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EXPO ‘PILINO SOMA’ – Ceramic Museum, Athens (GR) – 5-6-7 Juin 2015

PILINOSOMA, Ceramic Museum Athens/Centre for the study of Modern Pottery 5-6 and 7th of June…

Team exhibition, with : Dora Haralambaki, Iryna Voitenko, Agapi Smpokou, and Anastasia Gemeliari


Pilino Soma
5-6-7 of June. Ceramic Jewelry Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Athens

Jewelry from porcelain and clay with various techniques from four creative women with four different orientations for three days at the Museum!
Pilinosoma is a group, a community made up of people involved in ceramic jewelry. They think, feel, gesture always driven by their material which is none other than the earth, clay and porcelain.
Looking for the harmony through the fragility of the clay that becomes an ornament resting on the body. And claim its position in the world of contemporary art jewelry.
They aim to unite their work and ideas and travel them showing and analyzing them through exhibitions and exchange of information.
Dora Haralambaki
Anastasia Gemeliari
Agapi Smpokou
Iryna Voitenko

Dora Haralambaki - ceramic jewelryDora Haralambaki – ceramic jewelry

Dora Haralambaki - ceramic jewelry (detail)Dora Haralambaki - ceramic jewelry (detail)

Anastasia Gemeliari Anastasia Gemeliari

Dora Haralambaki - ceramic jewelryDora Haralambaki - ceramic jewelry

Anastasia Gemeliari "Bones -structure" - Close up.Anastasia Gemeliari « Bones -structure » – Close up

Iryna Voitenko - porcelain jewelryIryna Voitenko – porcelain jewelry

Agapi SimpokouAgapi Simpokou


Centre pour l’étude de la céramique moderne
4-6 rue de Melidoni,
Kerameikos, Athens – Greece
53 105, 210 3318491-5
• Ouverture : 06/05/2015, 20:00
• Heures d’exposition : samedi 6/6 & dimanche 7/6 12:00-21:00
• Information : 694 4848218/693 7146060


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