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From Idar-Oberstein ……. Anne Wiedau « Hybride »

Anne Wiedau I met Anne Wiedau at the first « Melting Point » in Valencia, in 2010, and had a « coup de coeur » (a 1st sight LOVE) for her ring I bought …… :-)

Anne Wiedau - Hochschule Trier - Semester (SS ´10) my ring !Anne Wiedau – Hochschule Trier – Semester (SS ´10)

She then had her diploma in 2011

« Hybride » « “Hybride” is the theme of my diploma work, witch closes the gap between modern computer technology and traditional jewelry crafting. Based of drawings I made in my childhood i created a unique jewellery piece and attached it with the help of modern “augmented reality” software. -> (LINK: During the development of the Hybrid-Project I draw together with children from a local Kindergarten. With the computer I abstracted the drawings and prepared them to be jewellery. With this material I started crafting individual jewellry pieces. The ready pieces are attached to the computer. The computer reads the jewellry like a marker and attaches the original drawing on the peace in augmented reality. » »

 „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011Anne Wiedau  – „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit   2011 - »Green Hybrid » necklace – Recon stone, aventurin, colorit, polyethylen braid – « Combining children’s drawings with jewelry, makes it possible to return aspects which we have lost in our development from childhood to adulthood. »  -  (Hochschule Trier -  Dipl.Des.)

  „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011  „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 – « D_ragon_Hybrid » necklace - Wood, rubber, niobium, silver, steel

Hochschule Trier - „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 - brooch Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 – « Alessa_Hybrid » brooch – Recon stone, rubber, steel, spring – 6,5x11x1 cm

 „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 - earrings„Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 – earrings « Krähen_Hybrid » Niobium, rubber –  5x9x0,5 cm – augmented reality jewels

  „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011  - necklace  Car(bon)_Hybrid  „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011  – necklace « Car(bon)_Hybrid » econ stone, carbon, quartz crystal, rubber

BEST WISHES Anne Wiedau !



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