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EXPO ‘spatialPalace’ – Lübeck Kunstverein, Lübeck (DE) – 5 Dec. 2010-23 Janv. 2011

« spatialPalace » group is a group of jewellery artists whose activities are linked to the Estonian Academy of Arts: Kadri Mälk, Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Kristiina Laurits and Villu Plink.
spatialPalace was formed in 1999 and has since exhibited their works jointly in Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary and China.

Kadri MALK- necklace 'D-moll'
Kadri MALK- necklace ‘D-moll’ – Silver, gold, artificial resin, rubber, jet, ruby, sapphire, spinel, tourmaline

Tanel VEENRE - brooch 'meltingsnow'
Tanel VEENRE – brooch ‘meltingsnow’ Druse of rock chrystal, moonstone, resin, silver, gold


About jewellery :
*Professor David Watkins has written about Kadri Mälk`s creations:
Her selections from the chaos of life … offer bridges of meaning between experience and memory, between the mind and the senses. Crucially, everything is fixed by the many gestures of making, in the same way that the complete composition in painting can be held together by the handling of paint on surface. The objects offer intimations of shared experience. They frame private worlds within a capricious external world.
*Tanel Veenre: a beautiful piece of jewellery is exciting. Excitement is a quality that comes into being upon collapse of the quantifiable and measurable into the inexplicable and personal. Fleeing from gold-edged emptiness binds the artist’s soul with the thing being created. It’s all somehow wordlessly conspirational. Artist and jewellery become witnesses to a crime in which they are both complicit.
* Piret Hirv’s signs of suspense mostly cause muteness. To live means to be lost (J. Ortega y Gasset). Who does not feel lost, will certainly lose his way, i.e. will never find himself. And only the brightening in the tree tops may show the way out of the forest. (Kadri Mälk)
* Especially lavish are the so-called luxury items of Kristiina Laurits. The lacy, sensuously curved, sometimes useless items and brooches are like peculiar ecstatic whim. It is unpredictable and irrational. It makes us smile.(Kadri Mälk)
* For Eve Margus, transparently glowing, dreamlike materials make the disturbance, when coming in touch with reality, physically palpable. Engraved translucent quartz and chalcedony and opal, carved silky horn and antlers, are tactile in themselves, like their treatment here. (Kadri Mälk)
* The work of Villu Plink is male and laconic, and it is different. He is picturesque and full of images. An image holds, and is not to be disputed. (Kadri Mälk) 



Lübeck Kunstverein
Köningstr 11
23552 – Lübeck
Telephone: 0451 74760


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