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COUP de COEUR : Demitra Thomloudis

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Demitra Thomloudis

« Our bodies perpetually occupy the built environment. My work attempts to reverse these roles and interactions by allowing the visual language found within constructed spaces an opportunity to intimately coexist and inhabit the body. I examine and challenge formal architectural organization and its materials in an attempt to redefine and elevate its presence within the construct of jewelry. As artifact my jewelry captures a moment between material, time and place that purposefully interacts with human form. By relating to the aesthetics of architecture in this way I see jewelry having the potential to connect us closer to the world we are surrounded by. » (actually exhibited (and sold) at Alliages)

Demitra Thomloudis - Alliages Permanent 2015 - Highlighting Demitra Thomloudis – necklace « Reconstruct » serie

Demitra Thomloudis - necklace "Reconstruct" serie - detailDemitra Thomloudis – necklace « Reconstruct » serie – detail

Demitra Thomloudis - Alliages Permanent 2015 - HighlightingDemitra Thomloudis - REVEALED COLLAPSE serie necklace

« REVEALED COLLAPSE attempts to analyze the point of disjunction associated with its materials, construction, and the composition itself.  The necklaces exude the strong presence of actual line, which, when worn, surrounds the body and lies in tension with the softness of the figure. Moments within the line structure are highlighted with color, volume and irregularity, which act as ornament within the necklace itself.  With these pieces, I am interested in the body’s physical coexistence with the constructed form and how the interaction with the wearer activates and completes the work. « 

Demitra Thomloudis - Alliages Permanent 2015 - HighlightingDemitra Thomloudis REVEALED COLLAPSE serie necklace

« RECONSTRUCT is a collection of jewelry inspired by the fragmentary aesthetic of informal architectural construction, temporary spaces and bricolage. This work exemplifies a particular act of making, where materials are curated, constructed and remnants from the maker are celebrated. Through the lens of jewelry and changes in scale, weight, and texture, these assemblages ask the viewer to consider new associations to raw construction materials and their intimate relationship to the body as adornment. « 

Demitra Thomloudis - brooch - Alliages Permanent 2015 - HighlightingDemitra Thomloudis – Reconstruct brooch

Demitra Thomloudis - brooch - ReconstructDemitra Thomloudis – brooch – Reconstruct

Demitra Thomloudis - brooch - RemnantsDemi Thomloudis – Remnants serie of brooches
« REMNANTS implements the structural language of the urban built environment.  Hand fabricated out of steel, sterling silver and embellished with  graphite pencil, my work borrows and deconstructs the organization and materials of constructed spaces. Within these simple forms ornament is described and invented through the simplicity of an edge, a sand paper mark or the junction of the materials themselves. »

Demitra Thomloudis is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso. In August 2014 she concluded a 12-month residency at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Demitra received her MFA from San Diego State University and her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Demitra is a recipient of the Bedichek-Orman Professional Development Grant, a 2015 Nominee for the American Craft Council Emerging Voices Award and is a Society of North American Goldsmiths’ Emerging Artist  featured at SOFA Chicago 2014 with representation by Charon Kransen Arts.

Demitra’s work has been included in many exhibitions such as New Traditional Jewellery “Confrontations”  Netherlands; 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial; Galerie Marzee International Graduate Exhibition, Netherlands; Suspend(ed) in Pink, an international exhibition which traveled to Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Paris, and the USA; CHAIN project at A CASA, Museum of Brazilian Object in São Paulo, Brazil; and La Fontera which debuted at Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City and traveled within U.S. courtesy Velvet Da Vinci Gallery.  Publications include 500 Plastic and Resin Jewelry and 500 Enameled Objects published by Lark Books, The Art of Jewelry: Plastic & Resin: Techniques, Projects and Inspiration and New Necklaces: 500+ Designs from Around the World, By Nicolas Estrada Barcelona.


EXPO ‘Jeux de mots & traits de caractères’ – Galerie Collection, Paris (FR) – 17 Avril-6 Juin 2015

Jeux de mots & traits de caractères

Galerie Collection, Ateliers d’Art de France

Mots d’esprit, billets amoureux, histoires à conter, souvenirs calligraphiés… Pour l’exposition Jeux de mots & traits de caractère, la galerie Collection fait se rencontrer matériau et narration, formes et expression, parole et couleur.
À travers une sélection de pièces aux accents humoristiques, ludiques, poétiques ou symboliques, sept créatrices réunissent ces deux éléments originels que sont le verbe et la matière.

