dvorak, Annette Ehinger, Dominique Labordery, Deborah Rudolph, Nils Schmalenbach und Pia Sommerlad.

Lustrous and colorful, hard and imperishable: stones have piqued people’s interest since the early days of human history, when hunters and gatherers, our early ancestors, interpreted them as gifts from the gods and attributed healing and protective powers to them – and used them as jewelry. Over the course of cultural history, people have changed their notions and interpretations of them. Precious stones appeared in legends and fairy tales, and were incorporated in the crowns of aristocrats and the jewelry of wealthy citizens. They became status symbols, an economic factor and the subject of scientific research. In our day and age, precious stones continue to play an important role as jewelry elements or investments. In contrast to conventional gem-studded jewelry, which features gemstones in classical cuts and arranged in repetitive patterns, contemporary jewelry artists are using their own individual techniques to restore the magic of gemstones.

Deborah Rudolph, Halsschmuck, JaspisDeborah Rudolph, Halsschmuck, Jaspis

Claudia Adam & Jörg Stoffel, necklace. AgateClaudia Adam & Jörg Stoffel, necklace. Agate

Michael Becker, bangle, 2010. 750 gold, dolomite, 18 × 2,8 cmMichael Becker, bangle, 2010. 750 gold, dolomite, 18 × 2,8 cm

Some of the Forgotten Stones showcased at Eva Maisch’s gallery radiate an almost weightless aura, others display a heavy, solid quality, and others again surprise the beholder with unusually imaginative cuts or their natural crystal structure. They stimulate our senses with finely engraved textures or imposing cuboidal shapes. Combined with matte gold, blackened silver or stainless steel, or spotlighted without any setting at all, they provide impressive reifications of creative freedom and individuality. With her current exhibition, the Würzburg-based gallerist and goldsmith provides insights into the work of eminent designers. They developed their individual styles while studying at art academies and universities, and have been honored with many international awards. At 7:30 p.m. on April 28 and 29, 2015, there will also be a concert with the singer and songwriter Hubert Treml (ArtAurea)

Petr Dvorak, earrings. AgatePetr Dvorak, earrings. Agate

Nils Schmalenbach seems unable to conceive jewelry without photography  Nils Schmalenbach seems unable to conceive jewelry without photography- Brosche, Achat


Annette Ehinger – boucles d’oreilles 2012 or 585, tourmaline rose, quartz enfuméAnnette Ehinger – earrings 2012 or 585, tourmaline rose, quartz enfumé 


Eva Maisch Schmuck
Sterngasse 5
97070 Würzburg


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