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EXPO ‘Alchimia: an Anthology’ – SAC Exhibition Gallery, Boston (USA) – 1er Mai-11 Juill. 2015

Alchimia: an Anthology

Reception: Thursday, May 21, 2015 6-8pm

An exhibition that features the work of Alchemists, teachers and students, former and current, to render visible how skill and creativity pass from one generation to the next, from master to apprentice, giving shape to concept and material

Alchimia contemporary Jewellery school in Firenze Lucia (Lucia Massei, « Hotel Centenario » bracelet, iron, silver, gold, pigments and mixed media, 2014)

Alchimia: an Anthology features work of current and former faculty of the world-renowned jewelry program at the Alchimia School in Florence, Italy, complemented by a juried selection of pieces by alumni and final semester students. The exhibition highlights technical skill and creativity, and shows a breadth materials and processes realized to form masterful pieces. The exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to support student work and see the way faculty inspires new generations of makers.

The exhibition coincides with the annual Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) conference, which will be held in Boston during May 20-23, 2015.

#AlchimiaAnAnthology A #contemporaryjewellery exhibition (Anja Eichler  “Collier”)

Works by the following faculty will be shown: Orsetta Andreotti — Giampaolo BabettoPeter Bauhuis — Paolo Bernardoni — Manfred BischoffDaniela BoieriDoris Maninger – Giovanni Martinelli — Lucia Massei Ruudt Peters (Keynote Speaker at SNAG Conference) – Marzia Rossi Manuel Vilhena.

The works of the students have been selected by the Society of Arts and Crafts a non profit organization that has been advocating for artists and craftsmen since 1897. Among them Anja Eichler — Sungho Cho — Anna Drexel — Catalina Gibert — Gabi Veit — Isabel Dammermann — Michelle Kraemer — Monica Cecchi – Enrica Prazzoli — Maru López — Andrea Coderch  Doris ManingerDoris Maninger

Marzia Rossi Necklace: Untitled 2006 Acrylic glass, gold, lapislazuli, shibuishi Marzia Rossi Necklace: Untitled 2006 Acrylic glass, gold, lapislazuli, shibuishi

Lucia Massei braceletLucia Massei - « Hotel Centenario » bracelet, iron, silver, gold, pigments and mixed media, 2014- photo : Federico Cavicchioli

Anja Eichler  “Collier,” 2015 - Hardened quail eggs, brass with 18kt gold leaf, 18kt tubes and spheres, gold plated steel wire 65 cm in lengthAnja Eichler  “Collier” 2015 – Hardened quail eggs, brass with 18kt gold leaf, 18kt tubes and spheres, gold plated steel wire 65 cm in length

Sungho Cho “Faces,” 2013 - 24 kt gold Keum Boo, silver, garnet, plastic, found objects 9 x 6 x 4 cmSungho Cho “Faces,” 2013 – 24 kt gold Keum Boo, silver, garnet, plastic, found objects 9x6x4 cm

Isabel Dammermann "Roog,” 2013 - Jade and silver 12 x 9 x .5 cmIsabel Dammermann « Roog,” 2013 – Jade and silver 12 x 9 x .5 cm

Cata Gibert - ‎llimona‬ brooch‬  Catalina Gibert - ‎llimona‬ brooch‬ 

Gabi Veit “Rosengarten,” 2013 - Oxidized silver, garnet 4 x 3 x 2 cmGabi Veit “Rosengarten,” 2013 – Oxidized silver, garnet 4 x 3 x 2 cm

Anna Drexel  “Untitled,” 2013 - Cement and silver 21 x 21 x 2 cmAnna Drexel  “Untitled,” 2013 – Cement and silver 21 x 21 x 2 cm

Michelle Kraemer -  necklace "starry night" Michelle Kraemer -  necklace « starry night »

Michelle Kraemer - necklace "starry night" (BACK)Michelle Kraemer - necklace « starry night » (BACK)

