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It’s time for JOYA 2017 !! Barcelona (SP) – 5-6-7 Oct 2017

JOYA 2017  is coming !!   5-6-7 Oct 2017

 JOYA_2017 - 5-6-7 Oct 2017

Even if, this year? I don’t come to JOYA ! :-(   because of Paris Parcours Bijoux …… SORRY !BUT I have to talk about « my » very dear GREEK jewellers, very present !

When you go to the « showroom page » it begins DIRECTLY with « my Greeks » ! :-) ….. alphabetical order ….. So HERE WE GO !!!!!!!!!!!!



Agapi Simpokou - Necklace - Porcelain.  "Vanity" - AGAPI SMPOKOU – Necklace – Porcelain.  « Vanity »
« What is jewellery? A customer chooses a diamond according to its value. Diamonds have value because of their durability, clarity and strength. These qualities imply the human need to overcome the fear of death. I question the durability and value of diamonds by working with them in porcelain, presented in a 3D and linear form in my work. »



Aggelika Diplari -Necklace: Wood, silver, stainless steel, acrylic pigments DIPILARI – Necklace: Wood, silver, stainless steel, acrylic pigments.
« I select driftwood. I study its organic materiality and diachronic multifaceted narratives. I need to continue their complex stories, by reviving history through my alterations and illustrations. I simulate life in its absence, cancelling the warped weight of time by crystallising the wood’s surface. Reflecting my feelings of the present, I find and imagine—portray—the unknown effects on the experiences of tomorrow. »

ANTRIA PRASINOU ANTRIA PRASINOU Brooch - Paper, cotton, silver.  "Burning the knowledge" PRASINOU Brooch – Paper, cotton, silver.  « Burning the knowledge »
« This collection is based on a metaphor; the destruction of knowledge that transports us through the memory of the past…to today. This « unstable » balance is expressed through the fragility of the material. I use paper to capture and then illustrate the shadows that attempt, through their movement, to outline the essence of true identity. »

Artemis Valsamaki - Brooch - Copper, silver, acrylic paint. - VALSAMAKI – Brooch – Copper, silver, acrylic paint.
« For me, jewellery is a medium for manifesting my thoughts and concerns as well as expressing my feelings. I draw my inspiration from human relationships, dreams, Greek mythology, reality and fantasy and whatever hides an emotional power. My intention is always to create a wearable visual, narrative story. »

(CYPRUS, 1968) (ok, ok, it’s NOT Greece …. but …. hem …. very near ? ;-) …)

IOLI LIVADA - Brooch - Aubergine peel, corn leaf, silver, steel.  "Imaginary flowers" LIVADA – Brooch – Aubergine peel, corn leaf, silver, steel.  « Imaginary flowers »
« Inspired by a delicate flower, my work is based on the frailty of things. I try working with materiality, using mostly natural materials such as aubergine peel and corn leaves, and trying to explore their limitations without losing the feeling of a fragile piece. That is how I create flowers that take shape in the landscapes of my dream world. Can an aubergine be transformed into a piece of jewellery? »

NIKI STYLIANOU NIKI STYLIANOU (GREECE, 1968)  Necklace - Copper, bronze, pigments, patinas.  "Mapping: traces made solid" STYLIANOU - Necklace – Copper, bronze, pigments, patinas« Mapping: traces made solid »
« Inside Out, Outside In, Upside Down, Piercing Through, Collapsing into a Trace.
Fugitive, elusive ideas on growth, space, absence and memory that attempt to manifest themselves into physical objects. »

STEFANIA SIOUFA - Brooch - Silver, pigments, cement, brass sheets, resin, sand, plaster, mixed media. "Transform SIOUFA – Brooch – Silver, pigments, cement, brass sheets, resin, sand, plaster, mixed media. « Transformation »
«  »Transformation » means the inner change, the work I do with myself and my soul. It is the best version of me, coming from the « dialogue with myself ». Through silence, meditation and observation of my thoughts comes understanding and my need for change and internal transformation. It means the transition from negative to positive, my self-improvement, the change of course, the opening of new roads. »



 YIOTA VOGLI (GREECE, 1958)  Pendant - Paper, wood, acrylic, varnishes, silver, alpaca, copper, brass, steel.  "Shadow" YIOTA VOGLI – Pendant – Paper, wood, acrylic, varnishes, silver, alpaca, copper, brass, steel.  « Shadow »
« Shadow is a psychological term for everything we cannot see in ourselves. From an early age we adjust our behaviour to gratify our needs and learn to adapt to the external world. As we grow, we condition ourselves to keep all the unaccepted parts of us outside our conscious awareness, even though we drag them ‘behind us’ all the time in our subconscious. »


AND the GUEST ARTIST is … not exactly from Greece but also … so near, no ? ;-)

(Cyprus / United Kingdom, 1961)

LIANA PATTIHIS  - Brooch - Silver chain, enamel, stainless steel.  'Chained Interpretations' ... An ongoing study PATTIHIS – Brooch – Silver chain, enamel, stainless steel.  ‘Chained Interpretations’ … An ongoing study
« This latest collection is inspired by online sources and found images depicting flora and fauna specifically in wooded areas, which I find mysterious and intriguing. As with previous work from this series, images are chosen for their visual composition or specific geometrical aesthetic elements and are given a three dimensional ‘chained interpretation’, thus converting them into wearable pieces of jewellery.
Each enamel colour is fused and fired on the chain separately and the piece is constructed afterwards from the previously enamelled chain. Emphasis is given in the building-up and layering of the chains. This allows the piece to evolve, with the various types of chain and colours mixing and intertwining, poetically responding to the images as if they were ‘still lifes’, translating them into an impressionistic pixelated relief of textured three-dimensional layers. »


JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair
5-7 October 2017
Arts Santa Monica, Rambla 7
Barcelona – Spain


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