Jeux de mots ...... Atelier d'Art de France - broches Galatée Pestre

Julie Decubber Flavia Fenaroli – Ferri Garcès — Valentine HerrendschmidtGalatée Pestre — Rachèle Rivière — Annie Sibert — Laurence Verdier.


 Galatee Pestre - telling story  broches Galatée Pestre – « telling story »  broches

b.o. "créoles et bavardes " de Galatée Pestreb.o. « créoles et bavardes  » de Galatée Pestre

Valentine Herrenschmidt Valentine Herrenschmidt

Julie DeccuberJulie Deccuber

Laurence Verdier  Laurence Verdier 

Flavia Fenaroli :  sculptures du corps - "Les Assistants" (bracelet, Cuivre et argent, haut. 7 cm)Flavia Fenaroli :  sculptures du corps – « Les Assistants » (bracelet, Cuivre et argent, haut. 7 cm)



Ateliers d’Art de France
Galerie Collection
4 rue de Thorigny,
75003 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 78 67 74
Métro : Saint Paul (ligne 1) et Arts et Métiers (ligne 3 et 11)
Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 11h à 13h et de 14h à 19h.
contact : Anne-Laure Roussille, responsable de la galerie




EXPO ‘Empreintes’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 1er Avril-30 Juill. 2015

Empreinte : trace laissé par une personne. 40 artistes issus du monde du bijou contemporain, de la céramique et du verre laissent leur empreinte à ALLIAGES. Ils nous dévoilent leurs rêves et nous laissent voir leur monde imaginaire.

Impression : trace left by a person. 40 artists from the world of contemporary jewelery, ceramics and glass to leave their mark at ALLIAGES. They reveal to us their dreams and show us their imaginary world.
Impressions, the permanent exhibition at Alliages, renewed continously.

Opening next Friday April 24th, 18:30 / Vernissage vendredi 24 avril à 18h30

Alliages - EMPREINTES avril 2015(collier Jee Hye Kwon)

The Permanent 2015, showing works of Aiko FujitaAlice ClarkeAna-Belén MonteroAna Garcia MoyaAngela BermudezAngela Ciobanu Anja Eichler  Anke Huyben  Barbara Uderzo Beate Pfefferkorn Inou Beru –  Burcu Sulek Cata Gibert Chun-Tai Chen Clara DelPapa Claudia SteinerDemitra Ryan-ThomloudisDora HaralambakiElin FlognmanFabienne ChristynFederica Sala Francine SchloethGeorge GiannoutsosGigi MarianiHelena Johansson LindellInbar ShahakIsabelle Busnel  –  Ismini PachiIzabella PetrutJee Hye KwonJessica AndersenJose MarinJuan Riusech  Kaori KuriharaKaren VanmolKonstantinos Konstantopoulos Leslie Shershow  Lluís Comín Lucilla Giovanninetti Mar Sanchez Margarita Alonso Maria Rosa Franzin  Maria Solórzano  Maria Tsimpiskaki Minna Karhu   Niki Stylianou Nicole Schuster  Nicole Taubinger  Patricia Gallucci Paula Isola  Peter Hoogeboom Sabine Pagliarulo  Sangji Yun Sébastien Carré Şenay Akın Silvia Beccaria Sophie Giet  Steffi Götze  Teresa F Faris –  Tracy NicholsValérie Ceulemans Valentina Gallo & Camilla Gallo –  Vasia Pachi  Wu Ching-Chih Ye-jee Lee –  Yu Ping Lin –  Zeta Tsermou

 Permanent 2015 - Highlighting Demitra Ryan-Thomloudis, Sangji Yun & Chun-Tai ChenPermanent 2015 – April Highlighting  Demitra Ryan-Thomloudis, Sangji Yun & Chun-Tai Chen

