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EXPO ‘Staring : in HINDSIGHT’ – Die Neue Sammlung (Danner-Rotunde), Munich (DE) – 14-20 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014


Vernissage 14 Mars, 19 Uhr

STARING: The State University of New York at New Paltz


Designed in response to the physical space that houses the exhibition, in Staring is an exercise in looking, finding, seeing and knowing.
This gallery, informally referred to as ‘under the stairs’, is an interstitial space – formed by the galleries that surround it. It is a negative of a positive, the leftover from a functional form. It lies in-between, forming the way one considers what lies on the other side of the concrete divide, what is revealed and what is hidden. As the risers and runners of multiple staircases surround the viewer, form becomes rhythmic, linear texture, closing in underfoot and overhead. In this space one is simultaneously astonished, disoriented, and mystified. While not originally conceived as an exhibition space, through imaginative thinking it became so.
As a marginal space it is not confined by traditional boundaries or conceptions. This notion of working the margin is akin to the creative strategies taught at New Paltz. Students are expected to engage the traditions of jewelry and hollowware, working within the field’s “architecture”, but not to mimic it; in dialogue through making they question function, value, and relevance to our somatic, conceptual and incorporeal experience. We look backward and forward at the same time, challenging and promoting the practice of making.
Provoked by the space itself, we ask the viewer to consider what it means to be ‘under the stairs’. In a domestic setting it is a space to keep things that are only used occasionally, or perhaps forgotten. It is a psychic space, the space of the Odradek, a space where fear of the unknown is manifested. Within this space discoveries are made, surprises can be found, and occasionally we lose even ourselves.


Talk on 16 March, 11 Uhr : Pravu Mazumdar: Understanding Surfaces. On Jewellery and Identity.
Pinakothek der Moderne.

Human surfaces are hybrid objects involving biological and cultural elements like dress, makeup, jewellery, gait, skin, posture, voice. Contemporary societies manifest not only surfaces of products, but also human surfaces functioning as ‘packaging’ and emitting discourses on interiority that place humans within limits and define their individuality.
However, the surfaces are not only readable. They are also produced on a daily basis, not only by the individuals themselves or the global beauty industry at large, but also a whole political machinery of identity, gleaning certain constant, measurable and recognisable traits of individuality from the surface discourses, documenting them in passports and identity cards and locking in modern individuals within the shell of their identity. Modern jewellery – in its contemporary, critical manifestations and its inherent tendency of breaching tradition – can break open the shell of identity and involve individuals in an open play of enhancement and change of masks. It can indeed be understood as a means of counteracting the pressure towards identity in daily life in modern societies.
Such ideas will be presented with examples and images from the area of contemporary jewellery art.
Munich | Lecture | Sunday, March 16, 2014 | 11:00 p.m. | Tel. +49 89 2727250, +49 89 23805360
Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium, Pinakothek der Moderne, Barerstrasse 40, Munich | Lecture in English | Admission free

ParticipantsAliyah GoldAllison Ulmer – Allyson Bone — Amy Williams — Anna DrexelAran Galligan — Cameron Andersen — Celine Browning – David Choi Eunjae BaekFrancesca UrciuoliHyun Kyung Park — John Huckins — Kate Mess — Katherine Wilson — Kathleen Rearick — Kim Zitzow – Lena GrabherLynn Batchelder — Maia Leppo  — Martin Anderson — Melissa Tolar – Michael O’NeillMissy Graff Nikky Bergman — Qu Mengnan — Sara Glaberson — Sarah AbramsonSteven Gordon Holman