Enrica Prazzoli "sign language" brooch  Enrica Prazzoli « sign language » brooch 

Andrea Coderch and María Eugenia López  Andrea Coderch and María Eugenia López (Maru lopez)

Daria Borovkova- ALCHIMIADaria Borovkova



SAC Exhibition Gallery
on the second floor, above the SAC Retail Gallery:
175 Newbury Street,

Boston, MA 02116 – USA


DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Jim BOVE – The Drawing series

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Jim BOVE sélectionné pour SCHMUCK 2015

Jim Bové - drawing series - 3 brooches 2014Jim Bové - drawing series – 3 brooches 2014

Jim Bové is a practicing artist and educator living just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an Associate Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. Jim has organized and curated several international exhibitions and lectures between the United States and Japan, including the cross-cultural exchange, Metalsmiths Linking. In 2011 Jim’s artwork was selected for Metalsmith magazine’s Exhibition in Print. His artwork has been featured in several books, including Lark Book’s 500 series, Humor in Craft by Brigette Martin and most recently in 500 Art Necklaces. His artwork resides in collections in the United States, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Malaysia. Member of SNAG

 Jim Bové - Ring I - drawing series 2011Jim Bové – Ring I – drawing series 2011

« The search for spontaneity in my artwork has brought me back to the sketch. Pages of drawings have been produced as I searched for new ideas to create in metal. When I looked at those drawings, my eye caught on the impression of the pen, the gesture of the pencil and the weight of the stroke. I wondered how to re-create that immediacy in wearable art. This new series of work employs a surface that allows me to work more spontaneously. Sometimes the piece evolves from a page in my sketchbook, at other times the metal is prepared and the small canvases can be carried with me so I can work the surface as I am inspired. The work is minimal and abstract. I have grown even more appreciative of abstract expressionism and artists like Robert Irwin and Antoni Tapies, especially the thought Irwin puts behind his creations. maybe because I teach design theory classes, I have come to enjoy the search for the perfect line in the perfect place. Something so simple can occupy so much effort. »

Jim Bové drawing series broochDrawing Series: Brooch – Awarded Honorable Mention, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea. 2013 Industrial auto paint on die formed copper with patina. 2012

« Color satisfies the eye, line satisfies the mind »  

« The Drawing Series expresses my love for line, shape and the mark of a tool on a surface.  Inspired by minimalism and abstract expressionism, the shaped, wearable canvases allow me to explore composition.  Many of the shapes are rooted in observation.  Shadows, light, architecture, all of these become subjects to reinterpret, simplify and incorporate into my work. The pieces are intentionally un-named. They are pure composition and exist only as part of a series of drawings. By using a strong, industrial primer on formed metal I can sand and prepare the surface to a smooth, satin finish, almost silk-like to the touch.  The strength of the paint allows me to carve through, as well as draw on, the surface. A chemical patina enhances the contrast. »

 Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Drawing Series Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012Jim Bové - Drawing Series – Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové - ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové – ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Fold1 necklaceJim Bové – Fold1 necklace - Necklace. Industrial auto primer on copper with patina and black rubber cord. 2013

« The technique The Drawing Series is a unique process that I developed.  By using an industrial auto primer, the same used in auto body shops, I create a canvas on a shaped, copper base.  The strength of the paint allows me to carved or sand through the surface.  Using the ancient technique of silver and gold point, I can draw on the surface.  A simple patina enhances the colors of the metal.  Silver turns a warm French gray, gold becomes a cool gray and copper ranges from black to brown. The pieces are very lightweight and durable. Once cured, the paint is hard, resistant to damage and easy to clean. » Making « First the copper metal is shaped. This is done using various fabrication techniques. I start by sawing the shape out. If the piece needs to be shaped, I use sinking, hydraulic die forming or folding techniques.  After the piece has been formed, I solder on any pin backs, accents or hanging hardware.  Once soldering is complete and the piece has been cleaned, I prepare auto paint by mixing a hardener and an extender into the paint. The mixed paint is applied by spray gun.  After the paint has hardened and set, each piece is wet sanded until the finish is satin in texture. Sharp scribes and chisels are used to carve through the surface.  Gold, silver and copper wires are used to draw on the painted surface.  Finally a patina is applied to enhance the color of the metals. « 

