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COUP de COEUR ! Catherine Clark Gilbertson neckpiece

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Je rechignais à présenter l’expo « chased + repoussé » : beaucoup d’objets autres que des bijoux, et puis les photos annonçant l’expo ne m’emballaient pas …. mal ! mal !!!!

Après quelques recherches …….. WOW !!!!!

Catherine Clark Gilbertson (US) - Akanthos -fine silver
Catherine Clark Gilbertson (US) – Akanthos – fine silver


« I use ancient metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé to create jewelry and sculptural forms in precious metals that examines the origin of ornament. Starting with the decoration of architecture, sculpture and painting, this series of wearable sculptures is inspired by botanical specimens significant in the history of ornamentation such as acanthus leaves and sunflowers. Expanding on ideas of the wearable, my work examines interactions between the body and ornamentation of the body. However, instead of using these symbolically rich botanicals in miniature, as the basis of ornamenting a traditional form of jewelry, I have developed a life size form for my pieces firstly, from the plant itself–the original source of the centuries-old ornamentation—and secondly, from the shape it necessarily must take as a piece worn on the human body. .. » (Catherine Clark Gilbertson)


EXPO ‘Karl Fritsch’ – « Gabi Dziuba Fine Jewels », Berlin (DE) – 9 mars – 9 avril 2010

« I´m fascinated by jewellery and by the fact that every person owns and wears ornaments of one kind or another. This universality impresses me and stimulates me to make jewellery which I would like to see people wearing. Those people could be my aunts or anyone else. » (Karl Fritsch)

Karl Fritsch, born in Sonthofen, Germany in 1963. Currently living and working in Island Bay, New Zealand.

Merveilleuses bagues, bagues de merveilles : pouvant être intensément « intellectuelles » (on « sent » toute la réflexion qui se « cache » derrière) mais en même temps d’une intense joie de vivre, bonbons, cailloux, bandes de réglisse, diamant qui joue au « vilain petit caillou » brut …. un régal toujours recommencé !

EXPO karl Fritsch

Gabi Dziuba Fine Jewels
Rosa – Luxemburg Strasse 25
10178 – Berlin (Germany)
Tel : +49 30 2462 5280


BOOK :  ‘Die Ringe des Karl Fritsch’



votre « caillou », on vous le monte comment ???

« au carré » ?
Victoria TAKAHASHI- 'experimetal'  ring_a_dayBenedikt Aïchelé - bague améthyste bouquet
Victoria Takahashi « ring_a_day » challenge –  Benedikt Aïchelé - bague améthyste bouquet

« brut de décoffrage » ?
Annamaria Zanella ‘ring’  1996 (plate glass, iron, gold) Debra BAXTER crystal Brass Knuckle AOI KOTSUHIROI, rings from crystals, stones,
Annamaria Zanella ‘ring’  1996 (plate glass, iron, gold)
Debra Baxter – knuckle ring 
Aoi Kotsuhiroi (FR) ring from crystals, stones, silk thread and  Japanese urushi lacquer

enfermé, transpercé, ou libre de rouler ?
Pascale FREY- bague 'paravent' corne de taureau, argentMatthew CRAWFORD - braceletYael
Pascale FREY (FR)-  bague ‘paravent’ corne de taureau – argent
Matthew CRAWFORD- bracelet
Yael SONIA -  bracelet cage

la PERLE, « baladeuse », ou bien fixée ?
Groupe Arcanes-  huyn joung LeeGalerie SYMBIOSE - bague argent et perleAgathe Saint-Girons - bague 'je suis une princesse'Arek WOLSKI
Huyn Joung Lee  (FR)
Galerie Symbiose, Perpignan –
Agathe Saint-Girons – bague ‘je suis une princesse’
Arek Wolski

euh… « zen » ?  juste la monture alors  ? …..
Martin Margiela bague 'structure' 2008Sabine Lang - skelett ringStenia Scarselli - 2007 - anello_struttur
Maison Martin Margiela – été 2008- bague « structure »
Sabine Lang – « skelett » ring
Stenia Scarselli (IT)- 2007 – anello struttura

Et là, vous êtes SÛR que vous voulez encore une pierre ???

karl Fritschkarl Fritsch ring 19Karl fritsch_ex07_10_450
Karl  Fritsch (DE)   (quelles MERVEILLES que ses bagues !!!!!! )

Mais, surtout, les bijoux qui ont inspiré cette « joyeuse » page, la série « rocks & stones » de Joanna Gollberg  ….. comme un « bouquet final » :-)

joanna gollberg jewelryjoanna gollberg - rocks & stones- ringjoanna gollberg  - rocks & stones- 7
Joanna Gollberg – rocks & stones- rings & necklace

