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In a PINKY world ……..

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« Jewellery is an object of value. This is the single most important notion in my work as an artist-jeweller.

I make jewellery from old camera lenses. The lenses I use have already retired from active duty, covered in a light layer of dust, sitting in some obscure corner in a camera shop. But Imagine if we were able to talk with these lenses what great stories they might tell us! They have witnessed so many memorable and precious moments from people’s lives.

An investigation of the meaning of ‘value’ is integral in the work of goldsmiths such as myself. What is the real meaning of value for human beings?
This question, always present in my mind, is what drives me to keep
creating jewellery.«   Jiro Kamata 2012

Jiro Kamata : O-Jewel (ring ? brooch ???): Jiro Kamata Sunny brooch

Jiro Kamata : O-Jewel (ring ? brooch ??): Jiro Kamata   Sunny ring, 2005. – Plastic lens (UV400), gold 750

Jiro Kamata : O-Jewel (ring ? brooch ???): Jiro Kamata  sunny ring, 2005 – sunglasses, 18k gold

JIRO KAMATA - BI ring 2014 - dichroic mirror, silver: JIRO KAMATA – BI ring 2014 – dichroic mirror, silver







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