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OFF JOYA 2016 – EXPO ‘Jeemin Jamie Chung – ‎The Presence’ – Amarantojoies, Barcelona (ES) – 28 Sept.-29 Oct. 2016

OFF JOYA 2016 – at Amarantojoies

Opening: 28 September  à 19:00 – 21:00

JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2016 Fair  /  29 Sep 2016  -  01 Oct 2016 - Jeemin Jamie Chung is the Winner of JOYA Barcelona 2015 with her collection “Two drops”, she was selected over 50 individual artists.- she is now in 2016 the guest artist:

Jeemin Jamie Chung (South Korea, 1983 -one of her jewels on the pic.), JOYA Award winner 2015.
Her collection “Two drops” was the winner of the last edition of JOYA, she was selected over 50 individual artists. Jamie has a background of living in diverse cultures where her inspiration comes from. She graduated from Kookmin University, M.F.A Metalwork & Jewelry / Seoul, Korea in 2010.) She currently runs a studio in Seoul, Korea.
This year she is the invited artist of JOYA, and will present her second experimental work “Presence” a talk about the presence through different forms, where presence and existence are something that is not realized unless revealing itself. AND has this solo exhibition at Amarantojoies!
« The idea is to let my audience to think of the theme Presence once in their life/me, about why and how things exists. »

Jeemin Jamie Chung I Art Jewellery‎The Presence | Solo Exhibition - AmarantoJoies

« My works can be defined from the interests and the background of my life with constant new meetings, farewells, and adapting to diverse cultures.
I like to create and show my beliefs and values throughout my work. In my previous works I have expressed nature, in particular the form and structural changes as a plant grows, into movable Art Jewelry.
With the same context and interests I have changed my approach to the works I create. I have been focusing on improvising the ideas of presence into my Art Jewelry. The works I wanted to present is a reflection of me partly revealing the moments of my life…« 

« One day, an idea had made me curious, curious about the existence of the nonexistent. The nonexistent form that can be translated into my own way by giving boundaries to irregular changes. This theme has challenged me to express my way of thinking.  I was fascinated by the existence of the invisibleness. It clearly does not show the existence itself, but it reveals through other forms. 
 This exhibition will be the first step in my way of showing the invisibleness. I will continuously think and question myself about this theme, which will lead to my next series in the future. 
Now, I would like to ask my audience, have you thought about the existence of the nonexistent? »

  Jeemin Jamie Chung Brooch: Two drops, 2015 Brass: Jeemin Jamie Chung Brooch: Two drops, 2015 Brass

jeemin jamie chung -  at Joya 2015Jeemin Jamie Chung -  at Joya 2015

 Jeemin Jamie Chung  at Legnica-2016  Jeemin Jamie Chung  at Legnica-2016

jeemin-jamie-chung  brooch - AmarantoJoies: Jeemin Jamie Chung -  brooch -at  AmarantoJoies

jeemin-jamie-chung ring - amarantojoies: Jeemin Jamie Chung -  ring -at  AmarantoJoies

jeemin jamie chung.brooch: Jeemin Jamie Chung . brooch

jeemin jamie chung . brooch untitled2 2015: Jeemin Jamie Chung . brooch untitled2 2015


 Jeemin Jamie Chung, Joya 2016 jury member interviewed by Klimt02


Graduate of Kookmin University College of Design, Metalwork & Jewelry, Seoul, Korea. MFA Diploma in 2010. In 2004/05 stay at Sheffielfd Hallam University Metalwork & Jewelry (Exchange Program). In 2005-2012 presented works at group exhibitions all over the world, among other in France, Japan, korea, Great Britain. She was also an author of individual exhibitions in Korea (2009-2012). Her works was published in „500 Wedding Rings”, Marthe Le Van, Lark Brooks, NY, U.S.A, 2007.



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