Plus ces TRES jolis « bouquets de pierres », parce que je ne sais pas résister ! emoticone

Damiano Tacchi- montage caillou-'bouquet'Damiano Tacchi
Claudio Tacchi (IT) – bagues


Leah MILES (UK) found paper jewelry

Leah Miles creates beautiful sculptural jewellery inspired by romances, handwritten letters and news from yesterday. She is inspired by the fascination for the overlooked qualities of discarded materials. Predominantly created from waste paper, her work questions the traditional opinions of presciousness and challenges existing notions of disposability and re use.
Leah Miles tells us:

« I work predominantly with found papers to create one-off jewellery pieces. The paper is sculpted into tactile forms revealing lines of colours and glimpses of text. Unwanted books, old diaries, documents and diagrams are transformed and given a new life, their content omly hinted at. the pieces often combine other materials such as pearls and silver which contrast with the paper.
I completed the BA in Contemporary Crafts at University College Fallmouth in 2007 and since then I have continued to live and make in Cornwall. I am inspired by my surroundings there as well as with the material itself. It’ s assciations with practical uses and text, and its ability to be altered through the process of making. Much of the paper is donated or found. This current collection makes use of old books about love stories and passionate affairs of the heart.

Her experimental approach together with her work’s instantly recognisable aesthetic have gained her international exhibitions and awards from the British Crafts Council, the Association of Contemporary Jwellery and the Arts Council.

Leah Miles braceletLeah Miles brooch 'but to suggest', paper, glass beads, silk, silver
Leah Miles brooch 'direct in the romantic', paper, freshwater pearls, silk, silverLeah Miles-Kette 'chain of romance 2', pages of a romance, silk, silver, fresh water pearls
Leah Milesbracelet
brooch ‘but to suggest’, paper, glass beads, silk, silver
brooch ‘direct in the romantic’, paper, freshwater pearls, silk, silver
necklace ‘chain of romance 2′, pages of a romance, silk, silver, fresh water pearls

will be at the « PAPERFICIAL » exhibition , Craft2eu Hambourg (DE) 10 mars-8 mai 2010
PAPERFICIAL « …is like paper, either of delicate transparency or of flexible stability,it can be cut like paper, or folded, scrunched up or pressed together, it wants to be painted and printed like paper. Paper creations are the big subject of many current exhibitions and catalogues. Inspired by this there is a trend in design and craft which turns many other things into something paperficial, just as if it were made of paper. We have put together some astonishing examples of this for your delectation. »


shop it at craft2eu


Traditional techniques do not mean lack of innovation : Dorit SCHUBERT & lace

Bobbin lace / dentelle au fuseau
« Traditional techniques do not mean a lack of innovation. Designer Dorit Schubert from Dresden discovered the very traditional art of bobbin lace making as an ideal medium for jewellery design. She works with fine threads of silver, stainless steel and coloured nylon in the traditional bobbin lace technique into filigreed jewellery.  She develops three-dimensional shapes and connections from the flat shape and fits them together.  She takes her cue from nature, lets blossom bells, leaves, pods, and panicles grow in the truest sense of the word.  Her astonishing technical perfection is a surprise and unites with its precise shapes into a small treasure of unusual transparency and lightness.  Structurally the necklaces and ear-hangings seem fragile, but in their craftsmanship they are actually quite tough and indestructible. »

After she trained as a dental technician Dorit Schubert absolved a professional study from 1995 until 1998 at the HS Zwickau in Saxonia and mastered at the Applied Arts Schneeberg in textile arts.  Since that time she has worked on her own and has received much recognition for her very special jewellery.  1998 the State Prize of Bavaria, 2008 Blickfang Design Prize and the Prize for Applied Arts Koppel 66 in Hamburg.

Elle explique des tas de choses sur son site, sur les matériaux utilisés et la technique, mais malheureusement uniquement en allemand … :-(   tout cela a un coté très bucolique et délicat, pas « cucul » pour deux sous ! Et les couleurs ont un coté rafraichissant et suranné en même temps …. délicieux !
Dorit Schubert - earrings 2008- bobbin lace made from fishing line - silver, glass beadsDorit Schubert quallen kette

Dorit Schubert – earrings 2008- bobbin lace made from fishing line – silver, glass beads
quallen necklace
Dorit Schubert - earrings 'star', polyamid, stainless steel, tongued, silveDorit Schubert - earrings  'cherry' - bobbin lace
earrings ‘star’, polyamid, stainless steel, tongued, silver
earrings  ‘cherry’ – bobbin lace
Dorit Schubert -necklace 'Bohnen', polyamid, stainless steel, 70 cm longDorit Schubert3
necklace ‘Bohnen’, polyamid, stainless steel, 70 cm longbroche (?)

