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#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO ‘The Room of Desires’ – Raumwerk, Munich (DE) – 6 Mars-1er Avril 2017

« The Room of Desires »

A joyful interplay of artworks, crafts and design products from Korea and Germany

March 6 to April 1, 2017
Guided Tour with Curator & Artists: March 8, 2017 at 3 p.m.:

Opening: March 6, 2017 at 4 p.m

The room of desires - schmuck 2017(Wings ring by the Korean Jewelry Artist, YOON Dukno)

with Jina Seo‎ (EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1)

Jina Seo‎  -   Schmuck2017

 While the Wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, emerged in the courts of Europe from the 16th century onward, Korea was witnessing the growing popularity of virtual bookshelves in its royal courts, and later among its bourgeoisie. This genre of Korean painting is called Chaekgado, a sort of painted Wunderkammer showing from various perspectives the books and belongings of a scholar.
Although the traditions of the Wunderkammer vary in form and function between Korea and Europe, they have significant aspects in common. In each culture the cabinet of curiosities is an intimate space filled with people’s desires and longings for a foreign world. Both reflect the yearning for precious things and a curiosity for nature as something exotic.
In allusion to the Korean Chaekgado as well as the European Wunderkammer, Keum Art Projects presents the exhibition ‘The Room of Desires’ at the newly opened raumwerk in Munich-Westend. ‘The Room of Desires’ presents paintings, installations and design objects from Korea side by side with those from Germany, creating a cabinet of wishes, longings and desires. The exhibition features supposedly mundane objects such as candle holders, ceramic vessels and writing utensils, along with playful and contemplative installations by visual artists and designers.
The idea of the cosmos, which the Wunderkammer and Chaekgado attempted to capture through objects and books, is being trivialised by the digital revolution in our current age of the internet. In a world where books are collected by Google and desires are fulfilled on the internet, ‘The Room of Desires’ investigates the predilections and yearnings of our time, and tries to rediscover human desire and longings in objects.

Artist, Designer and Artisan :   Andreas Berlin — Maria Volokhova/Johanna Spath — Helena Parada Kim — KIM Deok Ho — KIM Hye Jeong + Atsunobu KATAGIRI – KIM Hyun Sung — KIM Seo Yoon — KIM Soo Yeon — LEE In Hwa — LEE Jeong Won — PARK Neung Saeng — SEO Jina — Studio Ilio — Studio Yang Seung Bin — Studio Kyss — Kondo Yukako — YOON Duk No



Raumwerk – Concept Store & Gallery
Schwanthaler Str. 125 + 142
80339 Munich-Westend







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