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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 2 – Yafit Ben Meshulam – « Appear & disappear »

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Yafit Ben Meshulam / Lacuna

Lacuna is a space between elements
A quiet elongation between one musical note to the next
A gap in the text that leaves room for imagination
The cocoon left behind when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. . .
My name is Yafit Ben Meshulam. I’m a jewelry designer, maker and metal smith working and living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I earned a B.DES degree in jewelry design from the distinguished Shenkar College of engineering and design in Tel Aviv.
Thanks for letting me share my passion with you and welcome to my shop

« Through jewellery I can express myself in countless colours, textures and materials. Jewellery can be flexible, fragile, light, heavy, shiny, matte, and…well, the list could go on forever! »

« In her latest collection - « Appear & Disappear » – she has focused on organic and abstract shapes, adding an industrial twist to them by combining 3D printing techniques with metals, resin or embroidered elements. Some pieces such as the necklaces are larger; others such as her multiple brooches or earrings are smaller and can be employed to subtly and stylishly decorate the body. » (interview on Irenebrination blog)

Not only  her jewellery is delicious, as well as strong, but the pictures support that sensation so well !

Yafit Ben Meshulam  - Lacuna  Yafit Ben Meshulam  – Lacuna 

Yafit Ben Meshulam - appear & disappear - KAMIMI necklace: Yafit Ben Meshulam – appear & disappear – KAMMI necklace

Yafit Ben Meshulam - YOSHI lapel pin set Yafit Ben Meshulam - YOSHI lapel pin set

Yafit Ben Meshulam - appear & disappear - brooch: Yafit Ben Meshulam – appear & disappear – brooch

Yafit Ben Meshulam - appear & disappear - NUI ring: Yafit Ben Meshulam – appear & disappear – NUI ring


Yafit Ben Meshulam
+972 524 433 044



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