à « shopper » chez Craft2eu !


Shimara CARLOW – Irish treasures …..

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Inspirés par la nature, après une enfance fascinée par les découvertes faites le long des côtes irlandaises, coquillages, galets, plumes, graines de toutes sortes, des bijoux délicats et déliés, comme des enroulements d’herbes …..

« While studying at Glasgow School of Art, I experimented with handmade paper and silver as mediums for creating large sculptural pieces of jewellery and smaller silversmithing pieces. My work has always been very tactile and organic and the use of paper enhances this tactility and also brings a light translucent quality to the pieces. » (Shimara Carlow)

 Shimara Carlow - paper & silver dome bangleShimara Carlow - oxidised bell gum nut wrap bangle
Shimara Carlow (IRL)- paper & silver dome bangle
oxidised bell gum nut wrap bangle

Shimara Carlow -silver & paper dome necklace - 2004- silver & silk paperShimara Carlow - gum nut choker silver & gold
silver & paper dome necklace – 2004- silver & silk paper
gum nut choker silver & gold
Shimara Carlow - sterling silver 5 strands oval domesShimara Carlow- set of 3 gum nut rings - silver & gum nuts - 2006
sterling silver 5 strands oval domes
set of 3 gum nut rings – silver & gum nuts – 2006

Janna Syvanoja « torture » les livres pour en faire des bijoux

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Porter ses livres comme de véritables colliers : une autre réalité

Janna Syvanoja (Finlande) tente d’isoler dans son travail un aspect de notre expérience au livre, tout en révélant d’autres sens. «Je ne voulais pas seulement respecter la connaissance écrite, mais aussi exprimer une certaine reconnaissance de ce savoir qui transforme l’arbre en papier, puis en livre», explique-t-elle.

Janna Syvanoja - LUCCA Preziosa- recycled paper necklaceJanna Syvanoia -  book art pendants and brooches - paper jewelry
Janna Syvanoja – (LUCCA Preziosa exhib.)- recycled paper necklace  (à gauche)

Le procédé employé requiert une sorte de technique naturelle : Janna courbe à la main chaque page utilisée, une à une, et la forme vient un peu comme si l’objet se développait seul. Dès lors, on peut seulement voir les mots et les lettres séparés du contenant, «une autre réalité», selon elle.

The process of making my recycled paperjewellery pieces, involves a slow, “natural” technique. By curving each slice of paper around the steelwire, one by one, one after another, it is as if the piece grows into its shape by itself. This way the character of wood, paper’s original material, is preserved in the piece – as is also the association to the whole organic world, the way it builds itself, being in constant change, traveling in time.
Printed paper has also an additional reality, the information it contains. Now, one can only see separate words and letters, that have been transformed into graphical patterns on the surface of the piece. The previous content of the material referred to communication between people – message and expression. A piece of jewellery is worn for the same purpose.

Janna Syvanoja - 2Janna Synvanoja_LARGE_New
Janna Syvanoia -  paper jewelryJanna Synvanoja_LARGE_New_01
Janna Syvanoia -  book art pendants and brooches – paper jewelry 

On retrouve les cercles concentriques marquant la croissance de l’arbre, l’enroulement  des ammonites, ou même du cerveau humain …. des origines -quelles qu’elles soient- au bijou présent
A 1994 necklace made from a book sliced thin by Finnish jeweler Janna Syvanoja. Finnish design has long had a strong link to the environment. In Syvanoja’s work, that environment is urban and tarnished. She finds beauty in well-used materials, while reducing landfill by just that tiny bit. Her object’s beauty is also in the message that it sends

TOURS et détours…… CHATEAUX en Espagne… et ailleurs !

Phiippe Tournaire - bague monasterePhilippe Tournaire - villa de reve- 1Philippe Tournaire - Villas de reve- Florida !
Philippe Tournaire – bagues « Monastère » – « Villa de rêve » et « Villa de Rêve » (avec piscine !!)
Aline KOKINOPOULOS - bague BELEM - argent, améthyste, grenatAline KOKINOPOULOS - bague  'il teatro del mondo'Aline KOKINOPOULOS - bague QUERIBUS
Aline Kokinopoulos – bagues « Belem » – « il teatro del Mondo » – « Queribus »
Aline KOKINOPOULOS - bague 'les villes invisibles'Aline KOKINOPOULOS - bague SANAA - argent, citrinesAline KOKINOPOULOS - bague CATHEDRAL - argent amethyste
Aline Kokinopoulos bagues série « Villes  Invisibles » – « Sanaa » – « Cathédrale »