Permanent 2015 - March Highlighting Lluís Comín, Gigi Mariani, Angela Ciobanu & Maria-Rosa FranzinPermanent 2015 – March Highlighting : Lluís Comín, Gigi Mariani, Angela Ciobanu & Maria-Rosa Franzin
Permanent 2015 - Highlighting Maria Tsimpiskaki, Angela Bermudez, Zeta Tsermou & Minna KarhuPermanent 2015 – Highlighting Maria Tsimpiskaki, Angela Bermudez, Zeta Tsermou & Minna Karhu
 Aiko Fujita Necklace: Dans une suite, 2014 Wool, gold wire 40 x 45 x 15 cm.Aiko Fujita Necklace: Dans une suite, 2014 Wool, gold wire 40 x 45 x 15 cm.
 Sébastien Carré Ring: Inflammation, 2015 Jasper, Cornelian, beads, silk, cotton, elastic thread 8 x 3 x 3 cm.Sébastien Carré Ring: Inflammation, 2015 Jasper, Cornelian, beads, silk, cotton, elastic thread 8x3x3cm.
  Angela Ciobanu Ring: Forget-Me-Not, 2014 Silver, 24k gold foil, recycled silk paper, saw blades 6 x 6 x 7 cm Photo by: Angela Ciobanu From series: Forget-Me-NotAngela Ciobanu Ring: Forget-Me-Not, 2014 Silver, 24k gold foil, recycled silk paper, saw blades 6 x 6 x 7 cm Photo by: Angela Ciobanu From series: Forget-Me-Not
  Teresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a Bird lV, #4, 2015 925 silver, wood altered by a bird, 18K gold 10.2 x 11.5 x 1.3 cm, 51.2 cm chain   .Teresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a Bird lV, #4, 2015 925 silver, wood altered by a bird, 18K gold 10.2 x 11.5 x 1.3 cm, 51.2 cm chain


111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h



Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art – 27-28-29 Mars 2015

Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art (JEMA)

Diverses manifestations ….. sous le thème de l’INNOVATION

Voici quelques « highlights » spécial BIJOU ….. of course ! :-)

* D’un bijou a l’autre au Viaduc des Arts, 33 Av. Daumesnil Paris, les 28 & 29 Mars  – vernissage 27 mars 18h:
bijoux de Marianne Anselin, Brune Boyer ……..
D’un bijou à l’autre/JEMA

JEMA2015 D'un bijou a l'autre(Collier ULRIKE KAMPFERT – PHOTO © MATTHIEU GAUCHET)



* à l’INMA, Viaduc des Arts (23 Av. Daumesnil) Paris :Exposition « Territoires de l’Innovation », galerie de l’Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA), (Viaduc des Arts, 23 av. Daumesnil 75012 Paris) – bijoux de Sébastien Carré

10/03 - 31/08/2015,  "Territoires de l'Innovation", galerie de l'Institut National des Métiers d'Art, (Viaduc des Arts, 23 av. Daumesnil 75012 Paris) - bijoux de Sébastien Carré



* l’Afedap Formations Bijoudu 28 mars à 10:00 au 29 mars à 18:00 – 15 rue Henri Murger, 75019 Paris
Samedi 28 mars 2015 : de 10h00 à 18h00
Dimanche 29 mars 2015 : de 10h00 à 18h00
Entrée libre
Téléchargez la plaquette





Parcours Bijou 2016 / Call for donation

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After an enthusiastic welcome and outcome of the 2013 “Circuits Bijoux”, the association « D’un Bijou à l’autre«  is already working on the organization of another event to take place during autumn 2016, the “Parcours Bijou”. Through this event, artists, curators, historians, jewellery lovers, all of us will provide contemporary jewellery the visibility it deserves.

Parcours Bijou 2016

Call for donation

« D’un Bijou à l’autre » needs your support!

"d'un bijou à l'autre"


Our team is as motivated and willing to carry on this project as we were 3 years ago. If you support the association you’ll enable us to finance the first steps of this venture in order to contact potential partners.

You can make a donation to D’un Bijou à l’autre association starting from 10€*,

Connect yourself to PayPal,
and transfer your donation to:

Whatever the amount, all donations are important. Thanks to them, we’ll be able to get started in this new adventure. The Parcours Bijou is yours as well! Thanks a lot for your support.

D’un bijou à l’autre team

*If a bank transfer makes it easier for you, or if you wish to receive an invoice, please email us and ask for our bank numbers.


