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EXPO ‘Kazumi Nagano – Calm & Beauty’ – Mano Gallery, Taipei (TW) – 1er-31 Dec. 2016

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Kazumi Nagano – Calm & Beauty

Mano Gallery

“My works express tranquility rather than dynamism and my gold is not the color of sun shine but that of moon light.”    Kazumi Nagano

Inauguration 2016/12/03 (Sat.) 14:00

Kazumi Nagano - exhibirion - Taipei 2016/12/01- 2016/12/31 Mano Gallery

Kazumi Nagano is an artist reaching back to ancient traditions and reinterpreting these in a contemporary form. Her work is very much influenced by Nihonga, a traditional Japanese painting techniqueinvolving the use of rock pigments deriving from natural minerals. In her work, she makes use of colour as she would in painting. She weaves strands of Japanese paper thread, gold, platinum, bamboo tape, along with nylon thread, to give her pieces suppleness, developing voluminous structures to be worn. Interesting and unexpected effects are produced by transforming the woven material into three-dimensional forms and by combining the sequence of colour, light, and shade. The suppleness of the pieces facilitates interrelation with the human body and makes them all the more appealing to touch. Kazumi Nagano conveys delicacy, calm, and beauty by means of creating soft shapes.

Kazumi Nagano  - Calm & Beauty - exhibition: Kazumi Nagano  – Calm & Beauty

Kazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty- Taipei dec 2016 - Mano Gallery: Kazumi Nagano – Calm & Beauty – two brooches

Kazumi Nagano - braceletKazumi Nagano – bracelet

Kazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty- Taipei dec 2016 - Mano Gallery:Kazumi Nagano brooch  -  woven golden thread

Kazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty-: Kazumi Nagano- brooch worn

Kazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty Kazumi Nagano

Kazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty - broochKazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty - paper brooches 2016

Kazumi Nagano - Calm & Beauty - paper brooches 2016: Kazumi Nagano – Calm & Beauty - paper brooches 2016

Kazumi Nagano’s works are internationally recognized as well as highly respected and are part of the permanent collection of important museums like the Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK, the Alice and Louis Koch Rings Collection, Switzerland, and Cooper Hewitt , Smithsonian Design Museum USA, etc.. Her work was selected 7 times so far to take part in the most renowned contemporary jewellery event “Schmuck” at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich.

Every culture has its own great tradition and heritage. How to reinterpret and revive the old into the contemporary is an interesting and challenging topic for artists and designers. It’s MANO’s great pleasure to host Kazumi Nagano’s long-anticipated solo show in Taipei. Hope this rare occasion could stimulate thoughts and creative thinking among the audience.



MANO Gallery

No.18, Shaoxing S. St.,  Zhongzheng Dist.,

Taipei City 10052, Taiwan


Wed. – Sat. 13:00-20:00


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