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COUP de COEUR : quelques GRIGRIs GRECS ….

…… from  Nefeli Kariofilli / »Tree InBlossom« 

« Tree In Blossom » is Nefeli Kariofili and Nadia Rerra. The two girls attended the Mokume Jewelry Design School in Athens, Greece back in 2006. After spending a summer on Antiparos island working at a jewelry shop and having a blast, they decided to create Tree In Blossom in Autumn 2007.
Since then, they have participated in numerous exhibitions, both at established institutions and independent happenings. They also hold a party at their workshop every Christmas.
Their designs are lighthearted and colorful, drawing inspiration from everyday objects, always with a twist. A wide spectrum ranging from rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces to bags, belts, scarves, collars and tobacco pouches makes up for their frequently updated collections.
Their designs fall under two major categories: sterling silver, goldplated silver and gems for their more whimsical pieces but also fabrics, textiles and wooden clay for their more… »

Discovered at  « I speak jewellery » exhibition, during the Athens Jewelry Week

Nefelli Kariofilli Tree InBlossom Νεφέλη ΚαρυοφύλληNefeli Kariofilli (Tree InBlossom)  – broche

  Nefeli Kariofilli  Nefeli Kariofilli necklace

Nefeli Kariofilli /"Tree InBlossom"  (detail of a necklace)  - at "I speak jewellery" exhibition: Nefeli Kariofilli / »Tree InBlossom »  (detail of a necklace)

Tree in Blossom - Nefeli Karyofylli - necklace - Nefeli Kariofilli / »Tree InBlossom » necklace -

charms by " Tree InBlossom" (Athens)( Nefeli Kariofilli): & even MORE charms by  » Tree InBlossom » (Athens)( Nefeli Kariofilli)




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