EXPO ‘Territoires de l’Innovation’ – INMA, Paris (FR) – 10 Mars-31 Aout 2015

Territoires de l’Innovation, galerie de l’Institut National des Métiers d’Art  (Viaduc des Arts, 23 av. Daumesnil 75012 Paris)

 "Territoires de l'Innovation", 10/03 - 31/08/2015,

A l’occasion des

Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art  (27-28 et 29 Mars) :

Métiers d’art et innovation vous semblent a priori incompatibles? Venez découvrir les dernières créations des artisans d’art au sein de la galerie de l’INMA ! L’exposition Territoires de l’Innovation présente cette capacité qu’ont les métiers d’art à se renouveler. Les professionnels détournent les matières comme Sébastien Carré et ses bijoux en pellicule photographique ou encore le bois gonflable et retro-éclairé des ébénistes d’ARCA. Quant à Luce Couillet, elle repousse les limites de la création textile en imaginant un tissage de bois. Penser différemment les espaces avec l’Ecritoire Plug-In de Pierre Mandile, mi-paravent mi-écritoire.
S’adapter aux avancées technologiques, c’est aussi les utiliser pour mettre au point de nouveaux procédés comme Célia Pascaud qui s’aide de Google Earth pour reproduire à l’échelle une chaine de montagne en verre.
Faire la liaison entre innovation et patrimoine, c’est cette caractéristique que met lumière l’exposition Territoires de l’Innovation. Présenter des artisans qui réinventent les métiers d’art comme Lucas de Staël et ses montures de lunettes en acier, pierre et cuir. Sa dernière création : Vivarium, une monture en peau d’iguane.
Repousser les limites et les capacités des objets du quotidien comme Renaud Gruss et le Coruss. Cette fibre synthétique remplace le crin de cheval classique que l’on retrouve sur les archets sans ses inconvénients. Le vélo Alérion combine parfaitement cette double nature, sculpture fonctionnelle, il prend des allures d’aigle sous les doigts du Meilleur Ouvrier de France en sculpture sur bois, Charles Boulnois et de Keim Éditions.
Pas moins d’une quinzaine de pièces venues de toute la France seront exposées à la galerie de l’INMA, et ce, jusque fin août.

Sébastien Carré - bracelet Le Réveil de Dunn © Milo Lee PhotographySébastien Carré – bracelet  »Le Reveil de Dunn » © Milo Lee Photography

« Les bijoux de Sébastien Carré racontent une histoire, celle de la poésie du corps. Un récit parfois douloureux mais cathartique. En s’inspirant des étapes de l’acceptation de la maladie (qui sont similaires à celles du Deuil décrites par Elisabeth Kübler Ross),  « Inflammation Noire » représente la 4ème  phase, celle de la dépression. Chaque élément de cette création est porteur de symbole, le matériau principal utilisé est de la pellicule de film qui provient du cinéma où le jeune bijoutier se rendait étant enfant. Le film employé (« Le goût des Autres » – d’Agnès Jaoui) permet d’évoquer le problème de communication avec l’entourage.

La pellicule de film c’est le souvenir, ou comment fixer l’instant, se remémorer. Inflammation Noire est la représentation de ce souvenir d’avant la maladie. En voulant jouer sur l’ambivalence, Sébastien Carré a imaginé un collier à plusieurs facettes. D’un côté il peut être doux et hypnotisant, de l’autre piquant et douloureux comme peuvent l’être les souvenirs. L’idée étant de créer un poids sur les épaules par un objet qui au contraire serait très léger.
Le « Le Reveil de Dunn » est un bracelet qui fait également la part belle aux symboles. A l’heure de la virtualité, Sébastien Carré nous entraine dans un monde sensoriel. Afin de réveiller notre corporalité, il pousse le spectateur à se confronter également à des sensations désagréables, gênantes. Mais ce ne sont que des sensations transitoires. Le jeune bijoutier nous apprend à apprécier les choses qui nous entourent grâce au Réveil de DUNN. Une fois enfilé et que la sensation désagréable s’est évaporée, le bracelet se fait doux et agréable, comme une deuxième peau.« 

