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JOYA 2016 – selected galleries – ICKX Contemporary Jewelry (BE)

Selected galleries at JOYA 2016, avec la galerie Ickx

« ICKX Contemporary Jewelry » is a new gallery in Brussels that offers a very exclusive selection of contemporary jewellery. The pieces are chosen for their unique design and made in limited series, ranging from sober to minimalist,and sometimes made from unexpected materials and techniques. »ICKX Contemporary Jewelry » is an intermediary between customers and creators. It aims to establisha relationship based on trust and promote talents. All in all, it is an interesting opportunity for some and a springboard for others.

Selected Galleries JOYA 2016 - gal. ICKX (Belgium)  *


Galerie ICKX à JOYA 2016Galerie ICKX à JOYA 2016
Next week in Barcelona ! – avec Diederick Van HovellLou Treausau (Lou Sautreau), Isabelle Carpentier, Cécile Bertrand , Nevin Arig et Anne Goy.

Anne Goy at ICKX galleryAnne Goy

Cécile Bertrand -  at galerie ICKX:Cécile Bertrand

Diederick Van Hovell at gallery ICKXDiederick Van Hovell

Isabelle Carpentier at gal. ICKXIsabelle Carpentier

Lou Treausau (Lou  Sautreau) (Lous )- argent, laiton, tissage, plexiglas, caoutchouc Lou Treausau (Lou Sautreau) (Lous ) – broche – argent, laiton, tissage, plexiglas, caoutchouc

ICKX Contemporary Jewelry - "Things" by Nevin Arig - brooch: Nevin Arig « Things »  brooch


 THANKS to this gallery for the jewellers they make me discover ! always a PLEASURE !





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