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EXPO ‘INVISIBLE’ – It’s yoga Firenze, Firenze (IT) – 11 Nov. 2016

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Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School Florence

11 November 2016
Opening: 17:00 – 21:00 at  « It’s yoga Firenze » (Light Lite)
Just as a reminder : The Treasure Hunt/Route will end at 7:30pm given that the shops close at that time. After that, we will meet at the gathering place It’ Yoga (Lightlite) until 9pm !! I hope to see you all at 5:00pm!


« INVISIBLE is a series of 213 jewelry pieces created to populate surfaces on the body and beyond.
INVISIBLE is jewelry meant to draw attention, to stop a distracted glance, and be an encounter with the unsuspected.
INVISIBLE talks about a process and a transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It talks about the metamorphosis of organic substances, and focuses on the microorganisms that provoke this metamorphosis by transforming them into jewelry.
Creating “mold” to be worn as jewelry might be felt as a provocation, a provocation to feel and to see what is normally disdained. It is an invitation to accept a natural process of life in its inherent beauty, an invitation to break the boundaries of traditional jewelry, while exploring new possibilities of wearability and reinterpretation.
The exhibition itself is again an invitation to stroll around and explore particular spaces.
It has its starting and ending point in “It’s Yoga” (Light Lite), Via dei Serragli, 24r, 50124 at 5p.m with an installation explaining the project. The exhibition itself evolves as treasure hunt where the visitors will follow a map with a route to find jewelry pieces spread in the area of the city.
This was possible thanks to the collaboration of I Visionari, Coexist, Quelle tre, Wave Parrucchieri, Luca and Bjork. »

Lumy Nouguez – INVISIBLELumy Nouguez – INVISIBLE

Born in 1986 in Bogotá- Colombia, Lumy Nouguez lived and studied in Cúcuta until high school. Later she moved to Medellin for 10 years completing an architecture degree and working as landscape and graphic designer for several years. These became a big influence her work as a jeweler, when in 2014 she came to Florence to pursue her dream of completing a MFA in contemporary jewelry at Alchimia: Contemporary Jewellery School.

 INVISIBLE by Lumy Nouguez - Proliferation series - photos by Lucy Clark. INVISIBLE by Lumy Nouguez – Proliferation series display – photos by Lucy Clark


« It’s yoga Firenze »,
Via dei Serragli, 24r,
50124 Firenze – ITALIA


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