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EXPO ‘Hidden Wor-l-ds’ (during AJW) – Ismos gallery, Athens (GR) – 1er-4 Juill. 2016

in Athens during the ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2016 (AJW)…..
Dates:1-4 July 2016_18:00-22:00


Hidden wor(l)ds

Hidden wor(l)ds
Three women artists of contemporary jewellery form the group “Cluster” and tell three different stories. Anastasia’s imaginary, hidden world of the gutters that woke up one night while the city was sleeping; Hara’s Mediterranean Polis that is washed not by a single, but my many seas; Yakinthi’s invisible world of contrasts with its brightest and darkest fragments.
The narration of three hidden worlds.
The group “Cluster” consists of Anastasia Agglopoulou, Hara Kourtali and Yakinthi Oikonomou

Hara Kourtali -  "Mare Nostrum", 2015 brooches wood  photo Orestis RovakisHara Kourtali -  « Mare Nostrum », 2015 brooches wood  photo Orestis Rovakis

Hara Kourtali -  “Eastern Star” Ring Silver  Athensjewelryweek #2016 Hara Kourtali -  “Eastern Star” Ring Silver 

Anastasia Agglopoulou - "Just woke up" Rings Aluminium, melted, oxidised  Athensjewelryweek #2016Anastasia Agglopoulou – « Just woke up » Rings Aluminium, melted, oxidised

Yakinthi Oikonomou “Diamond” Brooch Charcoal, silver, resin, alpaca, mixed technique  Athensjewelryweek #2016 Yakinthi Oikonomou “Diamond” Brooch Charcoal, silver, resin, alpaca, mixed technique

 Anastasia Agglopoulou "I am here" brooch paper, colour, silver Anastasia Agglopoulou « I am here » brooch paper, colour, silver


Efpatridon 17 & Triptopolemou,
11854 Athènes





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