 Jim Bove  -  - Fold1 necklace - Society of North American GoldsmithsJim Bove  -  – Fold1 necklace 

Jim Bove - squarespace necklace   Jim Bove - squarespace necklace


EXPO ‘ONoff’ – SooLOCAL, Minneapolis (USA) – 24 Avril 2014

ONoff: An Exhibition of Makers that work ON and off the body

jeudi 24 avril 2014 –  18:00 – 21:00 (CDT)

This exhibition will be presented at SooLOCAL: A Division of Soo Visual Arts Center to run in conjunction with the 2014 SNAG conference in Minneapolis, MN.

 ONoff Exhibition.
image details: Manuela Jimenez - Right: Casi… 2013 / Left: She is Getting Lighter 2012
One would expect Jewelry artists to be limited to objects of personal adornment, but many contemporary makers in this field have gone beyond the constraints of functionality to pursue conceptual interests in areas such as photography, kinetics and sculpture.This exhibition seeks makers whose work demands exploration both on and off of the body. What happens when a metalsmith goes beyond the boundaries of the wearable? How does the work change when function and jewelry mechanics no longer need to be considered? Can the conversation continue seamlessly from a necklace into an installation or sculpture? The exhibition will feature two works by each artist selected: one piece of jewelry or wearable object and one piece that shifts in scale, medium or material in order to further investigate their ideas.Juror: Susie GanchSusie Ganch is currently Associate Professor and Head of the Metals Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is also Director of Radical Jewelry Makeover, an international traveling community jewelry mining and recycling project. Exhibition Organizers: Sarah Holden and Kat Cole
ONoff Exhibition Artists Katja Toporski — Lisa Phelps-Havelin — Rachel Timmins — Manuela Jimenez — Kelly MccallumBrooke Swanson Gabriel CraigHeejin HwangCaitie SellersMelissa CameronStephanie Lynn VoegeleBillie J. TheideMasako Onodera — Evin Dubois — Jill Gower — Alexis Archibald –  April Wood — Demi ThomloudisDavid ChoiSarah HoldenKat Cole
A Division of SooVAC
3506 Nicollet Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 55408  – USA


Decouverte : Laritza Garcia : « color in the urban landscape »

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Laritza Garcia, member of SNAG, is a metalsmith and educator living in Austin, Texas. She received her BFA in Jewelry and Metals from Texas State University and her MFA in Metal Design at East Carolina University. Painting, illustration, and involvement with youth outreach have been a meaningful influence in the direction of her jewelry design practice.

« My work seeks to convey my enthrallment with color in the urban landscape and the transiency of street art. Formally I am driven by keen considerations for line, shape, color, and form both on and off the body. While theoretically, I strive to connect the wearer to the ephemeral qualities of childhood play.  »

"A Blue Brooch"" by Laritza Garcia - Copper, steel, brass, silver, powder coat 3" x 2" x 1.5"
Laritza Garcia « A Blue Brooch » – 2012 – Copper, steel, brass, silver, powder coat 3″ x 2″ x 1.5″

« My design practice is underpinned by the conversion of two dimensional lines into objects of adornment. I use inks and calligraphy brushes to make loose illustrations that are the base from which components are developed.
I implement a vibrant color palate as a graphic trigger in efforts to reconnect with playful attitudes. I believe that playfulness helps people cope; problem-solve and can offer emotional lightness.
The intent of this body of work is to infuse wardrobes with pieces that bring levity to the forefront of everyday interactions. »

