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COLLECT 2014 – Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) – 9–12 May 2014

The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects brings together the world’s finest galleries representing exceptional work of museum-quality from their portfolio of artists. Thirty six international galleries will come together at the Saatchi Gallery, London from 9 – 12 May 2014

 participing galleries here 


 WCC-BF Gallery – créateurs BELGES à LONDRES : Claire Lavendhomme, Ria Lins, Dorothée van Biesen, Nelly van Oost …….  Stand 3.1/2 – Rez-de-Chaussée


EXPO Nelly van OOst at COLLECT à la saatchi gallery de Londres  (Stand 3.2) du 9 au 12 mai 2014. Je suis représentée par le WCC BFNelly VAN OOST  -  Stand 3.2

Dorothée Van Biesen Piece: Vert, turquoise, jaune fluo, 2012 Imitation leather, hand-sewn satin, scooby-doos Necklace and half-mask

Dorothée VAN BIESEN   « Vert, turquoise, jaune fluo », 2012 Imitation leather, hand-sewn satin, scooby-doos Necklace and half-mask

* Susanne Klemm   represented by   Gallery Ra

News Exhibitions : 9 – 12 May 2014 -  Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London UK

SUSANNE KLEMM-CH /NL much celebrated work is also, primarily inspired by nature.


* Galerie ROB KOUDIJS - located at the Ground Floor, Gallery 5, stand nr 5.4.

 COLLECT 2014: HELEN BRITTON at Galerie Rob Koudijs, stand no 5.4.(brooch 'Big Bouquet'; silver rose gold plated, plastics)Helen Britton – brooch ‘Big Bouquet’; silver rose gold plated, plastics
COLLECT 2014 :TERHI TOLVANEN at Galerie Rob Koudijs,  (brooch 'Amethyst Plant'; cactus amethyst, cement, wood)TERHI TOLVANEN - brooch ‘Amethyst Plant’; cactus amethyst, cement, wood 
 COLLECT 2014: ALEXANDER BLANK - brooch 'Ahoi Acapulco'; bog wood, silver ALEXANDER BLANK - brooch ‘Ahoi Acapulco’; bog wood, silver
Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road, London SW3 4S


COLLECT 2011 – at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) – 6-9 Mai 2011

COLLECT has an enviable reputation as a premier, annual fair for contemporary craft. Through its presentation of work from the best international applied artists, COLLECT has become a prestigious event in the international cultural calendar gaining the respect and support of many private collectors, museum curators and galleries.

This year, for the first time, the work of each artist will be complimented by a photographic installation curated by a renowned Italian photographer, Mario Guerra, in which the jewellery on display will be interpreted from an artistic viewpoint, so as to create an ever closer connection between the worlds of contemporary craft and contemporary art.

jewelry galleries :

Alternatives Gallery (IT), Antonella Villanova (IT), Electrum Gallery (UK), Galerie Louise Smit (NL), Galerie Marzee (NL), Galerie Ra (NL), Galerie Rob Koudijs (NL), Galerie Sofie Lachaert (BE), Galleri Format (NO), Galleria Norsu (FI), Lesley Craze Gallery (UK), Galerie Rosemarie Jäger (DE), The Scottish Gallery (UK), Tyger Glyn Gallery (UK)

Monsieur Gaston, Neckpiece (28x29x8x4cm) by Eugenia Ingegno; Gallery: Alternatives Gallery; Photo: Federico Cavicchioli, 2010
Eugenia Ingegno (Alternatives Gallery)


Sally Collins – (Alternatives Gallery)Wetshinysharp (7x7x4cm) by Helen Britton; Gallery: Galerie Louise Smit; Photo: Felix Flurry, 2010
Helen Britton – (Galerie Louise Smit)Brooch (6x9cm) by Bettina Speckner; Gallery: Galerie Ra; Year: 2010

Bettina Speckner – front brooch – 2010  (Galerie Ra)

Frozen Fireworks, necklace (6x6x12cm) by Mia Maljojoki; Gallery: Galerie Rob Koudijs; Photo: Mirei Takeuchi, 2010
Mia Maljojoki - (Galerie Rob Koudijs)Vernal Affection (3.5x1.5x4.2cm) by Ara Kuo; Gallery: Galerie Sofie Lachaert; Year, 2010
Ara Kuo -  (Galerie Sofie Lachaert )

Grandma goes to Tokyo (13x5.5x4cm) by Elise Hatlø; Gallery: Galleri Format; Photo: Kirsti Mørch
Elise Hatlo – (Galleri Format)