Sebastien Carré 'Inflammation noire', 2014 - pellicule de film, coton, laine & perlesSebastien Carré ‘Inflammation noire’, 2014 – pellicule de film, coton, laine & perles


galerie de l’Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA)
Viaduc des Arts
23 av. Daumesnil
75012 Paris
ouvert de 11h à 19h
horaires d’ouverture le reste du temps (en dehors des journées Européennes des métiers d’art) du lundi au vendredi de 10h à 13h et de 14h à 18h.

tel 01 55 78 85 85


DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Jim BOVE – The Drawing series

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Jim BOVE sélectionné pour SCHMUCK 2015

Jim Bové - drawing series - 3 brooches 2014Jim Bové - drawing series – 3 brooches 2014

Jim Bové is a practicing artist and educator living just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an Associate Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. Jim has organized and curated several international exhibitions and lectures between the United States and Japan, including the cross-cultural exchange, Metalsmiths Linking. In 2011 Jim’s artwork was selected for Metalsmith magazine’s Exhibition in Print. His artwork has been featured in several books, including Lark Book’s 500 series, Humor in Craft by Brigette Martin and most recently in 500 Art Necklaces. His artwork resides in collections in the United States, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Malaysia. Member of SNAG

 Jim Bové - Ring I - drawing series 2011Jim Bové – Ring I – drawing series 2011

« The search for spontaneity in my artwork has brought me back to the sketch. Pages of drawings have been produced as I searched for new ideas to create in metal. When I looked at those drawings, my eye caught on the impression of the pen, the gesture of the pencil and the weight of the stroke. I wondered how to re-create that immediacy in wearable art. This new series of work employs a surface that allows me to work more spontaneously. Sometimes the piece evolves from a page in my sketchbook, at other times the metal is prepared and the small canvases can be carried with me so I can work the surface as I am inspired. The work is minimal and abstract. I have grown even more appreciative of abstract expressionism and artists like Robert Irwin and Antoni Tapies, especially the thought Irwin puts behind his creations. maybe because I teach design theory classes, I have come to enjoy the search for the perfect line in the perfect place. Something so simple can occupy so much effort. »

Jim Bové drawing series broochDrawing Series: Brooch – Awarded Honorable Mention, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea. 2013 Industrial auto paint on die formed copper with patina. 2012

« Color satisfies the eye, line satisfies the mind »  

« The Drawing Series expresses my love for line, shape and the mark of a tool on a surface.  Inspired by minimalism and abstract expressionism, the shaped, wearable canvases allow me to explore composition.  Many of the shapes are rooted in observation.  Shadows, light, architecture, all of these become subjects to reinterpret, simplify and incorporate into my work. The pieces are intentionally un-named. They are pure composition and exist only as part of a series of drawings. By using a strong, industrial primer on formed metal I can sand and prepare the surface to a smooth, satin finish, almost silk-like to the touch.  The strength of the paint allows me to carve through, as well as draw on, the surface. A chemical patina enhances the contrast. »

 Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Drawing Series Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012Jim Bové - Drawing Series – Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové - ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové – ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Fold1 necklaceJim Bové – Fold1 necklace - Necklace. Industrial auto primer on copper with patina and black rubber cord. 2013

« The technique The Drawing Series is a unique process that I developed.  By using an industrial auto primer, the same used in auto body shops, I create a canvas on a shaped, copper base.  The strength of the paint allows me to carved or sand through the surface.  Using the ancient technique of silver and gold point, I can draw on the surface.  A simple patina enhances the colors of the metal.  Silver turns a warm French gray, gold becomes a cool gray and copper ranges from black to brown. The pieces are very lightweight and durable. Once cured, the paint is hard, resistant to damage and easy to clean. » Making « First the copper metal is shaped. This is done using various fabrication techniques. I start by sawing the shape out. If the piece needs to be shaped, I use sinking, hydraulic die forming or folding techniques.  After the piece has been formed, I solder on any pin backs, accents or hanging hardware.  Once soldering is complete and the piece has been cleaned, I prepare auto paint by mixing a hardener and an extender into the paint. The mixed paint is applied by spray gun.  After the paint has hardened and set, each piece is wet sanded until the finish is satin in texture. Sharp scribes and chisels are used to carve through the surface.  Gold, silver and copper wires are used to draw on the painted surface.  Finally a patina is applied to enhance the color of the metals. « 

 Jim Bove  -  - Fold1 necklace - Society of North American GoldsmithsJim Bove  -  – Fold1 necklace 