Laritza Garcia - Primary necklace copper, steel, steel cable, sterling silver, powder coat, fresh water pearls, garnet, black onyx, 2012 16" x 5.5" photo: Tara LocklearLaritza Garcia – Primary necklace copper, steel, steel cable, sterling silver, powder coat, fresh water pearls, garnet, black onyx, 2012 – 16×5.5″ - photo: Tara Locklear
Urban ScrawlLaritza Garcia - « Urban Scrawl » necklace – 2012 – Copper, Steel, Brass, Sterling Silver, Powder Coat
15″ x 5″ x .5″
Neon Stripe Brooch -  Laritza Garcia   2012  - Copper, steel, brass, powder coat 4”x 2”x 1”
Laritza Garcia  – Neon Stripe Brooch – 2012  – Copper, steel, brass, powder coat 4”x 2”x 1”
« My roots are embedded in the U.S. and Mexico border region of the Rio Grande Valley. I have also lived in the culturally vibrant cities of Austin Texas, Atlanta Georgia and most recently, Greenville North Carolina, where I currently pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts at East Carolina University. My work is fueled by my experience of color in the urban backdrop. Notable about my jewelry is the highly saturated color palette that permeates my visual vocabulary. Each composition boasts its own personality: vivid, upbeat and with a hint of pop urbanism. I am particularly interested in color’s ability to both reveal and coat aspects of dialogue. My active participation teaching Youth Art-Reach in communities infuses my work with elements of play. I am drawn to rutolos, graffiti, murals, and neon signs that dot the landscape, and am compelled to alter my own surroundings with work that is vivid, bold and exists somewhere between two and three dimensions.« 
Laritza Garcia "Rosa Fuschia" necklace - Tinkered series Steel, Copper, Sterling Silver, Powder CoatLaritza Garcia « Rosa Fuschia » necklace – Tinkered series Steel, Copper, Sterling Silver, Powder Coat
Spun Vermillion Brooch -  Laritza Garcia  2012  - Copper, Fine Silver, Steel, Powder Coat 5” x 3” x 1”Laritza Garcia – Spun Vermillion Brooch -  2012 – Copper, Fine Silver, Steel, Powder Coat 5” x 3” x 1”

« My personal development and professional training have led me to believe that playful attitudes help people cope, problem-solve and can offer emotional lightness. My jewelry pieces present familiar childhood imagery in efforts to drive forth the restorative nature of imaginative behavior. Gestural objects in vibrant colors materialize as graphic triggers that reconnect people with regenerative powers of playfulness. My approach encompasses a dual investigation of gestural drawing and traditional metalworking practices. I use inks and calligraphy brushes to make linear illustrations that are the base from which ideas are developed into refined pieces of adornment. The intent of this body of work is to infuse wardrobes and activate walls with whimsical pieces that bring levity to the forefront.«  Laritza Garcia

Carnaval Brooch -  Laritza Garcia   2012 - Copper, Silver, Brass, Steel, Powder Coat 3.5” x 4” x 2” Laritza Garcia - Carnaval Brooch -  2012 – Copper, Silver, Brass, Steel, Powder Coat 3.5” x 4” x 2”
Spun necklace - 2013 - Laritza Garcia Laritza Garcia - Spun necklace – 2013


Call for Entries : 2014 SNAG “Exhibition in Print: Animal Instincts” – deadline : 31 Janv. 2014

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2014 SNAG “Exhibition in Print: Animal Instincts”

“Animal Instincts,” the 2014 Juried Exhibition in Print by SNAG and produced by Metalsmith, will showcase a diverse range of animal-related work from the metalsmithing field

Metalsmith 2014 EiP Animal Instincts


• Open to all SNAG members 18 years of age or older, including jewelers, designers, metalsmiths, and students.
Applicants need not reside in the United States.
• All work must be original and produced within the last three years (2010 or later).


