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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Jelizaveta Suskaya at Galerie Beyond (BE) – EXPO « Frozen Moment-The Night » – 22 Oct.- 26 Nov. 2017 – EXTENDED until DEC. 9

 J. Suska Jewellery

Galerie beyond ! – TO BE EVENT  !

 FROZEN MOMENT – THE NIGHT  Oct 22 – Nov 26, 2017  -

EXPO extended for TWO WEEKS, until DEC. 9 2017

Triple expo Mielle Harvey - Jelizaveta Suskaya - Alejandra Solar at Galerie beyond - Sint Jorispoort 27, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium, until November 26.

Triple expo Mielle Harvey – Jelizaveta Suskaya – Alejandra Solar at Galerie beyond -   Antwerpen, Belgium, until November 26.

Frozen Moment – The Night
« I’ve always been fascinated by the ambiance that you can sense in any space that is entered. Similarly to shinto – the indigenous religion of Japan, where many objects have their own spiritual essence. I would call it a ghost. Frozen Moment – The Night pieces are a lot about concept of what memory is leaving us with or of a moment in time. While making Night edition I was also thinking about feeling that night gives to me: it’s cold, dark and full of mystery and fears. I was looking for materialization of these abstract matters. I based it on associations and feelings. After a period of research, I came up with my own material, that the pieces are made of.
This material has two main compounds: polymer, that is lightweight and gives color, just like ‘a moment’ leavesimpression and magma sand, that creates an illusion of a solid stone – material that I strongly associate with concept of memory. In my work, I use a lot of colour that is expression of another spectrum, spectrum of emotions. The Night edition is characterized by black mixed with dark shades of blue, red and yellow. I am using same techniques and approach as I designed earlier at the same time expanding and exploring more. In the beginning of crafting each piece, material is hot and dynamic but in a while it turns still. Like another metaphor of a moment becoming a memory. When looking at my works, people often are saying that they look
like ice, unknown minerals or minuscule surreal landscapes. I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels I celebrate the idea behind the material. That’s why for the rear of the brooches and other supporting details I use valuable metals like gold and titanium. »
​All brooches are unique - Jelizaveta Suska. -

  Jelizaveta Suska  Frozen Moment Night edition. Brooch.2016 Jelizaveta Suska  Frozen Moment Night edition. Brooch.2016

Jelizaveta Suskaya / Collections / Frozen Moment: The Night (2016)Jelizaveta Suskaya / Collections / Frozen Moment: The Night (2016)

Jelizaveta Suska Jewellery -  new broochJelizaveta Suska Jewellery -  new brooch




Galerie beyond
Sint Jorispoort 27
Anvers (Antwerp)(BELGIQUE)
Tel +32 472 42 06 83

EXCHANGE-BIJOU 2 – Carlos SILVA – EXPOs at galeria AUTORIA & galeria REVERSO, PORTUGAL – busy FALL !

Carlos Silva Jewelry

3 expos en breve : próximo dia 11 de NOViembre en Porto @ AUTORIA,

25 de NOViembre en galeria REVERSO,

y en diciembre en el taller de Teresa milheiro


Carlos Silva Jewelry -    Simultaneous openings in the Arts Quarter Miguel Bombarda!  Saturday, November 11 Galeria Autoria
Participants:  Áurea Praga — Carla Gaspar — Carlos Silva –  Catalina Gibert — Cristina Roque –  Filipe Fonseca — Inês Sobreira — Isabel Tristan — Liliana Guerreiro — Marta Costa Reis — Telma Oliveira — Telma Simões — Teresa Dantas — Valentim Quaresma.

Carlos Silva Jewelry -    Simultaneous openings in the Arts Quarter Miguel Bombarda!  Saturday, November 11 @ Galeria Autoria  Participants:  Áurea Praga, Carla Gaspar, Carlos Silva, Catalina Gibert, Cristina Roque, Filipe Fonseca, Inês Sobreira, Isabel Tristan, Liliana Guerreiro, Marta Costa Reis, Telma Oliveira, Telma Simões, Teresa Dantas and Valentim Quaresma.


