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EXPO ‘PILINO SOMA vol II’ – The Sowl gallery, Athens (GR) – 4-27 Nov. 2016

PILINO SOMA vol IIceramic jewelry 

OPENING: 4 November at 20.00h

The Sowl gallery

Ceramic jewelry? Ιs it possible? They do not break? Isn’t heavy?
These questions will be answered!
In November therefore, at an exhibition to be held in the “The Sowl” gallery we have the pleasure of hosting artists from abroad. We join our common love and present to you jewelry from clay and porcelain.
9 artists, 9 different approaches, 1 material!

Pilino Soma is a group of people involved in ceramic jewelry.
Pilino Soma in Greek means body of clay.

PILINO SOMA vol II - ceramic jewelry -  nov 4th 2016 - Athens:

Participating artists: the artistic team « Pilino Soma » : Agapi SimpokouDora HaralambakiAnastasia Gemeliari  plus six established artists from abroad: Hana KarimMia KwonMia MaljojokiOlivia Monti ArduiniPeter HoogeboomYana Tankovska

PILINO SOMA vol II - ceramic jewelry -  nov 4th 2016 - Athens:

Through gestural movements, the artists of ceramic jewelry display the material as a mean of expression and show the compatibility of the clay with the human body.
Achieve to imprint primordial memories: fragments and traces of historical and personal memory of each artist which lead in geometric forms, as if stepped on the frame of an architectural project. Or on the frame of the human figure, allowing many interpretations of semantic terms.

 PILINO SOMA vol II - ceramic jewelry -  nov 4th 2016 - Athens:

Pilinosoma is a group, a community made up of people involved in ceramic jewelry. They think, feel, gesture always driven by their material which is none other than the earth, clay and porcelain.
Looking for the harmony through the fragility of the clay that becomes an ornament resting on the body. And claim its position in the world of contemporary art jewelry.
They aim to unite their work and ideas and travel them showing and analyzing them through exhibitions and exchange of information. (Dora Haralambaki – Anastasia Gemeliari – Agapi Simpokou and, before, Iryna Voitenko)

 Pilino Soma in Greek means body of clay.Pilino Soma in Greek means body of clay.




The Sowl gallery
Iraklidon 10,
11851 Athens Greece
+30 697 322 7000
info@thesowl.comOpening: 4.11 at 20.00
Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wen-Thur-Fr 18.00 -22.00
Sat-Sun 11.00 -21.00



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