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Jelizaveta Suska FROZEN MOMENTS

« My name is Jelizaveta but everybody calls me Liza.
I am a jewelry artist currently located in Gothenburg, Sweden. I made my bachelors in Art Academy of Latvia where I learned classical techniques and fine art disciplines.
In 2015 I graduated from HDK, Gothenburg with my Master project.
I have also held my education in HAWK, Hildesheim, Germany and Hiko Mizuno College of jewelry, Tokyo, Japan. »

Suska / Collections / Frozen Moment (2015) " Frozen moments "  Jelizaveta Suskaja - Master degree exhibition in HDK, Gothenburg, Sweden: Jelizaveta Suskaja - 2015 « Frozen moments » – Master degree exhibition in HDK, Gothenburg, Sweden

and some awards :
*Herbert Hofmann Prize at special exhibition show Schmuck 2016
*Amberif Award 2016: Amber Prize

WOW ! THAT is a LADY jeweller !

FROZEN MOMENTS began in 2015, the moment when I discovered Jelizaveta SUSKA (yes, should say « Liza » but « Jelizaveta » sounds so musical and « exotic » for me ……..) !

« In this project, I am aiming to create pieces that would express solitude and moments of happiness.
I used, as a starting point, the idea of a silent moment. What is a moment?
For me it is incarnated in a stone, landscapes and blur. I use a polymer material and cover it with crushed marble. Silence is light and transparent like the material I use.
The unique combination of these two components creates the illusion of a solid stone.
I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels I celebrate the idea behind the material.  For the rear of the brooches and other supporting details of the jewellery I use valuable metals like gold, gold plated silver and titanium.
My idea is to show the beauty of a moment in a landscape or stone-like abstract figures crafted in to brooches.
To make this project I crafted more than 200 hundred pieces. I selected 21 and made them into jewelry. »

 Frozen Moment. The Night. 2016. Jelizaveta Suska: Jelizaveta Suska  Frozen Moment. The Night. 2016PLATINA‎ Jelizaveta SuskaJelizaveta Suska – brooch – Frozen Moment. The Night. 2016 – Made out of original material that combines polymer and magma sand. Metal support details are crafted in sterling silver gold plated with 24K gold.

Jelizaveta Suska. Frozen Moment. Polymer material, crumbled marble, gold 14K, titanium. Brooch: Jelizaveta SuskaFrozen Moment. Polymer material, crumbled marble, gold 14K, titanium. Brooch. 2016.
Jelizaveta Suska Brooch: Frozen Moment 1, 2016 Polymer, crushed marble, gold-plated silver, titanium 5 x 4 x 3 cm Photo by: Jelizaveta Suska From series: Frozen Moment:
Jelizaveta SuskaFrozen Moment 1, 2016 Polymer, crushed marble, gold-plated silver, titanium 5 x 4 x 3 cm Photo by: Jelizaveta Suska From series: Frozen Moment


« You have probably heard of the fairytale Thumbelina written by Hans Christian Andersen. When I was a child I imagined myself being as tiny as her; the gigantic world seemed to me to be more beautiful and full of tempting adventures. I still think that, sometimes.
It’s striking where our imagination can take us. When I work on my jewelry I aim to be a demiurge, to create my own new world. At times, I craft my works so that if I were to become tiny and drop onto my jewelry, I would see a marvelous landscape. Such associations, are for me a vessel that transfer ideas to the material. »

Jelizaveta Suska interviewed by Klimt02 


And make a travel to the  Thumbelina’s world by going to the next solo exhibition of
Jelizaveta Suska at PLATINA :
 EXPO ’2 solos Linnéa Eriksson & Jelizaveta Suska’ – PLATINA, Stockholm (SE) – 27 Oct.-19 Nov. 20162 solos Linnéa Eriksson & Jelizaveta Suska

« For several years we have seen many great jewellery artists graduating from HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and both Linnéa Eriksson and Jelizaveta Suska are among them
Linnéa Eriksson and Jelizaveta Suska’s work are urban and human, they are dealing with time and materiality in different ways and their working processes are updating jewellery traditions. » (PLATINA)

Connect by Linnéa Eriksson & Frozen Moment by Jelizaveta Suska Exhibition  /  27 Oct 2016  -  19 Nov 2016 - 2 solos:

Jelizaveta Suska will present works from «Frozen Moment» and «Frozen Moment the Night» Collections




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