COLLECT 2011 - at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) - 6-9 Mai 2011 dans Anna TALBOT (NO) anna%20talbot11
Anna Talbot, Redwolf, 2009 - (Galleri Format)Two Coral Wrist Pieces (12.5x11x5cm; 14x12.5x5cm) by Nora Fok; Photo: Frank Hills, 2010
Nora Fok – (Lesley Craze Gallery)

Brooch, Manipulation # 4 (15.5x13x4.5cm) by Melanie Isverding; Gallery: Rosemarie Jäger; Photo: Mirei Takeuchi, 2009
Melanie Isverding (Galerie Rosemarie Jäger)

web_Attai%20Chen2_alt dans Ara KUO (Taiwan)

Attai Chen  (Galerie Rosemarie Jäger)Stem series, pin (8x4x1.5cm) by Susan May; Gallery: Tyger Glyn Gallery; Photo: By kind permission of the Goldsmiths' Company, 2009
Susan May- brooch – (Tyger Glyn Gallery)



Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road
SW3 4SQ‎ – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: +39-06-68308233
Fax: +39-06-68308233


Eleanor BOLTON blues collection at COLLECT 2011 – 6-9 Mai 2011

Eleanor Bolton
« At Collect 2011 I will be launching my new Blues Collection of coiled cotton rope neckpieces. Using the same coiling and stitching technique I developed during my MA at the RCA, I have created a new collection of large-scale neckpieces exploring colour. The collection comprises of five new pieces each made up of sections of unbleached rope and different tones and shades of blue to highlight and emphasise the forms and process of the making. The unbleached rope with its contrasting yarn allows engagement with how the pieces have been made, as the stitching is revealed in the movement of the coils. The boldly dyed rope allows the material and process to become more ambiguous and the forms to become the main focus. »

Eleanor will be showing with Electrum Gallery

Eleanor Bolton neckpiece
Eleanor Bolton neckpiece from Blues Collection

Eleanor BOLTON blues collection at COLLECT 2011 - 6-9 Mai 2011 dans COLLECT
(new necklaces, available to SHOP at

Getting to COLLECT
Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road


Electrum Gallery
21 South Molton Street
United Kingdom
Phone: 0044 207 629 6325


‘ORIGIN’ London Craft Fair – 23-29 sept. 2010

Origin : The London Craft Fair

Origin is an annual showcase of original contemporary craft, bringing together 220 of the most innovative UK and international makers for 1 week. It offers a rare chance to buy directly from the makers and meet them face to face.

Origin will now take place in September during the annual London Design Festival (LDF).
Origin 2010 will relocate from Somerset House to the newly refurbished Old Spitalfields Market from the 23rd-29th September 2010. This exciting new venue in the heart of creative London and the new timing of Origin as a major presence during the London Design Festival will inject new life and a renewed sense of excitement into this highly respected, established event.


une TRES TRES belle liste d’exposants !

Ai KawauchiAi Kawauchi (JP)organic pieces of jewellery – stand P02
« Handmade silk accessories created by using a unique technique to produce organic pieces of jewellery. It is made from traditional silk from the town of Kiryu, Japan and natural red and black beans that are used to give the shape, form and colour to these botanical inspired feminine pieces.« 

Alison Macleod Jewellery Re-Found Brooch #2 2010Alison Macleod (UK) -  Re-Found Brooch #2 , 2010 - stand P13

 Blooming Boa NecklaceAnna Wales - blooming boa necklace stand F27
« My jewellery is designed to create a powerful visual impact along with an enticing tactility. It focuses on the combination of felt and silver, or of oxidized silver with polished precious metals arranged to form stark contrasts or subtle transformations throughout a singular piece.« 

'ORIGIN' London Craft Fair - 23-29 sept. 2010 dans Ai KAWAUCHI (JP) bj31
Bea Jareño (ES) – neckpiece- oxidised silver, sponge red dyed coral - stand A11

 1 dans Alison MAcLEOD (UK)Claire McAlister- 12 diamonds brooch-  stand K31
« In my distinctive design language I make jewellery using a unique combination of silver and dramatically coloured wood veneers. I make individual rectangular links which are assembled into complex structures of intricate geometry. The pieces, although bold and complex, are light weight and easy to wear.« 

Danielle+Gori-Montanelli dans Anke HENNIG (DE)Danielle Gori-Montanelli (IT) – « licorice » felt necklace -  stand P41

Jacqueline Cullen: hand carved broochJacqueline Cullen (UK) – Whitby JET jewelry  (brooch) -  stand P09


