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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 2 – Reka Lőrincz – EXPO « PEARLS UPSIDE DOWN » at REVERSO galeria, Lisbonne (PT) – 28 Nov. 2017- 10 Janv. 2018

Reka Lőrincz


Opening: Saturday, 25 November, 17:00 — 20:00.

28 November – 10 January 2018


with : Ana Margarida Carvalho — Birgit Laken –  Claudia Hoppe –  Carlos Silva – Daniel Kruger –  Danni Schwaag –  Dulce Ferraz –  Grego Garcia –  Herman Hermsen –  Joanne. T –  Laura Frazão Matos – Lauren Kalman –  Leonor Hipólito –  Marta Costa Reis –  Masako Hamaguchi –  Nikolay Sardamov – Paula Crespo –  Philip Sajet – Réka Lörincz –  Sophie Hanagarth – Stephanie Jendis –  Tanel Veenre –  Terhi Tolvanen –  Kaori Juzu  ……   among others…

« What about the pearls and their necklaces? From symbol of wealth and opulence to symbol of sobriety, from fantastic jewelery, sensual and transgressive to model of bourgeois modesty, the pearls surround us in multiple scenarios and multiple senses.
Beside the quiet collar of the grandmothers, we have Louise Brooks’s or Emmanuelle’s, alongside the puritanical collar of the typical North American executive (the only permissible jewel in the almost masculine uniform), we have the excessive adornments of the rajas of India, not to mention the earring of the girl from Vermeer, or from a corsair turned into a virginal little girl’s earring.
The pearl is born, like Venus, from a shell, but we do not recognize in it the same erotic and libertarian appeal. The pearl was domesticated. It is today a symbol of purity, chastity and restraint and, let’s face it, boring!
Can contemporary jewelery claim as its own the “stone” wich seems so classic and conservative today? »
Marta Costa Reis, 2017  for Galeria Reverso

 Reka Lorincz "Sunday cleaning"  2017  Reka Lorincz « Sunday cleaning »  2017  #gold #clean #mood #housewife #sculpture

Monday to Sunday #brooch   Reka Lorincz #doctor #jewellery #healingwithstones   #handmade   #wearableart #pearl #girlpower  Reka Lorincz – Monday to Sunday 2 – brooch    #doctor #jewellery #healingwithstones   #handmade   #wearableart #pearl #girlpower 

Reka Lorincz -  Take the brooch and run! II  #pearl  #handmade #jewellery #gold #hunter #mouse #trap  Reka Lorincz -  Take the brooch and run! II  brooch  #pearl  #handmade #jewellery #gold #hunter #mouse #trap

 reka lorincz -  Full Cargo - necklace      #wearableart #pearl #girlpower #truck   #woman #wear

Reka Lorincz -  Full Cargo – necklace      #wearableart #pearl #girlpower #truck   #woman #wear 

Reka Lorincz - Don't take care! brooch  Reka Lorincz - Don’t take care! brooch  

Reka Lorincz  - Don't take care -  necklace for EXPO REVERSOReka Lorincz  - Don’t take care -  necklace 



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1200 – 655 Lisboa, Portugal
tel (+351) 213 951 407


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