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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 1 – Julia Obermaier present during SCHMUCK 2018 (Munich Jewellery Week (MJW) – 7–10 March 2018

Julia Obermaier, with her very talented creations, is, of course, VERY present during the   Munich Jewellery Week  2018 (MJW 7-10 March 2018)

Julia Obermaier is a Jewellery Maker from Germany.
She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Departement of Gemstones and Jewellery in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
Since 2016 she has her own atelier in Kempten, Germany.


 at first present at the exhibition   Holy Rock with her group ASTONISH , at Internationale Handwerksmesse München, from the 7th to the 13th of march in  Hall B1, Stand-No. 759

ASTONISH is a collective of seven female contemporary jewellery makers sharing a common passion: (gem) stones. For the third consecutive year, they will exhibit their work at Internationale Handwerks Messe(IHM) in Munich, March 2018.
Artist list  :  Sharareh Aghaei – Eva Burton – Gabriela Cohn – Pia Groh – Helen Habtay — Stephie Morawetz — Julia Obermaier

Astonish HOLY ROCK

« Child of the elements.
You connect us to the past and our memories. You give us silence and peace. Hypnotized, we gaze at you when exploring your inner worlds. Born from time and the forces of nature you are everlasting and the matter of our making.
Every Rock is holy, indeed. From stones as silent observers, we make valuable experiences, we communicate through our making. Find the seven makers of ASTONISH for the third consecutive year at SCHMUCK, to pay hommage/tribute to ‘THE HOLY ROCK’ in you and me.
So let us celebrate together Gems and Jewels. »


Julia_Obermaier - ASTONISH Dancing on a wonky table – Necklace – Agate, resin, pigment, fabric, silver – 27 x 9 x 5 cm – 2017 – Julia ObermaierJulia Obermaier -   Dancing on a wonky table – Necklace – Agate, resin, pigment, fabric, silver – 27 x 9 x 5 cm – 2017 – Julia Obermaier

« My main subject is about private space. In my pieces I create rooms, containers, boxes or little caves. These spaces can be filled with ones own personal feelings, perceptions and sensations. I see my work as containers protecting the innermost emotions of the viewer or wearer, that they use to confront a busy world. »


Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Hall B1, Stand-No. 759.
Willy Brandt Allee 1, Messegelände
81829 -  Munich
And THEN she is present at   »Die denkende Haut – the perfect sense » -  EXHIBITION   08- 14 MAR 2018 - at  Kunstpavillon
.Die denkende Haut - the perfect sense -  EXHIBITION  /  MJW-SchmuckTalente2018  /  08- 14 MAR 2018 - Kunstpavillon - Garten Sophienstr 7a 80333 -  Munich  GERMANY - -Artist list Peter Bauhuis, Doris Betz, Babette Brühl, Florian Buddeberg, Attai Chen, Eunmi Chun, Anna Maria Eichlinger, Samira Goetz, Merlin Klein, Julia Obermaier, Carina Shoshtary, Nadja Soloviev
Artist list :     Peter BauhuisDoris Betz — Babette Brühl — Florian Buddeberg — Attai ChenEunmi ChunAnna Maria Eichlinger — Samira Goetz — Merlin Klein –  Julia ObermaierCarina Shoshtary — Nadja Soloviev
 » For people as well as for jewellery, everything begins with the skin – the surface, the countless surface possibility in jewellery pieces depending on the material and workmanship. We can try to look through the skin/surface and try to interpret with those pieces. On display are the latest works of 11 jewellery artists and 1 painter from Munich.  »
Every perception begins with the skin, the surface. For people as well as for jewellery. Here, in jewellery, there are countless surfaces – smooth or rough, monochrome or multicoloured, porous or impermeable, chaotic or orderly, depending on the material and workmanship. There are no limits to the diversity of haptic sensations. Likewise with the jewellery in the exhibition Die denkende Haut [The Thinking Skin]. Are we able to look through skin, though, through the surface, inwards, to the essence of the jewellery? Can we do it with people? Neither is a simple undertaking! But we can try to interpret, to read them.
For example, with Julia Obermaier, who cuts, polishes and assembles sculptural-architectural forms from agate, the stone that emerged from volcanic nodules over millions of years. The immortality of nature and the finiteness of man are brought together in an allegorical juxtaposition. Or with Carina Shoshtary, who takes graffiti, dissects it and recomposes it in her jewellery. Messages are thus preserved and interpreted anew. Freedom of thought is manifested in jewellery. The concrete necklaces by Samira Götz only appear to be heavy; they are, however, surprisingly light. They function as burden and liberation at once. The last example is Merlin Klein, whose ‘ash jewellery’ simultaneously stands for grief, solace and remembrance.
The works on display constitute not just surface, technique and workmanship; they are concepts, with a message for the beholder. They allow one to gaze deep into the essence of the individual, nature and the universe; this is jewellery and art, or art and jewellery, or only jewellery, or just art, wearable on the skin or an object in a vitrine, ultimately simply beautiful and an eternally exciting process when one allows the ‘skin to think’. / Dirk Allgaier, February 2018
« Thinking is not only an abstract act of intellectual reckoning, but also a kind of responsive intelligence permeating our bodies and navigating us through our daily entanglements on the physical, emotional and creative planes. In this sense, dance is an embodied reflection on space; and the mind of an angler is in the hand curled around the fishing rod. Similarly, the movement of fingers on the keyboard of a piano is a visible extension of the musical thinking within the body of a performer, and the same fingers on the keyboard of a computer reproduce the dictates of a cerebral algorithm.
Between anything that touches and anything that is touched – be it an inanimate object or a living body – is the skin, which not only sends out signals like lustre, youth and freshness fromwithin, but also absorbs impulses from without, to be analysed, interpreted and answered in due time. The skin is an interface, revealing an inside and effecting responses in the environment; or thinking an outside by opening up and responding to stimuli. And when it becomes a foundation and support for structures of metals, stones, pearls, etc., then it draws in the elements of the world into its own cycle of impression and expression, transforming them into jewellery and enabling the enhancement of an adorned body.
But, owing to its intermediary position between an inside and an outside, the skin is afflicted with the same mysterious hybridity that characterises all limits and thresholds. Is it still the body? Or is it already part of the environment? Is it still an organ covering all other organs, a spread of epidermis capable of being seen, touched, injured? Or is it already a material, formed to a shield, a mask, an ornament? Or is it neither the one nor the other, but simply an immaterial and intermediary space of difference?
Such questions cannot be quite avoided in the familiar “practices of appearance” like the fine and the applied arts. They are also at the root of the constellation of jewellery and painting that are being presented in this exhibition. »  / Thinking skin by Pravu Mazumdar
Julia Obermaier  Necklace 'Space between' agate, silver, resin, pigment  2017   MJW 2018 n°42  'Die Denkende Haut- The Perfect Sense'
Julia Obermaier  • Necklace « Space between » • agate, silver, resin, pigment • 2017 • ©photo by artist  MJW 2018 #42 : « Die Denkende Haut- The Perfect Sense » group exhibition
Garten Sophienstr 7a
80333 -  Munich  GERMANY

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