Damiano Tacchi - HABITATDamiano Tacchi - HABITAT 2Damiano Tacchi - HABITAT... habité !
Claudio Tacchi (IT)- bagues série « Habitat » – Au début, au 1er coup d’oeil, on croit à un « Philippe Tournaire bis », massif, « riche » … et puis on découvre un monde miniature habité, la famille, le chien, monsieur qui bricole…. minutieux et attendrissant ! :-)


Lucy SARNEEL (NL) jewelry

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« To me a jewel represents a place in the world in which one can loose oneself like in the sparkling of a diamond or the careful observation of little plants or moss.
A piece of jewellery invites to contemplate and evokes thoughts and emotions.
The basic idea for my pieces of jewellery derives from daily life experiences, thoughts and wonder in which the notion of time plays an important role. We all try to deal with personal lifetime, historic time and universal time.
I’m challenged by the field of tension between the restricted material space and the unlimited mental and spiritual space of a jewel.
Nature is an important point of reference; the question about the naturalness or artificiality of nature fascinates me and results in forms that remind us of flowers, plants or twigs.  » (Lucy Sarneel)

Lucy SARNEEL - Necklace  Knot 2006Lucy SARNEEL - broche jardinet
Lucy Sarneel – Necklace: Knot 2006 zinc, glass beads, nylon thread
Lucy Sarneel - Brooch: Jardinet 2007 zinc, antique textile on rubber, diamonds, silver (pin)


Une étrange poésie se dégage de ces bijoux en zinc, qui pourraient avoir l’air tristes, ou neutres … non, une douceur … comme une « madeleine » remontée de lointains souvenirs vagues, et doux …. Cela pourrait être froid, le métal, le gris, non, c’est rassurant, comme pourrait l’être un vieux pull, qu’on connait bien et qui nous connait bien …. curieux… et émouvant !
LUCY SARNEEL - broche 'ode to Marken' 2008 zinc, antique glass beads, textile LUCY SARNEEL - necklace 'sous la neige III' 2007 - zinc, antique textile
broche ‘ode to Marken’ 2008 zinc, antique glass beads, antique textile on rubber, nylon thread, photo-etch in zinc
necklace ‘sous la neige III’ 2007 – zinc, antique textile on rubber, paint, onyx, nylon thread
LUCY SARNEEL - necklace 'la double vie' 2009 - zinc, textile on rubber,LUCY SARNEEL - necklace 'souvenir d'1 couvercle' 2007 - zinc, porcelain, nylon thread.jpg
necklace ‘la double vie’ 2009 – zinc, antique textile on rubber, nylon thread, paint
necklace ‘souvenir d’1 couvercle’ 2007 – zinc, porcelain, nylon thread



le CORAIL, ça vous signe un bijou …..

La petite branche/touche de corail a le vent en poupe, visiblement, dans le monde du bijou contemporain ….

Pour son côté « précieux » ? son côté « nature » ? son petit côté « vintage », désuet ?? Bettina Speckner-brooch- ferrotype, silver, coral, snail, photo in enamelBettina Speckner-brooch 2007- Ferrotype, Silver, Coral, Maple
Bettina Speckner – brooch  2004 – ferrotype, silver, coral, snail, photo in enamel
Bettina Speckner – brooch 2007 – Ferrotype, Silver, Coral, Maple
Nikolai Balabin-tree of passion-brooch2008-silver, patina, coralnikolai-balabin4 Tree of passions, brooch, 2007, silver, patina, coral, print on paper,
Nikolai Balabin (Russie)- Tree of passion-brooch 2008-silver, patina, coral
Nikolai Balabin - Tree of passions, brooch, 2007, silver, patina, coral, print on paperRamon Puig Cuyàs-  1140-7 in sensibusRamon Puig Cuyàs.Brooch, 2010. Labyrinthus. Silver, nickel silver, plastic, paper, resin, acrylic painting
Ramon Puig Cuyàs (ES) -   » in sensibus«  brooch
Ramon Puig Cuyàs  – Brooch, 2010 « Labyrinthus » Silver, nickel silver, plastic, paper, resin, acrylic painting

Ramon Puig Cuyàs- nº 1311, brooche, 2010. 'Scène de jardin'Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Forced to be a tree when it's a bike 2008 silver coral
Ramon Puig Cuyàs- brooch, 2010. ‘Scène de jardin’, Silver, nickel silver, plastic, paper, resin, acrylic painting
Rinaldo Alvarez (ES)- brooch ‘Forced to be a tree when it’s a bike 2008 silver coral

Jack Cunningham - EXPO PARADIGMA
Jack Cunningham - (EXPO « PARADIGMA »)


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