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COUP de COEUR : Demitra Thomloudis

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Demitra Thomloudis

« Our bodies perpetually occupy the built environment. My work attempts to reverse these roles and interactions by allowing the visual language found within constructed spaces an opportunity to intimately coexist and inhabit the body. I examine and challenge formal architectural organization and its materials in an attempt to redefine and elevate its presence within the construct of jewelry. As artifact my jewelry captures a moment between material, time and place that purposefully interacts with human form. By relating to the aesthetics of architecture in this way I see jewelry having the potential to connect us closer to the world we are surrounded by. » (actually exhibited (and sold) at Alliages)

Demitra Thomloudis - Alliages Permanent 2015 - Highlighting Demitra Thomloudis – necklace « Reconstruct » serie

Demitra Thomloudis - necklace "Reconstruct" serie - detailDemitra Thomloudis – necklace « Reconstruct » serie – detail

Demitra Thomloudis - Alliages Permanent 2015 - HighlightingDemitra Thomloudis - REVEALED COLLAPSE serie necklace

« REVEALED COLLAPSE attempts to analyze the point of disjunction associated with its materials, construction, and the composition itself.  The necklaces exude the strong presence of actual line, which, when worn, surrounds the body and lies in tension with the softness of the figure. Moments within the line structure are highlighted with color, volume and irregularity, which act as ornament within the necklace itself.  With these pieces, I am interested in the body’s physical coexistence with the constructed form and how the interaction with the wearer activates and completes the work. « 

Demitra Thomloudis - Alliages Permanent 2015 - HighlightingDemitra Thomloudis REVEALED COLLAPSE serie necklace

« RECONSTRUCT is a collection of jewelry inspired by the fragmentary aesthetic of informal architectural construction, temporary spaces and bricolage. This work exemplifies a particular act of making, where materials are curated, constructed and remnants from the maker are celebrated. Through the lens of jewelry and changes in scale, weight, and texture, these assemblages ask the viewer to consider new associations to raw construction materials and their intimate relationship to the body as adornment. « 

Demitra Thomloudis - brooch - Alliages Permanent 2015 - HighlightingDemitra Thomloudis – Reconstruct brooch

Demitra Thomloudis - brooch - ReconstructDemitra Thomloudis – brooch – Reconstruct

Demitra Thomloudis - brooch - RemnantsDemi Thomloudis – Remnants serie of brooches
« REMNANTS implements the structural language of the urban built environment.  Hand fabricated out of steel, sterling silver and embellished with  graphite pencil, my work borrows and deconstructs the organization and materials of constructed spaces. Within these simple forms ornament is described and invented through the simplicity of an edge, a sand paper mark or the junction of the materials themselves. »

Demitra Thomloudis is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso. In August 2014 she concluded a 12-month residency at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Demitra received her MFA from San Diego State University and her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Demitra is a recipient of the Bedichek-Orman Professional Development Grant, a 2015 Nominee for the American Craft Council Emerging Voices Award and is a Society of North American Goldsmiths’ Emerging Artist  featured at SOFA Chicago 2014 with representation by Charon Kransen Arts.

Demitra’s work has been included in many exhibitions such as New Traditional Jewellery “Confrontations”  Netherlands; 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial; Galerie Marzee International Graduate Exhibition, Netherlands; Suspend(ed) in Pink, an international exhibition which traveled to Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Paris, and the USA; CHAIN project at A CASA, Museum of Brazilian Object in São Paulo, Brazil; and La Fontera which debuted at Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City and traveled within U.S. courtesy Velvet Da Vinci Gallery.  Publications include 500 Plastic and Resin Jewelry and 500 Enameled Objects published by Lark Books, The Art of Jewelry: Plastic & Resin: Techniques, Projects and Inspiration and New Necklaces: 500+ Designs from Around the World, By Nicolas Estrada Barcelona.


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