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EXPO ‘EVERYTHING FLOWS?’ (during AJW) – Ena Art gallery, Athens (GR) – 30 Juin-4 Juill. 2016



J.A.W. (Jewellery Art Workers)

1st Athens Jewelry week Art Jewellery Exhibition  » EVERYTHING FLOWS?  »

in Athens during the ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2016 (AJW)…..

Will we see dreams? Will there be water? Will wounds heal? What will joy be like? Will days succeed nights? Will there still be questions?
“Everything flows”, the renowned philosophical saying by Heraclitus, is also converted into a question, in order to articulate contemporary anxieties, fears and concerns.
Will jewellery, as the protector of the soul, manage to reassure us?
Thirteen jewellery designers from the J.A.W. jewellery art workers group and a video artist pose questions using the discourse of creative jewellery and the image, update what has so far gone unchallenged, challenging the era of neo-absurdism.
Will there be answers?

J.A.W. (Jewellery Art Workers) 1st Athens Jewelry week Art Jewellery Exhibition  " EVERYTHING FLOWS? "

Participants include the Jewellery Art WorkersMaria ApostolopoulouAchilleas Georgiadis – Stella Deligianni — Artemis Zafrana — Iosif Iosifidis — Nikos Karakostas — Apostolos Klitsiotis — Vally Kontidis — Mary Margoni — Sarina Beza — Sofia Papalexiou — Maria Psarianou — D’Olium (Sofia Bahlava-Vassilis Stamoulis) & the video artist Theofanis Konstantinou

J.A.W. jewellery art workers  J.A.W. jewellery art workers :
Maria Apostolopoulou, pict 1, 8
Nikos Karakostas, pict 2, 5
Vally Kontidis, pict 3, 9
Maria Psarianou, pict 4, 10
Artemis Zafrana, pict 6
Stella Deligianni, pict 7, 11

Achilleas Georgiadis‎Achilleas Georgiadis

Artemis ZafranaArtemis Zafrana  (photos Orestis Rovakis)

Nikos Karakostas rings  J.A.W. (photos Orestis Rovakis): Nikos Karakostas  rings    (photos Orestis Rovakis) 

Nikos Karakostas ring J.A.W. (photos Orestis Rovakis): Nikos Karakostas ring   (photos Orestis Rovakis)

 Maria Psarianou. necklaces - J.A.W. - (photos Orestis Rovakis): Maria Psarianou. necklaces -  (photos Orestis Rovakis)  Stella DeligianniStella Deligianni


  Maria Apostolopoulou - words necklace -  Maria Apostolopoulou - - J.A.W. jewelry art workers (Group Exhibition) Everything Flows? #AJW 2016 (photos Orestis Rovakis): Maria Apostolopoulou – words necklace -  (photos Orestis Rovakis)
D'olium (Sophia Bahlava-Vassilis Stamoulis) -   ( photos Orestis Rovakis): D’olium (Sophia Bahlava-Vassilis Stamoulis) -   ( photos Orestis Rovakis)


Ena Art Gallery
Βαλαωρίτου 9γ,
10671 Athènes





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