Applications must be received by midnight (11:59:59 pm) Mountain Time, January 31, 2014.
• Applications are being taken through the CaFÉ™ website :  Go to CaFE now.
• The application fee of $35 is non-refundable.

again, All applicants MUST be a member of SNAG

2014 Jurors:
David Bielander, Jeweler
David C. Freda, Metalsmith and Enamelist
Bruce Metcalf, Jeweler and Writer


Please note, phone calls regarding status of submitted entries cannot be accepted.
Submission deadline: January 31, 2014
• Notification (by email): by February 28 , 2014
• High-Quality jpegs of accepted work (as specified by email) due to Editor: March 10, 2014
Exhibition in Print published: August 2014

Please email Natalie O’Neal (


EXPO ‘Ring a Day – 65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings’ – Punch Gallery, Seattle (USA) – 5-29 Mai 2011

Ring a Day
65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings.

May 5 – 29, 2011

Opening Reception: 5 – 8pm
First Thursday, May 5, 2011

As a tie-in to the annual SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference, PUNCH presents this totally RAD (Ring a Day) exhibition showcasing 365 rings, accompanied by select photographs to illustrate the diverse, creative and inspiring rings artists have made from Day 1 to Day 365.

Colleen Baran, Kathryn Cole, Shannon Conrad, Nina Gibson and Sara Westermark juried RAD from over 16,000 rings (!!!) submitted to the Ring a Day group on Flickr. The exhibition features 65 international artists with work ranging from ephemeral and conceptual art rings to functional jewelry in both alternative and classic materials.
(Ring 100, Victoria Takahashi, April 10, 2010 – wood, mixed metals, polymer clay, dyed feather, acorn cap)

This project was an open challenge to metalsmiths and other artists across the globe to make one ring a day out of any material for the entire year of 2010. Over the course of the year artists continually added rings, new artists joined the group, ideas morphed into new ideas, artists played off the ideas of other artists, and materials were used in new and unexpected ways. On a daily basis, rings were created, photographed, and posted to the Ring a Day Flickr group. The majority of the artists represented discovered the project through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blogs and word of mouth. This project reflects a population of metalsmiths and jewelry makers who are facile with current online technology.

Ring a Day is part of the Society of North American Goldsmith’s yearly conference; an event that brings together 800+ visitors from around the world for exhibitions, artist’s talks, trunk shows and more. SNAG is an international educational non-profit organization that supports and advances the professional practice of artists, designers, jewelers and metalsmiths.


Thanks to the RING A DAY blog I got the list of exhibiting artists !! :-)
Ashley Akers
Sabine Amtsberg
Loren Angulo
Maria Apostolou
Erin Austin
Meg Auth
Angela Baduel-Crispin
Colleen Baran
Inbar Barbaket
Laurie Brown
Kathleen Brughelli
Maureen Brusa-Zappellini
Catherine Chandler
Kathryn Cole
Kerry Alice Collins
Shannon Conrad
Jennifer Culp
Beth Cyr
Casey Daurio
Trudie Davies
Lisa Dienst-Thomas
Nina Dinoff
Thomasin Durgin
Laura Flavin
Renee Ford
Nina Gibson
Lynne Glazzard
Natalia Gomensoro
Heather Goodwin
Lora Hart
Sarah Hood
Chris Irick
Alice Istanbul
Norsola Johnson
Sarah Loertscher
Marthe Le Van
Kate Jones
Maggie Joynt
Evelyn Markasky
Bill Martin
Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria
Denise McCoy
Alisa Miller
Danielle Miller
Carrie Nunes
Margaret O’Brien
Marta Sanchez Oms
Paul Phillips
Calan Ree
Kathryn Riechert
Andrea Ring
Lígia Rocha
Kathi Roussel
Kest Schwartzman
Ponsawan Silas
Mike Stromberg
Rachelle Stromberg
Victoria Takahashi
Leslie Tinnaro
Susan Trindle (= »Quercus Silver » !)
Mary Lu Wason
Emily Watson
Sara Westermark
Dee Wilder
Jaqki Withycombe
(go to see the pictures on the blog ! INCREDIBLE things … well, RINGS !)

