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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Roxy LENTZ – re-purposed metal

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« I fabricate contemporary art jewelry from re-purposed silver plate metal » she says.
Not « I CREATE », but I « fabricate » ….  In another place she tolds us « y jewelry is made from base metal, metal found at the thrift store. It has no real value, …. in « scrap »value it is about 10 dollars …. »WHAAAAT ????!!!!!!

But in another place,  I finally find this : « Uncommon jewelry for independent women » !
YES, it is THIS : jewelry with a character , jewelry with strength !

Yes, « wild », savage jewelry, rough, « rude », with suddenly a delicate detail, something to point out, where eyes focuses …. look at this bangle … it has a « savage » look, it is not perfectly squared, the round piece is not « perfectly » closed, the patina is irregular, and suddenly, a little detail that shows that, YES, someone brought attention to it :this little « goldy bouquet » on the left … do you see it ? this little detail brings EMOTION …. it is what we call in french « un supplément d’âme » (an « extra touch of soul« ), and it is why I LOVE so much the Roxy Lentz jewelry ! Each of her jewels has its little dosis of emotion !

« My work is inspired from what others often overlook. Man makes a street, a wall to control his environment, and then life – elements – slowly decompose this to bring it back to nothing. In the interim, I see beauty.  »

Roxy Lentz bracelet of re purposed materials: Roxy Lentz bracelet of re purposed materials

Roxy Lentz cuff of re purposed metals.: Roxy Lentz cuff of re purposed metals …. & EMOTION detail – re purposed silver plate with fire patina, riveted to found pexi-glass. Copper with melted silver riveted for added grunge and a bit of danger.

Roxy Lentz One of a Kind Show: Roxy Lentz One of a Kind « Show » brooch

These « irregular details » make her jewelry alive, unique, not two bangles can be the same !


Come to see her jewelry  at the Parallax art fair in London
​     Gallery 5
     October 22-23, 2016 Chelsea Town Hall, KIngs Road

Parallax Art Fair London oct 2016






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