Jim Bove - squarespace necklace   Jim Bove - squarespace necklace


Gioielli in Fermento 2015 – COMPETITION – deadline : 28 Fevr. 2015

 gioiellinfermento 2015 -  Iscrizione 2015 / Entry Registration
Gli autori che desiderano partecipare a Gioielli in Fermento 2015 – Premio Torre Fornello Award possono scaricare qui tutti i documenti : – all informations for entry registration within the following documents –
SCADENZA 28 febbraio 2015   |   DEADLINE February 28th 2015
registrazione a partire dal 15 gennaio  |  registration between Jan.15 and Feb.28 2015



in collaboration with AGC – Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair Barcelona and Klimt02 International Art Jewellery Online

A competition open to designers, artists, goldsmiths and handcrafters, scholars and professionals, for an unreleased piece of jewellery inspired by the following theme:

in addition to the support of AGC, we will collaborate with  a project supported by ADI Lombardia dedicated to designers approaching a theme related to EXPO2015: “non di solo pane (not just bread)“.

un-conventional jewellery

“unconventional jewellery, which is food for the soul: material, spiritual, precious, affordable“.


 Gioielli in Fermento 2015 un-conventional jewellery

 bando di partecipazione/english textGioielli in fermento 2015_Announcement

Gioielli in Fermento ®
T.+39 3358083039 Ziano Pc Italy
curaduría Eliana Negroni





COMINELLI Foundation AWARD 2015 – VI Edition CALL FOR ENTRY – DEADLINE : 10th APRIL 2015


CALL FOR ENTRY – Fondazione Cominelli (IT)

Cominelli awards -   2015

 The competition is open to artists from all over the world.

Registration for selection must be submitted by no later than
10th APRIL 2015

and is subject to applications being sent to:

For MORE INFORMATION AND DETAILS, , please visit the AGC website

e-mail :

The selection will be made by Mrs Renate Slavik, Gallerist in Vienna.
Exhibition opening reception and awards: 29th August 2015

Exhibition dates: 29th August – 4th October 2015
Organisers for Cominelli Foundation Rosanna Padrini Dolcini
Organisers for AGC – Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo
Maria Rosa FranzinRossella Tornquist



Fondazione Cominelli
Palazzo Cominelli
- Cisano di San Felice del Benaco


EXPOs – ‘DIALOGUES AGC/JJDA’ – Institute of Italian Culture, Tokyo (JP) – 3-11 Juill. 2015

DIALOGHI tra AGC e JJDA Associazione gioiello contemporaneo Giapponese (Japan Jewellery Designers Association)

* Istituto di Cultura di Tokyo / Tokyo Institute for Italian Culture : ISTITUTO DI CULTURA ITALIANO A TOKYO - 3–11 luglio 2015 / 3-11 July 2015


"Dialoghi Italy-Japan" Exhibition  /  03 -11 Jul 2015 Institute of Italian Culture in Tokyo -


The exhibition will take place in:
* Istituto di Cultura di Tokyo / Tokyo Institute for Italian Culture
3–11 luglio 2015 / 3-11 July 2015
* Kofu Prefectural Museum of Art (YAMANASI Jewelry Museum (Kofu, JP) at Main Residence Shiinoki , Ishikawa Prefecture, 19 – 28 19–28 September 2015
* Museo di Arte Orientale, Roma, Italy, October 2015
*Museo di Storia naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno, Italy, June 2016
*Museo del Bijou di Casalmaggiore, Italy 2016
*Fondazione Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice/B Salò, Italy, September 2016
* Museo Oratorio di S. Rocco, Padova, Italy, October 2016


Japanese selected authors :
Chisa TAKAGI — Eiko NAKAHARA  — Emiko SHIGETA  — Eriko UNNO — Erina KASHIHARA  — Fumiki TAGUCHI — Fumie HIRAKAWA  — Fumie SUMA  — Harumi TAKANAKA  – Itto MISHIMA — Kimiko IINO  — Keiko KOBARI — Keiko TSUBOI  — Koichi HIRAKO  — Makiko YUKI  –  Makoto HIEDA  — Mariko KOBAYAKAWA — Mario SUGA — Masako SAWAMOTO — Mayumi YASUGI — Michie KITADA — Mineri MATSUURA — Nagi NAKAJIMA — Nahoko FUJIMOTO  — Nobuko NISHIWAKI — Nobuko WASHIMI  — Noriko HATANAKA — Norihiro KIUCHI  — Satomi ITO  –  Setsuko TANEZAWA  — Sumiko YAMAZAKI  — Takako KOMIYA  — Takashi KOJIMA — Taeko NARUMI — Tomoaki KIYOTA  — Yayoi OSHIMA  — Yoko SATO  — Yoshiko UCHIDA  — Yumi SHIRAO — Yutaka NAGAI