MFA Candidate Steven Gordon Holman - Steven's Work has been selected to compete in the international design competition TALENTE - at Schmuck 2014 in Munich!MFA Candidate Steven Gordon Holman : Steven’s Work has been selected to compete in the international design competition TALENTE – at Schmuck 2014 in Munich
Lynn Batchelder, Necklace, 2013Lynn Batchelder,  Necklace: Sawing/Drawing, 2013 – Steel 
Steven Gordon Holman, Necklace, 2013Steven Gordon Holman – Necklace: To Segment and Join, 2013Mule deer antlers, nylon paracord, steel cabled
Martin Anderson (New Palz - NY)Martin Anderson
"Flood"  by Michael O'neill - 2010  Bracelet  Silver; Pyrex; Driftwood  5.5 x 2 inches  13.97 x 5.08 cmMichael O’Neill « Flood »  – 2010  Bracelet  Silver; Pyrex; Driftwood
Aliyah Gold -   Moth Brooch Sterling silver, Glass, Gold leaf - "Infestations" 2013Aliyah Gold -   Moth Brooch Sterling silver, Glass, Gold leaf – « Infestations » 2013
2 artists , Pieces, 2 artists Pieces :
Left and Right: Martin Anderson. Necklace: Black & Yellow Necklace, 2012. Glazed porcelain, sterling silver, silk.
Center: David Choi. Bracelet & Knotted Brooches: Untitled, 2013. Steel, silver.
Pre & post-production styling: Steven Gordon Holman & Anna Hammer.
Camera: Kim Zitzow. Model: Mengzi.
eunjaebaek 2010-12 thesisEunjae Baek 2010-12 thesis work
Hyun Kyung Park / 3 brooches "Architexture"  Huguenot Street - Deyo House 3 Brooches | 2012 | Plastic, Paint, Sterling Silver, SteelHyun Kyung Park - 3 brooches « Architexture »  Huguenot Street – Deyo House 3 Brooches | 2012 | Plastic, Paint, Sterling Silver, Steel


Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich
Barer Straße 40
Pinakothek der Moderne
80333 München

THURSDAY 10:00 – 20:00


EXPO ‘Monochrome Noir’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Fransisco (USA) – 9 Janv.-17 Fevr. 2013

9 January – 17 February,  exhibition Monochrome Noir’  at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Fransisco, CA, U.S.A.

Curated by Michael Dale Bernard and Tara LocklearArtists’ reception Friday, January 11 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Monochrome Noir: Curated by Michael Dale Bernard and Tara Locklear - Participating artists:  Allyson Bone, Sara Brown, Ashley Buchanan, Kat Cole, Gabriel Craig, Michael Dale Bernard, Robert Ebendorf, Réka Fekete Réka, Arthur Hash, Sarah Holden, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Tara Locklear, Nick Mullins, Katie Poterala, Marissa Saneholtz, Loring Taoka, The Opulent Project, Robert Thomas Mullen, Tanel Veenre, Stephanie Voegele, Sarah West, Laura Wood, Leia Zumbro - Photo: Becky Parker

Monochrome Noir features work that boldly flaunts deep fields of black and that is punctuated with the perfect placement of a single color. These contemporary jewelry artists rely on the sleek, darker side of the monochromatic view. Often using found or recycled materials, much of this work presents a narrative inspired by geography, architecture, historical motifs, and decorative arts. The exhibition installation will also include portraits featuring the jewelry from Monochrome Noir by North Carolina photographer Becky Parker. This collection of jewelry and portraits alternates between punk and formal, irreverent and elegant. The show includes 22 artists from the United States, Estonia, and The Netherlands.

Participating artists:
Allyson BoneSara BrownAshley BuchananKat ColeGabriel CraigMichael Dale BernardArthur HashSarah HoldenYevgeniya KaganovichTara LocklearNick Mullins Katie PoteralaRéka FeketeMarissa Saneholtz Loring TaokaThe Opulent Project — Robert Thomas Mullen — Tanel Veenre Stephanie VoegeleSarah West — Laura Wood — Leia Zumbro

Reka Fekete Brooch, Reka Fekete Brooch

Reka Fekete BroochReka Fekete Brooch

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Sarah West Bracelet

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Kat Cole « The Land Below » Necklace

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Tanel Veenre « I read to know that I am not alone » Brooch

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Arthur Hash: « Void » Brooch

Ashley Buchanan "Inside & Out" Earrings, Ashley Buchanan « Inside & Out » Earrings

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,  Sarah Holden « Balls » Brooch

Michael Dale Bernard "Berry Alive Cluster" Ring, Michael Dale Bernard « Berry Alive Cluster » Ring

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Michael Dale Bernard « True Blue Vintage Drop » Brooch

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Katie Poterala Necklace (Affliction Series)

