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COUP de …. BLUES ! Sharon Lindsay Ferguson (IRL)

« My approach to working with textiles is eclectic in that I am essentially a collector and my work is a consequence of this infatuation. I collect memories, thoughts, images, snatches of conversation, colours and objects. These fragments combine to form the ideas that in turn shape my work.
During the past year I have worked in varying media to develop my applied art ranging from digital and screen printing to hand and computerised embroidery and 3D constructed textiles.
The pieces shown here are part of a series of work related to childhood stories and dreams, and how they relate to our lives and shape our imagination by influencing our subconscious with their illogical nature and meaning. »

COUP de .... BLUES !  Sharon Lindsay Ferguson (IRL) dans COUP DE COEUR ferguson-440x440

Sharon Lindsay Ferguson ‘The Butterfly Wing Portrait’, 2007 – Neckpiece: Plastic/rubber mix base, carved, sewn together, dyed, lined and embellished with stitch and found objects. (Photo David Pauley)


Craft Northern Ireland (CraftNI)


COUP de COEUR ! Rachel McKnight

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« Rachel McKnightgraduated from the University of Ulster in 2003. Rachel’s quirky and innovative creations in plastics and rubber have won her much acclaim including 1st prize in the jewellery (alternative materials) section of the RDS National Craft Awards in 2005.
« The excitement of sourcing new materials and the experimentation with them inspires me to produce original and innovative jewellery. Plastics interest me because of their many manufacturing possibilities and multitude of colours. The idea of transparency and opaque colour influences my designs, and plastics allow me to explore this.”
Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is available in UK and US retail outlets. »

COUP de COEUR !  Rachel McKnight dans COUP DE COEUR 95efd0eb27fb44809be5cfcc348433edPerspexSandwichBangleRachel McK - Perspex sandwich Bangle
a87d41c04e064488ae63df15eb214b4bPerspexFlatLaceBangles dans Craft Northern IrelandRachel McK Perspex Flat Lace Bangle
Rachel%20McKnight%206 dans plastiquesRachel McK  - White Twisted Ruffle Necklace - Polypropylene discs
d3e06eb766b843309d67a3617c6030d0PinkandClearMultipleCageNeckpiece dans Rachel McKNIGHT (IRL)
Rachel McK Pink and Clear Multiple Cage Necklace
3bfc85f7afc040fda49072c29269af4fPinkLayeredCollar dans SHOP
Rachel McK Pink Layered Collar
26678a671cd047328056b4f88c029564Yellow%20Cog%20BangleRachel McK Yellow Cog Bangle


 Craft Northern Ireland


Claire McAllister, Irlande, ou la géométrie reine

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« Claire McAlister graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2008. She has developed a very distinctive design language in silver and dramatically-coloured wood veneers. Working with the shapes that the veneers inform, McAlister makes geometric units which are assembled in repeat patterns into contemporary jewellery pieces. The combination of these geometric elements and dramatic colours are what make McAlister’s work so original and inspiring.
“My starting point came from a response to these specific materials. The inherent qualities of wood veneer produce inspiring and dynamic forms when manipulated form their flat state.”
Claire produces both commercial and gallery-orientated works. Her unique and inspired collections have featured in exhibitions across Ireland, the UK and America. » (CraftNI)

Claire McAllister, Irlande, ou la géométrie reine dans Claire McALISTER (Irl) 9
Claire McAlister  – Chain with Hidden Diamonds, 2008

1 dans Craft Northern Ireland
12 Diamonds Brooch, 2009 – Padouk African crown veneer and precious white metal. Dia 5cm (Photos David Pauley )

14 dans Irlande (IRL)
Claire McAlisterRed Squares necklace – padouk african crown wood veneer and silver – 2010

Claire McAlisterPropeller Ring – silver with moveable links 2009


(Craft Northern Ireland)

and on « MetalsRepublic » (SNAG 2008)


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