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EXPO ’2 solos Linnéa Eriksson & Jelizaveta Suska’ – PLATINA, Stockholm (SE) – 27 Oct.-19 Nov. 2016

2 solos Linnéa Eriksson & Jelizaveta Suska


Linnéa Eriksson : « Connect »
Jelizaveta Suska : « Frozen Moment »

Opening of two solo exhibitions Thursday October 27, 17-20

PLATINA‎Opening of 2 solos Linnéa Eriksson & Jelizaveta Suskanecklace by Linnéa Eriksson, brooch by Jelizaveta Suska

We are happy to invite two artists from Gothenburg, Sweden. For several years we have seen many great jewellery artists graduating from HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and both Linnéa Eriksson and Jelizaveta Suska are among them. Platina Gallery opened 1999. From the beginning we have invited artists whose work mirrors our time. 17 years later, this summer 2016, we moved next door to a new space. Bigger and better and with same ambition as when we started, to show what we think is interesting right now.

Linnéa Eriksson and Jelizaveta Suska’s work are urban and human, they are dealing with time and materiality in different ways and their working processes are updating jewellery traditions.

Jelizaveta Suska will present works from « Frozen Moment » and « Frozen Moment the Night » Collections Frozen Moment Night edition. 2016. Jelizaveta Suska.: Jelizaveta Suska  Frozen Moment. The Night. 2016PLATINA‎ Jelizaveta SuskaJelizaveta Suska – brooch Frozen Moment Night edition. 2016.

Jelizaveta Suska  Brooch: Frozen Moment 7, 2016  Polymer, crushed marble, gold-plated silver, amethyst  5 x 4 x 3 cm  Photo by: Jelizaveta Suska  From series: Frozen Moment: Jelizaveta Suska – brooch « Frozen Moment 7″, 2016  Polymer, crushed marble, gold-plated silver, amethyst  5 x 4 x 3 cm

 Linnéa Eriksson - Connect:  Linnéa Eriksson - Connect

Linnéa Eriksson - ConnectLinnéa Eriksson – Connect



Odengatan 68,
10232 Stockholm
+46 8 30 02 80



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