EXPO 'Ring a Day - 65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings' - Punch Gallery, Seattle (USA) - 5-29 Mai 2011 dans Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN (FR) 5128723553_c10c8fdfb2-1
The Ring a Day project, initially proposed by artist Nina Dinoff, was intended as a challenge to set a daily routine of exploration
Susan Trindle (the mysterious »Quercus Silver » !)
Maria Apostolou
Thomasin Durgin‘s « Crown of Thorns Cilice Ring » RAD 31
Thomasin Durgin (a.k.a. Metal Riot)



PUNCH Gallery
119 Prefontaine Place South
Seattle, Washington 98104 (USA)
tel 206.621.1945



 dans Ashley AKERS (US)
Ring a Day – by  Marthe Le Van – LarkCrafts Ed. – 256 pp
publication date : sept. 2011



SOFA New-York 2011 – 14-17 Avril 2011

opens at the city’s Park Avenue Armory – Fifty-five international galleries and dealers will represent 12 nations

Main jewelry galleries : Aaron Faber Gallery, Charon Kransen Arts, Gallery S O London, Jewelers’ Werk Galerie, Ornamentum, Sienna Gallery

SOFA New-York 2011 - 14-17 Avril 2011 dans Bernhard SCHOBINGER (CH) 2
Peter Schmid/Atelier Zobel - Ring, 2010 – sterling silver, black granite, black diamonds  - Aaron Faber Gallery

1 dans blog ArtJewelryForum
Efharis Alepedis - Necklace, 2010 - red patent leather, silk cocoons, epoxy resin, silver  - Charon Kransen Arts

2 dans Efharis ALEPEDIS (US)
Mirjam Hiller Brooch Ovalias, 2010 - stainless steel, powder coated  -Charon Kransen Arts
Sergey Jivetin – Cloud Brooch, Drip Brooch, Splash Brooch – 2009 – eggs, carbon-fiber, steel, resin - Ornamentum

1 dans Gal. Aaron Faber (US)
Vera Siemund Necklace, 2010 – enameled copper, silver  - Jewelers’ Werk Galerie

2 dans Gal. Charon Kransen (US)
Jiro Kamata - Arboresque Brooch, 2010 - oxidized silver, camera lenses, acrylic paint  Ornamentum

1 dans Gal. Jewelerswerk (US)
Hanna Hedman - Human Tree, 2010 - copper, oxidized silver, paint  Ornamentum

solo dans Gal. Ornamentum (US)
Jennifer Trask- Acanthus, 2010 – antler, 17th century gilded frame, gold leaf, goldOrnamentum

2 dans Gal. S O (UK)
Helen Britton Grey Brooch, 2009 - silver, paint, plastics, shells, glass  - Sienna Gallery
Bernhard Schobinger – Ring mit Halbkugeln – gold, rose quarz, pearl, diamond-split in bronze, malachite enamel – 2005 -Gallery S O London



Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 14-16
in the Armory’s Tiffany Room

*THURSDAY, April 14 – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm :
For People Who are Slightly Mad : American Modernist Jewelry
A review of the iconoclastic artists who translated the excitement of surrealism and modernism into wearable jewelry. Their work will be seen in Crafting Modernism: Mid-century American Art and Design at the Museum of Arts and Design, NY in October 2011. Jeannine Falino, Curator, Museum of Arts and Design, NY
Cosponsored by Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) and Art Jewelry Forum (AJF)

Museum of Arts & Design
Jay De Feo


 *FRIDAY, April 15 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm : Sometimes
New Zealand artist Lisa Walker makes jewellery out of a vast collection of materials – plastic, wood, paper, gold, fabric, clay, dirt, dust, aluminum, paint – the list goes on. Her talk will be a retrospective look at pieces and projects of the last 20 years, looking at what extremes are possible, questioning and researching what jewellery means, what it can be.
Represented by Jewelers’ Werk Galerie

Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker

* SATURDAY, April 16 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm :
Sergey Jivetin and Jennifer Trask: Two Visions
Jewelry artists Jennifer Trask and Sergey Jivetin discuss their individual ideologies and shared studio practices.  Trask will talk about the evolution of her most recent series, “Embodiment”, which encompasses both sculptural and wearable works. Jivetin will elaborate on the role of experimental techniques and materials.
Represented by Ornamentum,
Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Jennifer Trask - Ornamentum Sergey Jivetin - Ornamentum
Jennifer Trask  —   Sergey Jivetin



Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, NY, 10021


Rachel Timmins, « I Want To Be A Gold Lobster With Blue Puffs » ………….

