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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Yiota VOGLI at « 7 artists for 7 days 2017″ -5-16 Juin 2017

7artistsfor7days2017 in Rome 5 – 16 june 2017 at mydaybydayspace……save the dates with

Lisa HabigMaura BiamontiYiota VogliValeria MartinezEinav BenzanoTeresa FarisNina Lima


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« As a visual artist, my relationship with jewelry is bidirectional. My jewelry is influenced from my artistic research. Observation and painting require the engagement of all of our senses, thus, in my work I draw on memory and therefore on my senses.
Addressing jewelry as micro sculpture, I refer to form, material, colors and texture to conceptualize personal memories and my view of social and cultural issues into art. »
Yiota Vogli

Yiota Vogli braceletYiota Vogli  - Bracelet: Travelling, 2015 – Paper, oxidized brass, oxidized silver  12 x 1 x 12.5 cm

Yiota Vogli neckpieceYiota Vogli  – Necklace: Islands, 2015 – Paper, oxidized brass, oxidized silver -  From series: Layers of Memory

Yiota Vogli - pendant/ringYiota Vogli – pendant/ring – Out, 2017 Wood, paint, rhodium plated silver & brass 4.5 x 2.7 x 6.5 cm – From series: Shadows

Yiota Vogli’s interview

Where is your inspiration coming from?
It’s very important to stay mind open. I seek inspiration everywhere; the ideas are always out there. It’s about being in the right state of mind to take the ‘half formed pictures’ and turn them into something that works.
What are you trying to communicate in particular with your artwork?
Making art is a self expression but most is a way to communicate and share ideas or emotions.
Which material you prefer to use and why ?  
It depends of the idea I want to communicate! I love working with simple non precious materials like paper or paper pulp combined with metals like silver or oxidized brass.
How much value do you give to researching material for your creations?
Is very important to make a research of the materials you use in every project, to experiment up to the limits of them.
Is it more important for you the process, or the final artwork itself?
Both, but I am enjoying the process a lot! Every piece is a challenge.
Is there an artist you prefer and why ?
There are many, I prefer those works which are simple, brief, concise and direct.
Have you ever thought to collaborate with other artists , or you like to work on your own? 
Making art is a lonely procedure, but Yes! I would love the opportunity to collaborate with other artists.    
Where do you feel you are at with this last collection?
As an artist I transfer onto my work pictures, stimuli and sentiments.
What have you discovered of yourself, are you satisfied ? Looking deeper inside me… I feel that I am in a good direction!
Two words to describe your last artwork collection.    
Unconscious thoughts.

 Yiota Vogli -  braceletYiota Vogli -  bracelet - Paper, oxidized alpaca, oxidized silver.

Yiota Vogli  - neckpieceYiota Vogli  –   ‘arteries & veins’, neckpiece II, copper, paper, sponge, steel, foil, 2015



Myday – byday gallery
Via Luca della Robbia 76
00153 -  Rome


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