Katie Poterala earrings Katie Poterala earrings

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,

 Sara Brown « Claim » BroochAll images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Leia Zumbro « Squiggle » Brooch

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Tara Locklear Necklace

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Nick Mullins « Fleeting 5″ Neckpiece  (detail)

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Stephanie Voegele « Purple Gem Double Loop » Brooch

All images from Monochrome Noir at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Stephanie Voegele « Purple Loop Gem » Ring

Yevgeniya Kaganovich: BroochYevgeniya Kaganovich « Small Yellow Sprout Brooch » (Plastic Bag Wearable Series)

Yevgeniya Kaganovich "Red Berry Necklace" (Plastic Bag Wearable Series)Yevgeniya Kaganovich « Red Berry Necklace » (Plastic Bag Wearable Series)

Loring Taoka, Brooch, 2012. Loring Taoka Brooch: Disassembled chain #1 2012Loring Taoka ‘Disassembled Chain’ Brooch

The Opulent Project NecklaceThe Opulent Project Necklace

Brooch (back & front) by Robert Thomas MullenRobert Thomas Mullen « Waterline » Brooch (back & front)



2015 Polk Street
San Francisco CA 94109


EXPO ‘COSTUME COSTUME’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 4 Juill.-31 Aout 2011

Guest curated by Arthur Hash.

costume-costume Sienna Gallery

COSTUME COSTUME (an opulent project) is a collection of work made by emerging contemporary art jewelers. It is an exploration of costume jewelry as subject ; jewelry about jewelry.

We are thrilled to have Arthur Hash curate a selection of new designers and artists to expand the COSTUME COSTUME collection! View select pieces online or model entire collection in the Costume Costume Photobooth at Sienna Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts..

“Pink Thinks” - Erin Rose Gardner for TOP  (The Opulent Project)Erin Rose Gardner
« Pink Thinks » – Erin Rose Gardner for TOP  (The Opulent Project)


Current and past artists include Sarah Abramson, Mikael Arsjö, Kate Bauman, Michael Dale Bernard, Thyra Bessette, Allyson Bone, Jenny Bradley, Raissa Bump, Sarah Kate Burgess, Alice Jee Chung, David Choi, Meg Drinkwater, Anne M. Fiala, Erin Gardner, Maricha Genovese, Anna Hinkes, Rory Hooper, Soyeon Kim, Courtney Kemp, Seohee Koh, Tara Locklear, Sarah Loertscher, Julia Elizabeth Louise, Edgar Mosa, Jimin Park, Mary Hallam Pearse, RT Peters, Katie Poterala, Cynthia Rohrer, Earl Ross, Leslie Skalin, Theresa Sterner, Monika Strasser, Kristi Sword, Islay Taylor, Melissa Tolar, Stephanie Tomczak, Ben Ulsh
Sienna Gallery debuted the project last April at SOFA NY where we installed a photobooth. This format provided visitors with an experience outside of the typical museum-like presentation of jewelry and objects at SOFA. We encouraged people to have fun interacting with our jewelry. Viewers instantly became wearers, modeling our jewelry for a printed souvenir photo-strip. And in some sense the wearer became a « collector » and jewelry became « collected » through physical printed image and solidified through social media.

Islay Taylor, Knuckle Dusters, Rings, gold plated bronze, hand painted acrylic nails, 2010. I am obsessed with knuckle duster inspired rings. I need one immediately.Islay Taylor  – pro nailz – gold plated bronze, hand painted acrylic nails


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240
T [413] 637-8386


découverte(s) on METALinclinations – APPEL à CANDIDATURE / CALL for ENTRIES pour METALinclinations2 – Deadline 18 Juill. 2010

online Metalsmithing and Jewelry Competition and Exhibition


METAL Inclinations, an International online Metalsmithing and Jewelry Competition and Exhibition (2008-09) is presented by The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths (St Louis, Missouri, USA). This exhibition includes selections of the most exemplary fine metal art created by metalsmiths, silversmiths, goldsmiths and jewelers all over the world. 


pour PARTICIPER à l’expo 2010 :

