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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Jelizaveta Suska – Hatara Project, Time Perception Vol.3 – #MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (42)

Jelizaveta Suska

#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (42) – Hatara Project, Time Perception Vol.3

« So me and my friends are preparing for something really cool and exiting: Hatara project. From Finnish – a cotton candy. Like a sweet cloud, we, a bunch of 14 people, from all over the world will make a show in Munich this year. If you are going there for Schmuck Fare, don’t miss our exhibition, it will be under #42 (on  map) !
I will tell more about each participant as we move closer to the 8h of March – Opening day! Have a look at our project webpage. We looking forward to meet you! »

Jelizaveta Suska  Hatara project. From Finnish - a cotton candy. Like a sweet cloud,

9-22h, LOVaaS artSPace - 08-11 March

Hatara Project, Time Perception Vol.3“,
with : Marine Dominiczak — Morven Downie — Elin Flogman — Yasuyo Hida — Anke Huyben — Christine Jalio — Helmi Lindblom — Melina Lindroos — Annea Lounatvuori — Sara Malm — Wiebke Pandikow — Jelizaveta Suskaya — Susanna Yläranta — Ginta Zabarovska -

Fürstenstraße 6, 80333 München, 08.-11.03.,
Mi. 19-22h, Do. Fr. 10-19h, Sa. 11-17h,
Tel. +358 445250524,
„Hatara Project, Time Perception Vol.3 - photo: Ninni VidgrenHatara Project, Time Perception Vol.3 – photo: Ninni Vidgren
Meet the artists taking part in this year’s Munich Jewelry Week exhibition TIME PERCEPTION VOL.3.
Jelizaveta Suska
She was born in Latvia, where she completed her Bachelor degree education in Art Academy of Latvia as a metal designer. At the age of 24 she moved to Gothenburg in Sweden for studying and permanent living. In 2015 she graduated from Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK) at University of Gothenburg.
In year 2016 Jelizaveta received The Herbert Hofmann Prize, and Amber prize at Amberif Award.
‘Frozen Moment’ pieces are a lot about feelings of nostalgia, of a moment in time. In my work, I was looking for materialization of these abstract matters. I based it on associations and feelings. After a period of research, I came up with my own material that the pieces are made of. This material has two main compounds: polymer, that is light and transparent, just like ‘a moment’ and crushed marble, that creates an illusion of a solid stone which I associate with a feeling of nostalgia.
In the beginning of crafting each piece, material is hot and dynamic but in a while it turns still. Like a metaphor of a moment becoming a memory. When looking at my works, people often are saying that they look like ice or unknown minerals.
I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels I celebrate the idea behind the material. That’s why for the rear of the brooches and other supporting details I use valuable metals like gold, gold plated silver and titanium.
In this project, I created more than 200 hundred pieces. I then selected 21 and crafted them into the jewelry.
Find out more about Jelizaveta –
Jelizaveta Suska - brooch "Frozen moments"Jelizaveta Suska – brooch « Frozen moments »
Jelizaveta Suska - brooches "Frozen moments"Jelizaveta Suska - brooches « Frozen moments »


Hatara-project was fouded by Annea Lounatvuori & Christine Jalio in the spring of 2014. Their first exhibition was at the Munich Jewellery Week on march 2015 and the second of may at O galleria in Helsinki. The third exhibition was a part of the Munich Jewellery Week 2016 were Christine Jalio and Annea Mikaela participated together with Melina Lindroos, Wiebke Pandikow, Helmi Lindblom and Ginta Zabarovska.

Annea Lounatvuori
Christine Jalio
Ginta Zabarovska
Melina Lindroos
Helmi Lindblom
Wiebke Pandikow
Jelizaveta Suskaya







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