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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Jina Seo – EXPO ‘Under the Layers’ at Sediment Arts, Richmond (VA)(USA) – 5-21 Mai 2017

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Jina Seo  « Under the Layers » at Sediment Arts

having an exhibition to celebrate the awesome year I had as the fountainhead fellow at VCU. What a great way to wrap it up! I will be showing my most recent work. If you are in the area please check them out.

« Under The Layers » Storefront Featured Exhibition
@ Sediment Arts, Richmond, Virginia, États-Unis
Opening reception: 5. 5. Fri 6pm-9pm

 Jina Seo - EXPO - veux pas qu'on en parle ! pas avant MAI !!!*

EXPO Under the Layers Jina SEOJina SEO - EXPO Under the Layers display

Jina SEO -  Under the LayersJina SEO – EXPO Under the Layers display

Jina SEO - EXPO Under the LayersJina SEO – EXPO Under the Layers display

Jina SEO - EXPO Under the LayersJina SEO – EXPO « Under the Layers » display – plus one BLACK neckpiece ??

Jina SEO -  Under the LayersJina SEO -  Under the Layers

Jina SEO -  Under the Layers - detailJina SEO -  Under the Layers – detail

Jina Seo - "Under the Layers" collection - "Open It 1"  Necklace (2016)  Brass, leather, beads, thread:Jina Seo - « Under the Layers » collection – « Open It 1″  Necklace (2016)  Brass, leather, beads, thread:

Jina SEO -  Under the LayersJina SEO -  Under the Layers (back)

Jina SEO -  Under the Layers (front & back of a brooch)  Primitive Power Brooch, 2016 Leather, ABS, sterling silver, thread 

Jina Seo - "Under the Layers" collection -  Open It  Necklace (2016)  Brass, leather, fake eyelashes, threadJina Seo – « Under the Layers » collection -  Open It  Necklace (2016)  Brass, leather, fake eyelashes, thread

 Jina SEO -  Under the LayersJina SEO -  Under the Layers

The extraordinary power of objects is obtained because people believe in them. The more mundane the objects are, the more powerful they become. My practice contextualizes the embodied energy that is submerged beneath the layers of vintage leather gloves. The fragments of ordinary gloves convey a tactile and erotic interaction, emphasizing the physical movements between certain parts of body and garments. When the body is absent, the empty, internal structure retains evidence of human existence. It remains full of authentic spirit and fantasy.
Through the processes of deconstructing and reconstructing materials into symbolic forms, I uncover the intimate and sensual power of humanity. The individual records and stories from the gloves turn into something that is universally relatable. Yet, it loops back to the idea of private at the same time. When the broad concept of primitive and elemental human desire meets the audience or wearer, it encourages them to find his or her own sensations and conclusions of desire. It is a moment when ordinary objects become surreal and uncanny in order to redeem the socially constructed expectations and perceptions.

Jina Seo (b. Seoul) is an artist and an educator living in the United States. Jina Seo contextualizes the relationships between human body, space, clothing, and desire through her practice. She received her MFA in Metals at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2016 and BFA at the Kookmin University, South Korea. She is currently a Fountainhead fellow at the Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016-2017 and a recipient of SNAG Emerging Artist 2016.



208 East Grace Street, Richmond Virginia 23219 USA

Gallery hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1-6pm.
Exhibition runs through Sunday, May 21st.
« Under the Layers » is funded in part by VCUArts and the Crafts and Material Studies Department.Enregistrer




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