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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Snem Yildirim – coup de coeur

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Il n’y a pas si longtemps, en préparant ma visite à JOYA Barcelona 2016, je vous présentais mon COUP de COEUR pour les bijoux de Snem Yildirim (DECOUVERTE/COUP de COEUR : Snem Yildirim) …. Que dire de plus, sinon qu’après « vérification » sur place le coup de coeur persiste !!! :-)

« I create by taking inspiration from the cultural texture and geography in which I live. The diversities and the contrasts of this geography are the colours of my universe and works. I experience materials and production techniques by blending contrasts such as east and west, local and global, traditional and modern, geometric and organic… » (JOYA 2016)

 Snem Yildirim brooch at JOYA 2016: Snem Yildirim whitebrooch from Kanavice 2 series at JOYA 2016 - Kanavice 2 Series , In the Same Way, Brooch, 2016
powder coated brass, re-cycled plastic (nylon wire), nickel silver

« Snem Yildirim & Didem Yildirim sont deux soeurs, originaires de Turquie et créatrices du Studio Zigzag, installé à Istanbul et à Ankara depuis 2013.
Leur particularité ? Tester les matériaux et créer des ponts entre art contemporain et bijouterie, entre tradition et modernité. » (« lenvers-du-decor« )
Studio Zigzag is an Istanbul based contemporary jewelry studio, founded by Snem Yıldırım & Didem Yıldırım in 2013.

 Snem Yildirim brooches at JOYA 2016: Snem Yildirim brooches from Kanavice 2 series at JOYA 2016 –  » Three in One », Brooches, 2016
oxidized brass, powder coat, nylon


« Which materials do you often use ? Why ? How do you choose raw materials ?
Everywhere have the potential to be a material library and as if we live in a megastore of the materials. To question the precious and non-precious concepts in the jewelry field makes us to experience wide range of materials. So we are working with the materials ranging from cotton to stone.  But nowaday I use often re-cycled plastic for Kanavice Series. The materials can not be thought apart from the idea for us. Sometimes the idea makes us to select the materials and sometimes the materials give us the idea. » (interview at EuropeanLife Magazine oct. 2016)


« What are your projects ?
I want to combine my art projects with jewelry and nowadays I am working on 2 series: Mein lieber Diktator and 1 Euro Shop. I am questioning authority, obedience, implicit violence and pressure for Mein lieber Diktator Series. And I am questioning precious and non-precious concepts for 1 Euro shop Series. » (Studio Zigzag interview on « lenvers-du-decor » – juill. 2016)

studio zigzag work in progress... working for Mein lieber Diktator Series / Self Portrait- Self Censorship, Brooch  snem yildirim  Snem Yildirim  / studio zigzag work in progress… working for Mein lieber Diktator Series / Self Portrait – Self Censorship, Brooch

 studio zigzag / snem yildirim - Work in Progress / No-precious Series  - brooches studio zigzag / snem yildirim - Work in Progress / No-precious Series  – brooches



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