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EXPO ‘Jee Hye Kwon solo exhibition’ – Popeye loves olive, Athens (GR) – 20 Mai-4 Juin 2016

The jewelry designer Jee Hye Kwon, winner of the public award of the exhibition « The After Joya Effect II – 6000 Fragments / The Floating Islands » @ Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, comes from New York in order to present her collections of recent years.

at Popeye loves olive

Opening 20 May 2016 at 20.00′
Jee Hye Kwon at Popey Loves Olive
 Jee Hye Kwon (South Korea) Artist Statement:
« Inspired by both organic forms and architectures, especially buildings that are under construction, all the details and elements that go into making a building are beautiful—including the reinforcing rod, ferroconcrete, and “skeletal” wood beams—but in the best work, spirituality is also an important component.
I use geometry and structural forces to suggest a power that shapes our emotional lives. Incorporated are also cellular constructions that illustrate a biological nexus, making the connection between a prodigious industry with the designs of nature.
Lastly, explicit variations in size and shape promote feelings of movement and organic growth.
Using classic goldsmith techniques, each piece of work is meticulously fabricated and every cell is hand soldered. My goal is an attempt to express the density and complexity of human experiences through different perspectives of architectural space, while maintaining a sense of lightness, flexibility, and transparency. »
Jee Hye Kwon neckpieceJee Hye Kwon neckpiece 2015
jee hye kwon 2015: Jee Hye Kwon 2015
jee hye kwon 2015: Jee Hye Kwon 2015
Popeye loves olive
Libona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis
10560 Athènes
tel +30 21 0867 3461

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