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EXPO ‘Two Stories’ – Popeye loves olive, Athens (GR) – 8-23 Avril 2016


at Popeye loves olive

Opening 8 April 2016 at 19.00′
Two Stories - Jewelry Exhibition  - Athènes, Grèce · at Erato Kouloubi Gallery, "Popeye Loves Olive" -    Avec Anna Król et Gili Doliner
Two jewelry artists share a common space to tell their own story.
Two sensitive worlds, full of creatures and secrets,
hidden behind Gili’s small emotional machines and Anna’s unconventional forms.
Anna Król - 2015 ·   brooch III / silverAnna Król - 2015 ·   brooch III / silver
ANNA KRÓL – Poland
In 2010 she graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow on the Faculty of Graphic Arts.
During her studies she began the cooperation with the Deco Echo company, where she now holds the position of jewellery designer.
She was taking part in many international artistic events like Messe Munchen International Inhorgenta, Joya Barcelona – Joyería Contemporanea, Autor Targ de Bijuterie Contemporana in Bucharest and Legnica Jewellery Festival – Silver.
Main areas of her work are painting, drawing, art-graphics and jewelry design. »I have no clearly defined motto of creativity. I feel it gives me freedom in the creation process. I spontaneously follow the impulses, observe the occurrences which are close to me and sometimes I feel like the inspirations and ideas are looking for me – I just need to read them and introduce into my work.«
Anna Król   2015 ·   ring II ball on silverAnna Król   2015 ·   ring II ball on silver
Anna Król - 2015 ·   brooch II / silverAnna Król - 2015 ·   brooch II / silver
In 2012, she graduated from the department of Jewelry Design in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel. She participated in an artist workshop in jewelry making with the guidance of Hans Stofer, the head of the Department of Jewelry Making in Royal College of Art, GB.
In 2014 she did Artist in residence, at Comme Il Faut, Tel aviv, Israel and in 2011 an internship in Miuz Company in Perm, Russia.
She participared in numerous exhibitions worldwide such as:
« A dark spark of light », Alliages gallery, Lille, France, JOYA, International Art Jewelry Fair, Barcelona, Spain., The Legacy Award, Alliages gallery, during Joya, Barcelona, Spain, « Of Nature And Nomads », The Adventures of, Berlin, Germany, « The Materials, from which Words are Made », with cooperation of « Harretz » Newspaper, Israel, the Exhibition of the Jewelry Design Department in « Shenkar », College of Engineering and Design, as a fresh graduated student, Israel, Jovella – the professional international Jewelry Exhibition, Israel and the Exhibition of the Jewelry Design Department in « Shenkar » College of Engineering and Design as a selected third year student, Israel.
“Sometimes the magic lies in the details and the places which are hidden at first sight, in order to find it we have to keep our eyes wide open and ask questions, beauty is everywhere.
The unknown is a big inspiration for me.”
Gili doliner.  Wish tanks 2015. Nº 12177 + 12178 / Chubby, Skinny and Chubby with chicken feet
Gili Doliner.  Wish tanks 2015. Nº 12177 + 12178 / Chubby, Skinny and Chubby with chicken feet 
Gili DolinerGili Doliner – « You are an explorer » – …I decided to start my own lab, and explore encounters between the visible and the invisible… Treasures to put inside the wish tanks ? wish it !
Popeye loves olive
Libona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis
10560 Athènes
tel +30 21 0867 3461

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