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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Juan HARNIE « Your Eyes Burn Like Wild Fire » Genk (Belgique) 24-28 Mai 2017

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exhibition : Your Eyes Burn Like Wild Fire – Vonk jaartentoonstelling

du 24 mai à 18:30 au 28 mai à 17:00 – at  Genk (Belgique)
With works by Vonk‘s artists in residence and national and international talents

Your Eyes Burn Like Wild Fire

Curator: Jan Van Woensel
Vonk jaartentoonstelling 2017 met kunstenaars:

Anti-Anti — Johan Bruninx — Clarisse Bruynbroeck — Sandra Buyck — Katrien Claes — Christine Clinckx — Liesbeth Cox — Lisse Declercq — Bart Deglin — Els De Ceuster — Hadassah Emmerich — Lin Gerritse — Sara Greet Gilis — Joke Hansen — Juan Harnie — Jerry Heymans — Junkband — Brecht Koelman — Katie Metcalfe — Marnik Neven — Gianluca Nobile — Kumi Oguro — Öznur Öztürk — Rogier Rensen — Sarah Reynders — Tif Robinette — Cult of Slaves — Stefanie Schaut — Machteld Steukers — Bob Szantyr — Shana Teugels – Anke Verret — Yannick Wijnants

Juan HarnieJuan Harnie  - Brooch – Aesthetical Injection collection

Juan Harnie -   'Pink Carnation' - Brooch - 2016 - Polyurethane, syringes, silver, steelJuan Harnie Jewellery · ‘Pink Carnation’ – Brooch – Aesthetical Injection collection – 2016 – Polyurethane, syringes, silver, steel

« Aesthetical Injection
Designing this collection Juan Harnie used medical materials to create attractive, floral looking jewellery. Juan has always seen beauty in materials that have little to no aesthetical value to others. These materials in particular are usually linked to unpleasant situations like hospitals and doctor visits, but now they are taken out of this context and made into uncanny pieces of jewellery. Juan got his inspiration from flowers and plants, which always seem to please the eye of the beholder. Even when a plant or flower turns out to be hazardous, poisonous or possibly deadly, at first people will always attribute positive feelings towards seeing them. Contradictory, syringes that are designed to administer medicine and in fact heal people are met with fear, disgust and a general feeling of unease. Using these syringes in colourful, floral pieces of jewellery, mimicking the shape and colour of the ever-so-loved flower, might just make people reconsider their initial feelings towards syringes and see the beauty the designer saw in them. In addition to the syringes, sterile medical gauze is used to imprint the silver backs of the pieces. This medical gauze once again fulfils its original purpose: being worn on the body and thus soothing an inner ache. (Syringes, polyurethane, zirconia, brass, silver, gauze, resin)
Pictures By Nele Moens« 



Vonk Vzw Atelierwerking
Regina Mundi klooster, Kloosterhof 2, 3600 Genk (Belgium)


EXCHANGE-BIJOU 2 – Akan HAKTUG – et au début était la LIGNE

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et au début était la LIGNE ….


Hakan AKTUG -  Broken Brooch - oxidized silverAkan Haktug – Broken Brooch – oxidized silver, steel

Akan Haktug - Stick Earrings - oxidized silver, paintAkan Haktug - Stick Earrings – oxidized silver, paint

 H A K A N A K T U Ğ j e w e l r y   2015 · amorphous earrings pearls black silver   H A K A N A K T U Ğ j e w e l r y   2015 · amorphous earrings pearls black silver

Hakan Aktug Jewelry - Brooch  aluminium, titanium and silver: Hakan Aktug Jewelry – Brooch  aluminium, titanium and silver

AKAN AKTUĞ j e w e l r y  2015 ·  RedChaosInEveryDimention  #detail #red #brooch #aluminium  H A K A N A K T U Ğ j e w e l r y  2015 ·  Red Chaos In Every Dimention  detail red brooch aluminium





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