Repetition Flower bracelet, Jeehyun Chung, oxidised silver wire, Korean silk, metallic and invisible thread (photo: Kwang Choon Park)Jeehyun Chung (Korea) Repetition Flower bracelet, oxidised silver wire –  stand P03
« My interest in contemporary art jewellery led me to explore the aesthetic value of using non-traditional materials and resources from as varied fields as fashion, textiles when making my work. I mainly use precious metals (gold and silver) with flexible materials such as Korean silk and self-dyed elastic threads.« 

 Plume necklace

Jenny Llewellyn (UK) silicone jewelry -  stand C03
« I take inspiration from the luminous colours, shapes and movement of creatures from the deep sea to create vibrant, playful pieces that move with the wearer and glow in the dark. Colour is a significant visual feature in my jewellery. By introducing the translucent qualities of silicone with bright pigments, I combine these with the shifting reflective surfaces of precious metals to convey the qualities of underwater life forms« 


Anke Hennig - 'Hybrid' necklace  Cotton, rayon, monofilament and silverAnke Hennig (DE) - ’Hybrid’ necklace  Cotton, rayon, monofilament and silver-  stand G19
« The underlying idea of my work is restricted to clear forms and the principle of sequences. Simple, flat braids are wound around and over themselves, to form a spiral and provide an unusual aesthetic in the third dimension. These pieces of jewellery have both appearance and a surface, making it hard to imagine their origin – a new interpretation of an ancient technique.« 

Karen BartlettKaren Bartlett (UK)-  stand K09
« Bespoke sculptural jewellery concerned with how the dynamics and perceptions of materials alter when used in an unfamiliar context, or as a visual metaphor for an underlying thought or theme through the use and juxtaposition of ‘precious’ and ‘non precious’ material including metals, gemstones & silicon rubber.« 

Kathryn PartingtonKathryn Partington -  stand K09
« One-off pieces of wearable decorative jewellery. Surface pattern and ornamentation is explored by utilising a diverse range of materials, including silks, bone china, silver and metals creating pieces that are extremely unique within the arena of contemporary jewellery, craft and fashion.« 

 Kiwon Wang, Newspaper 'Statement' Necklace in NY Times newspaper, sterling silver, pearl, and steel cable. 35.8 x 1.5 x 1.5"Kiwon WANG (Korea) Newspaper ‘Statement’ Necklace in NY Times newspaper, sterling silver, pearl, and steel cable. –  stand B35
« My work is based on ‘East meets West‘. Everyday material meets precious by using traditional and contemporary techniques.« 

Nature of Fragility – Thistle Ring No.1' (5 x 5 cm) by Laura Bennett; Photo: Chris Darmanin, 2008Laura Bennett (UK) Nature of Fragility – Thistle Ring No.1 –  stand P05

« Hand made jewellery, composed from natural found objects/materials – combined with precious metals. The collections are inspired by natural organic forms and constructed elegantly and sympathetically. The designs emulate the fragility of human emotions, inviting the individual to embark on a journey of self-discovery through memories and keepsakes« 

Lee Myungjoo 'Roll'Lee Myungjoo (Korea) -  stand K07

« ‘Roll’ and ‘Bend’ are themes and techniques that I use on my simple formed jewellery pieces. To give vitality I use painting effect on silver with Keumboo (Korean overlay technique) and gold leaf. I want my jewellery to be a small sculpture on your body. »

PhotobucketNuntaka Nopkhun-  stand F43
« Jewellery defined by its sensorial, tactile and visual qualities that aims to be sensually pleasing to the touch, but at the same time gently disturbing in context and form.« 

series--4 dans Anna WALES (UK)
Stacey Bentley (UK)- textured enamel serie  –  stand K15
« I aim to explore the new possibilities and ideas that industrial liquid enamel can bring to contemporary jewellery. Urban scenery inspires my designs. By exploring unusual line and structure, texture and muted colour, I aim to generate an idea of spontaneity that reflects alternative notions of the unappreciated urban landscape« 

Tania Clarke Hall -Red slash gold leather necklaceTania Clarke Hall  (UK) – ‘ Red Slash Gold’ leather necklace-  stand F25
« Award winning jeweller, Tania Clarke Hall works in leather, her ‘perfect creative playmate’. Having studied chemistry and jewellery, Tania designs innovative pieces inspired by the elegant solutions offered by simple geometry and a love of experimentation. Her versatile jewellery is bold and graphic, yet tactile and very wearable. »