Carlos Silva -  Necklace • [copper, alpaca, foam and charcoal] - soon @galeria.autoria Carlos Silva Jewelry -  Necklace • [copper, alpaca, foam and charcoal] – soon @Galeria Autoria

Carlos Silva  -  Brooch [two in one] foam, plaster and copperCarlos Silva Jewelry   ·  Brooch [two in one]  foam, plaster and copper

Carlos Silva Jewelry   ·  Brooch [two in one]  foam, plaster and copperCarlos Silva Jewelry   ·  Brooch [two in one]  foam, plaster and copper - dividido en 2, lo puedes usar individual ò juntos

Carlos Silva Jewelry- Rings | oxidized copperCarlos Silva Jewelry  ·  Rings | oxidized copper


Galeria Autoria
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 285, Loja 10, Porto
tel +351 915 423 030
Located in the arts quarter – Rua Miguel bombarda – AUTORIA is represented by two jewellery artists Inês Sobreira and Cristina Roque dos Santos.



at  Galeria REVERSO :
EXPO «PEARLS UPSIDE DOWN» (« De Pérolas para o Ar« ) at Galeria Reverso, Lisbonne (PT) – 25 Nov. 2017- 10 Janv. 2018

Opening: Saturday, 25 November, 17:00 — 20:00.


PEARLS UPSIDE DOWN_expo Reverso -  EXCHANGE-BIJOU 2 – Carlos SILVA – EXPO « PEARLS UPSIDE DOWN » at REVERSO galeria, Lisbonne (PT) – 28 Nov. 2017- 10 Janv. 2018

with Ana Margarida Carvalho — Aurea Praga — Beatriz Horta Correia — Birgit Laken — Carlos Silva — Castello Hansen — Claude Schmitz — Claudia Hoppe — Daniel Kruger — Danni Schwaag — Dulce Ferraz — Ela Bauer — Etsuko Sonobe — Grego Garcia — Helena Johansson Lindell — Heejoo Kim — Herman Hermsen — Young-I Kim — Joanne.T — Kaori Juzu –  Laura Frazão Matos — Lauren Kalman — Leonor Hipólito — Marta Costa Reis — Masako Hamaguchi — Melanie Isverding — Nikolay Sardamov — Paula Crespo — Philip Sajet — Réka Lörincz — Sofia Bjorkman — Sophie Hanagarth — Stephanie Jendis — Tanel Veenre — Terhi Tolvanen — Vera Pinto — Young-I Kim — Zwetelina Alexieva.

« What about the pearls and their necklaces? From symbol of wealth and opulence to symbol of sobriety, from fantastic jewelery, sensual and transgressive to model of bourgeois modesty, the pearls surround us in multiple scenarios and multiple senses.
Beside the quiet collar of the grandmothers, we have Louise Brooks’s or Emmanuelle’s, alongside the puritanical collar of the typical North American executive (the only permissible jewel in the almost masculine uniform), we have the excessive adornments of the rajas of India, not to mention the earring of the girl from Vermeer, or from a corsair turned into a virginal little girl’s earring.
The pearl is born, like Venus, from a shell, but we do not recognize in it the same erotic and libertarian appeal. The pearl was domesticated. It is today a symbol of purity, chastity and restraint and, let’s face it, boring!
Can contemporary jewelery claim as its own the “stone” wich seems so classic and conservative today? «  Marta Costa Reis, 2017  for Galeria Reverso


CARLOS SILVA - Colar   (at PEARLS UPSIDE DOWN» at Galeria Reverso, Lisbonne (PT) – 25 Nov. 2017- 10 Janv. 2018  Opening: Saturday, 25 November, 17:00 — 20:00.)CARLOS SILVA – Colar   (at PEARLS UPSIDE DOWN» at Galeria Reverso)

collier Carlos SILVA - Parcours Bijoux: PINAPARIS,  CARLOS SILVA - Untitled Necklace 2015 – Painted copper 385 x 200 mm


Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança, 59-61
1200-655 Lisbonne – PORTUGAL
tel +351 21 395 1407



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