Classé dans : Rachel TIMMINS (US),SNAG (US),USA — bijoucontemporain @ 10:12

Humour et dérision, j’adore ! :-)

Rachel Timmins,
Rachel Timmins – ‘I Want To Be A Gold Lobster With Blue Puffs’, 2009, found fabric, wool yarn, copper, thread, Poly-Fil stuffing, found gloves

Rachel-Timmins_Unicorn dans SNAG (US)
Rachel Timmins -’ I Want To Be A Unicorn’, 2009, copper, gold leaf, sterling silver, craft glitter, chemical bonding, ribbon, patina


Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) held their annual conference in Houston, Texas. (To visit the website of SNAG, click here.)

« ………..At Extremities: Exploring the Margins of the Human Body, juried by Andy Cooperman, I found two pieces by Rachel Timmins: I Want To Be A Gold Lobster With Blue Puffs, and I Want To Be A Unicorn. Both pieces were exhibited with photographs to show how they looked when worn – of particular importance for her work given how both were activated on the body, highlighting their absurdity. Rachel’s work is fun as well as fearless, proving that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, and her use of textiles and metal interchangeably speaks to her commitment to her work over material loyalty………… » (Jillian Moore – )


SOFA -International Exposition of Modern Decorative Art and Design- New-York (USA) – 16-19 avril 2010

SOFA NY International Exposition of Modern Decorative Art and Design

SOFA -International Exposition of Modern Decorative Art and Design- New-York (USA) - 16-19 avril 2010 dans EVENEMENT / Type of EVENT Feature3



* Friday, APRIL 16  – 11:15 am – 12:15 – Holding Objects: What It Means to Wear Jewelry ?  The Psychoanalytic Mechanisms
An introduction to core psychoanalytic concepts that activate jewelry and allow artists to communicate and mediate complex and dynamic interactions between people.
Rock Hushka, Director of Curatorial Administration/Curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art, Tacoma Art Museum. (Sponsored by Art Jewelry Forum and Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG))

* Friday, APRIL 16  -  1:45 pm – 2:45 pm  – ANIMA
Dutch artist/jeweler Ruudt Peters talks about his exploration of the feminine subconscious in men by drawing with wax underwater, a freeform process that makes manifest the latent, androgynous unconscious in gracile, delicate and fragile works.
Represented by Ornamentum, Hudson, NY

* Friday, APRIL 16  – 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm  – Jewelry Design: Surface in Depth
Italian goldsmith Stefano Marchetti traces the development of his work, from the experimental mosaics Pointillisme in Metallo,1989 through his current work. Marchetti is the recipient of the 2009 Italian Jewellry Award, Naples, Italy.
Represented by Charon Kransen Arts, New York (Sponsored by Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG))


Galeries présentes (entre autres) / some of the galleries :

Ateliers d’Art de France (FR) , Aaron Faber Gal. (NY) , Charon Kransen Arts (NY), Ornamentum (NY), Sienna Gallery (US), ………….

26544_384923464708_62088084708_3742983_6715012_n dans Gal. Aaron Faber (US)


Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, NY, 10021 (USA)
T: 800.563.SOFA (7632) or 773.506.8860
F: 773.506.8892


16 mars 2010The second part of the SNAG fashion show, featuring extreme jewelry from a number of talented artists. (dommage qu’on ne voie pas mieux !)
Image de prévisualisation YouTube