Necklace by Yoko IzawaYoko Izawa (JP) stand L01
« ‘Veiled’ jewellery combines skilful and unique creative compositions, compelling colour palettes and original techniques using elastic fine knitting combined with other materials. The designs are characterized by tactile, organic and harmonious qualities« 

Kinetic Ring RK015-3BRs' (3 x 3.5 x 1 cm) by Michael Berger; Photo: Michael Berger, 2008Michael Berger (DE) Kinetic rings stand A17


Alternatives Gallery at COLLECT 2010 (Saatchi Gallery, London, UK) – 14-17 mai 2010

Alternatives Gallery at Collect 2010

Alternatives Gallery at COLLECT 2010 (Saatchi Gallery, London, UK) - 14-17 mai 2010  dans Adrean BLOOMARD (IT) ALTERNATIVES_COLLECT

Relaunched at the Saatchi Gallery in May 2009, COLLECT has an enviable reputation as a premier, annual fair for contemporary craft. Through its presentation of work from the best international applied artists, COLLECT has become a prestigious event in the international cultural calendar gaining the respect and support of many private collectors, museum curators and galleries.

Represented artists by Alternatives Gallery :
Silvie Altschuler, Canada
Adrean Bloomard, Italy
Diana Dudek, Germany
Maria Rosa Franzin, Italy
Hanna Hedman, Sweden
Mari Ishikawa, Japan
Ute Kolar, Austria
Marie Louise Kristensen, Denmark
Margherita Marchioni, Italy
Sonia Morel, Switzerland
Kazumi Nagano, Japan
Ritsuko Ogura, Japan
Giovanni Sicuro, Italy
Janna Syvänoja, Finland
Michelle Taylor, Australia
Fabrizio Tridenti, Italy
Graziano Visintin, Italy

margherita dans Crafts Council (UK)
Margherita Marchioni


Alternatives Gallery Via D`Ascanio, 19  Roma

seront également présents à COLLECT les galeries :  Ateliers Art de France, Electrum gallery (UK), Flow (UK), Galerie Louise Smit (NL), Galerie Marzee (NL), Galerie RA (NL), etc … (voir listing galeries)


EXPO ‘Exploring Colour’ by Lina Peterson – online exhibitions at the Crafts Council (UK) 18 dec 2009 – 18 jun 2010

Exploring Colour by Lina Peterson : PINK !!

The first thing that strikes you about Lina Peterson’s work is her bold use of colour, from tangy primaries through to fresh fluorescents. The bright and brilliant ‘Dipped’ plastic collection of brooches, part of Peterson’s graduation showcase at the RCA in 2006, was a huge success and yet the colours emerged more by accident than design.

At this point, Peterson was more interested in ‘material qualities and combinations’ than anything else, but as she begins to use colour in a ‘more deliberate way,’ starting with a range of brooches produced for Collect in May 2009, the invitation to explore the theme seems particularly apt. ‘My colour choices have always been pretty arbitrary up until now,’ explains Peterson. ‘They’ve been quite intuitive as I really just went with what I felt worked, but I thought it would be interesting to look at colour in more detail.’

The exploration begins with a closer look at Peterson’s pieces in the Crafts Council Collection: Orange Necklace, 2008, and three Dipped Brooches, acquired in 2009. It ends with two entirely new pieces based on research into the colour pink, which she hopes will lead to a whole new body of work.

Click on the Exhibitions tab to see the Lina Peterson pieces held in the Crafts Council Collection along with the new pieces created specifically for this online showcase.

EXPO 'Exploring Colour' by Lina Peterson - online exhibitions at the Crafts Council (UK) 18 dec 2009 - 18 jun 2010 dans Crafts Council (UK) e40c223c2d012697-4b2b9848c6e78-image-b

from Lina’ s blog:
« I decided to work with the colour pink for two reasons, partly because it’s a colour that has popped up in my work recently and secondly because of its interesting history. Whilst reading up on symbolism related to pink I discovered that its associations are much more varied than expected. Interesting facts about pink include cultural associations – it was originally a colour associated with boys and not until the 1940s that it became a ‘girly’ colour. Also of interest are the psychological effects certain shades of pink can have as well as the colour’s political associations. I read an interesting piece of writing about the symbolism of pink here: Cabinet Magazine
The thing I became most interested in investigating was the idea of a monochromatic piece of jewellery made out of many different materials. I saw two ways of achieving this. Firstly I wanted to paint different materials with the same colour of paint. The individual pieces would look different because of their material properties. Secondly by bringing materials together that were ‘naturally’ pink, I could create an intrinsically pink piece of jewellery.

See on-line exhibition at


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