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EXPO ‘Platina – 15 years of Jewellery’ – Färgfabriken, Stockholm (SE) – 11-14 Sept. 2014


A5 (Romina Funtes, Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson) — Tobias Alm  – Yasar AydinSofia BjörkmanHilde De DeckerJenny Edlund Iris EichenbergKarl Fritsch Hanna Hedman Aud Charlotte Ho Sook SindingCatarina HällzonAgnieszka KnapKaren PontoppidanMiro Sazdic Lisa Walker.
Färgfabriken is an exhibition space and experimental platform for art and architecture as well as social and urban development. They seek to challenge, engage and create new connections and collaborations. Färgfabriken is a site to visit exhibitions, take part of discussions, workshops and attend talks.
Hanna Hedman - Platina 15 years ...Hanna Hedman photo Sanna Lindberg
©Miro Sazdic, photo Staffan Lövstedt©Miro Sazdic, photo Staffan Lövstedt
Aud Charlotte Ho Sook SindingAud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding
Jenny EdlungJenny Edlund
Lisa WalkerLisa Walker
Tobias AlmTobias Alm


Lövholmsbrinken 1,
117 43 Stockholm
 Odengatan 68

10232 Stockholm
tel +46 8 30 02 80


EXPO ‘Aeon Profit / Piano Forte’ – Velvet Da Vinci gallery, San Francisco (US) – 5 Fevr.-9 Mars 2014

Velvet Da Vinci is proud to present the US debut of Aeon Profit / Piano Forte, an installation of wearable objects made from reincarnated piano parts by the Swedish jewelry design collective A5.

The show, which has previously exhibited in both Stockholm and Munich, will run from February 5th through March 9th, 2014.  An Opening Reception will take place on Friday February 7th, from 6 to 8 pm.

Musical instruments and jewelry share several fundamental similarities: a rich tradition of craftsmanship, function, ornamentation, and inherent value. Both are meant to last generations and to be passed from individual to individual. Thus when an instrument or a piece of jewelry is no longer wanted or needed it falls into a particular space of limbo, the owner wishes to part with the item yet at the same time hopes that it will continue its existence. It is in this way that the group A5, Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes, and Annika Pettersson, came into contact with a piano.

A5 pianoforte - Velvet da Vinci



Velvet Da Vinci
2015 Polk Street,
San Francisco, CA 94109


EXPO ‘Vem Bär Vad?’ (Who Wears What) – Konsthall C, Stockholm (Sweden) – 30 Mars-17 Avril 2011

A5 will be exhibiting at the Konsthall C in the Centerfug room 30 March – 17 April. The title of this exhibition will be « Vem Bär Vad? » (« Who Wears What ») and will deal with the perception of individuals on a public and private level.

A project by the artist collective A5
Annika Petterson, Adam Grinovich & Romina Fuentes
Who wears what? People read each other through their clothing. Through this we form an idea of who we have standing in front of us. One second’s worth of assessment may change our behaviour, our attitude and our response. 
For this project, the artist collective A5 has gathered both visible and more intimate objects from a group of different people. The exhibition consists of both intimate and private garments as well as public and external accessories. Shown together these objects form an alternative image of a group of people.
The project and the exhibition is the frist part of the research by A5 according to in wich way people can be presented and represented.
The members of A5 has thier own goals as artists and individuals, but in a large extent they share subjects and working methods. The artits group provides a platform for free experimentation, and a collective and individual development. They work togehter with both individual artists and artist groups from a variety of backgrounds. A key word is collaboration.

EXPO 'Vem Bär Vad?' (Who Wears What) - Konsthall C, Stockholm (Sweden) - 30 Mars-17 Avril 2011 dans A5 (Afive) (SE) webinvite


A5 was formed in 2008 with the idea of connecting three artists whom shared a similar vision. Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich met while studying at the Adellab/metalformgivning department at Konstfack University. Each member maintains a career as a professional artist in the field of contemporary jewelry. A5 has since served as a forum for creative discussion and international cross-disciplinary collaboration.
A5 has worked on a variety of projects with the main goal of establishing connections with as many diverse fields as possible. It is extremely important for A5 to promote work to a large audience, collectively and individually we feed off of the viewpoint of the viewer, the relationship between objects, images, and individuals.


Konsthall C
Cigarrvägen 14, 123 57 Farsta
Tel: 08–604 77 08


EXPO ‘Aeon profit – piano forte. 145 kilos of jewellery’ – Platina gallery, Stockholm (Suede) 7-30 Oct. 2010

EXPO 'Aeon profit – piano forte. 145 kilos of jewellery' - Platina gallery, Stockholm (Suede) 7-30 Oct. 2010 dans A5 (Afive) (SE) Piano

« Musical instruments and jewelry are similar in a fundamental way, you don’t throw them away. If either were to break or become damaged one would rather put them up for donation, in hopes of sustaining its existence. It is in this way that the group A5 (Afive), Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes, and Annika Pettersson, came into contact with a piano.
From its inception the piano has a natural connection to the human body. The piano is built for the body, and according to a human being. The piano can be viewed as a jewel within a room, yet its full value and potential is not realized until it enters a symbiotic relationship with a person. The piano is an embodied idea with a sensitive cultural identity and sentimental value.
In the exhibition “Aeon Profit – Piano Forte” A5 set out to explore the existence of the piano, breaking it apart from human function.
A5 attempts to recreate the pianos identity in a new constellation and a different perspective on connecting to the human body.
The complex mechanisms contained within a piano provide a wide spectrum of materials and forms, not unlike the organs contained within a human body. Together with existential values, we create and accumulate to become the being that we are.
The result ? 145kg of jewelry  »

A5 : Romina Fuentes, Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson

forte2 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE)forte4 dans Annika PETTERSSON (SE)forte9 dans Exposition/Exhibition
forte8 dans Gal. Platina (SE)forte6 dans Romina FUENTES (RA)forte5 dans Suede (SE)
necklaces & ring : piano elements


Platina gallery
Odengatan 68
11322 – Stockholm
Telephone: +46-8-300280

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