Takako Komiya -  ringNicoletta Frigerio ring

Takako Komiya  // Nicoletta Frigerio

SUMA FumieGigi Mariani

 Fumie SUMA Bracelet: Harmony of Space and Form, 2015 silver, vinyl, gold 18K// GigiMariani brooch

Makoto Hieda Brooch: Trapped Organism, 2015 Stainless steel acrylic resin paint - Dialogues Italy-Japan.Hieda Makoto  Brooch: Trapped Organism, 2015 Stainless steel acrylic resin paint

 MARIA ROSA FRANZIN (dialogo con Keiko Kobari) Maria Rosa FRANZIN brooch  – (dialogo con Keiko Kobari)

Unno Eriko - Brooch / silver, gold-platedUnno Eriko - Brooch / silver, gold-plated


dialoghi Caterina Zanca e Nobuko WashimiNobuko Washimi  »Heavenward »  (up) //  Caterina Zanca Obi Brooch, 2015 silver, gold leaf 1000, pigments, steel
« My newest jewelry titled « Heavenward » for « DIALOGHI AGC and JJDA » in Tokyo. The motif is a beautiful church in Roma.
Thanks a lot Caterina Zanca, my partner in Italy, for sending a beautiful photo. And Caterina made very charming brooch,inspired by Japanese style Obi. »

Yoko Takirai Yoko Takirai

Italian selected authors (AGC members):
Francesca ANTONELLO — Adrean BLOOMARD — Roberta BERNABEI — Patrizia BONATI — Anna Maria CARDILLO — Luisa CHIANDOTTO — Corrado DE MEOClara DEL PAPAElisabetta DUPRE’Flavia FENAROLIAnna FORNARIRita MARCANGELOMaria Rosa FRANZINNicoletta FRIGERIOLucilla GIOVANNINETTIAngelo LOMUSCIO — Chiara LUCATO — Gigi MARIANISimona MATERI — Marco MINELLI — Paola MIRAI — NALJ Jewels — Eliana NEGRONI – Margareta NIEL — Tania PALAZZI — Liana PATTIHIS — Alessandra PASINI — Roberta PAVONE — Marco PICCIALI — Alba POLENGHI LISCA — Daniela REPETTO – Stefano ROSSIChiara SCARPITTISergio SPIVACHStefano SPIVACHClaudia STEINERYoko TAKIRAI – Silvia VALENTI — Barbara UDERZOGabi VEITCaterina ZANCA

 Corrado de MeoCorrado de Meo

Clara DelPapa -   Clara DelPapa bracelet 2015

Angelo LomuscioAngelo Lomuscio

Claudia SteinerMineri Matsuura

Claudia Steiner  // Mineri Matsuura
A DIALOGUE between the work of Mineri Matsuura and me, inspired by the work of the architect Andrea Palladio in the North of italy like villa rotonda or the staircase at Castello duino and different pieces of traditionel Japanese Culture like harmony and light of a Tearoom, a way to warp eggs, a plant to make paper or a way to repair ceramic!

Barbara Uderzo - Blob ring  Barbara Uderzo – Blob ring 

SATO YOKOLucilla Giovanninetti

SATO Yoko // Lucilla Giovanninetti

Liana PattihisLiana Pattihis



* Yamanashi Jewelry Museum19-28 September 2015
1-6-1 Marunouchi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi 400-0031, Japan

* Istituto ITALIANO di Cultura,  TOKYO31 Dec. 2014 – 30 Sept. 2015
2-1-30 Kudanshita, Chiyoda-ku,
102-0074 Tokyo
transport Kudanshita Station (Tozai, Hanzomon, Toei Shinjuku lines)