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EXPO ‘Unclasped’ – The Hellenic Museum, Melbourne (AU) – 6 Fevr.-3 Avril 2016

Unclasped: Discovering Contemporary Greek Jewellery

Unclasped is an exhibition of contemporary jewellery objects, bringing together and examining the practices of twenty-two artists of Greek descent currently working in Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Cyprus and Australia.
The exhibition aims to provide a platform for contemporary thought in order to highlight the work of both established and emerging international Greek artists.
Exploring the connections between the manufacture and the act of wearing jewellery, the works encompass a wide variety of contemporary jewellery making techniques and mediums; expressing the diverse nature of modern jewellery practice within the Hellenic diaspora.


Exhibiting Jewellers:  Aggelika DiplariAkis GoumasAnastasia KandarakiArtemis ValsamakiChristina Karakalpaki Constantinos Kyriacou — Danae Natsis — Demitra Thomloudis — Dimitris Nikolaidis — Efharis AlepedisErato KouloubiGeorge GiannoutsosIsmini PachiLiana PattihisMala SiamptaniMaria TsimpiskakiNicole PolentasNiki StylianouPoly Nikolopoulou — Vicky Kanellopoulos — Vivi Touloumidi – Zeta Tsermou

Unclasped is presented as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program Project Series 2016.

 UNCLASPED - Akis Goumas - Mystic blue: Akis Goumas – Mystic blue

Unclasped  - Vicky Kanellopoulos 'Vroom vroom vroom': Vicky Kanellopoulos ‘Vroom vroom vroom’

UNCLASPED - Efharis Alepedis - Black sea urchin necklace: Efharis Alepedis - Black sea urchin necklace

Unclasped  - Poly Nikolopoulou - "Iliahtida /Ηλιαχτίδα" brooch / silver / pigment: Poly Nikolopoulou – « Iliahtida /Ηλιαχτίδα » brooch / silver / pigment

" Living Ruins I ", brooch, oxidized silver by Anastasia Kandaraki Photo by Orestis Rovakis: Anastasia Kandaraki « Living Ruins I », brooch, oxidized silver – Photo by Orestis Rovakis 

Unclasped  - Nicole Polentas - 'the orientation': Nicole Polentas – ‘the orientation’

UNCLASPED - Nicole Polentas - The pass 2016: Nicole Polentas – « The pass » 2016

Artemis Valsamaki  Cosmos brooch: Artemis Valsamaki  Cosmos brooch

Constantinos Kyriacou -   ring: LEAVE AGAIN LIVE AGAIN - sterling and fine silver. acrylic color.: Constantinos Kyriacou -   ring: LEAVE AGAIN LIVE AGAIN – sterling and fine silver. acrylic color

Friday 5 February, 1pm – ​free

LECTURE: Greek Jewellery: The Old and the New by Emeritus Professor Robert Baines
Friday 12 February, 1pm – free

ARTIST FLOOR TALK: Dr Nicole Polentas
Friday 26 February, 1pm – ​free

KIDS WORKSHOP: Contemporary Jewellery Making and Design
Saturday 5 March, 1pm – $20
Suitable for children 6+

ARTIST FLOOR TALK: Vicky Kanellopoulos
Friday 11 March, 1pm – ​free





The Hellenic Museum
280 William Street,
VIC 3000 – Australia
Phone +613 8615 9016

Opening Times: 
Tues – Sun 10AM – 4PM

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