Call for Entries: Extended Deadline: July 18, 2010
METAL Inclinations2 will debut on the Internet October 31, 2010- and remain online for two years until October 31, 2012.
METAL Inclinations2 International juried all jewelry (jewellery) exhibition for 2010-12 will include selections of the most exemplary fine metal art jewelry created by metalsmiths, silversmiths, goldsmiths and jewelers all over the world. The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths is a not-for-profit organization. Check this site frequently for updated information.
TO ENTER right now, use the Juried Art Services website.
To download a printable PDF of the complete propectus
Start your application process on the Juried Art Services Website.
To ask questions about this exhibition go to the METAL Inclinations Forum:

(Brooch by Gillian Hillerud, a selected artist for METAL Inclinations1)

Chao-Hsien KuoChao-Hsien Kuo
CHAO-HSIEN KUO (Lahti, Finland) – ‘Lilac’ bouquet ring – silver – All parts move, so ring sits comfortably on hand.
‘Lumipallo’ ring – silver – All parts move

« I have been building a garden of my own for many years. A garden of imagination. I collect the seeds of inspiration by taking close-up photographs of flowers and plants, which I encounter in my daily surroundings or during traveling. I like to observe how a bloom is set on the stem, how the petals unwrap to reveal an enclosed surprise and how leaves sprout from branches, from which I can almost hear the popping sounds. I want to capture the gesture of a flower and to depict the energy and liveliness of a plant. » (CHAO-HSIEN KUO (Finland))

Allyson BoneAllyson Bone
ALLYSON BONE (USA) – Pierced Brooch #2 – hand pierced, fabricated oxidized sterling silver
Pierced Ring #5  - oxidized sterling silver

« The work I create is a balance of my desire to create something that is simple and also complex. I want my designs to appeal to a large audience, but I also want to reward those who are curious and investigate further. To accomplish this I include hidden details. Piercing the surface of the metal, I can create intricate surface patterns which often disguise the silhouettes of whimsical creatures. I have found that the process of hiding the iconic outline of a rabbit or a horse in a complicated pattern is very gratifying for me, like telling a secret. » (ALLYSON BONE (USA))

Tura Sugden
TURA SUGDEN (AU/USA) – ‘black Swallowtail’, 2008 – copper, fine silver, imitation rhodium plated, anticlastic raised – (photo Bob Toy)

« Communication between the fields of art and science plays an important role in the advance of both disciplines. A relationship between the two is inevitable. I question both the fear and the acceptance of insectual images, and I have found that working with entomological images and patterns has inspired dialogue and exposed the beauty that insects can inspire and reflect. » (TURA SUGDEN (USA))

Vina Rust Second Place
VINA RUST (USA) – Equisetum Bracelet – Stained Cell Series – sterling silver, 14K gold, liver of sulfur patina, hand-fabricated

« This body of work is concerned with revelation of the interior, with slicing past the surface. Inspired by botanical illustrations and photomicrographs, it has allowed me to both explore the idea of exposing intricate internal structures with devices such as the cross-section or selective staining of cells, and pay tribute to imagery that has cultivated a sense of wonder in me. My influences vary from Rackham illustrations to « ethnic » jewelry, but tend to share a common thread: acute awareness of natural forms, and of the tension between beauty and menace so often found in nature’s defenses. » (VINA RUST (USA))

Vina RustVina Rust
Vina RUST (USA)- Spartina Study (Brooch)- Stained Cell Series – sterling silver, gold, liver of sulfur patina
Vina RUST (USA)- Marram Study (Brooch) – Stained Cell Series – sterling silver, gold, liver of sulfur patina

Diane Falkenhagen
Diane FALKENHAGEN (USA) – Rococo Landscape -Oxidized Sterling Silver, 23 Kt Gold Leaf, 14 Kt Gold, Mixed Media Image on Sterling Silver

« In my mixed media jewelry I combine two-dimensional pictorial space and three-dimensional jewelry forms. Instead of gemstones, pictures form the central elements of my fabricated brooches, lockets and neckpieces. My diminutive pictorial expressions are either invented or borrowed from historical sources. I use a variety of art materials and techniques to create the images which are chosen for their emotional and intellectual impact as well as their aesthetic value. The jewelry forms that support the images are contemporary yet suggestive of historical styles of ornament. They are primarily fabricated from metal, but often incorporate more eclectic materials. » (DIANE FALKENHAGEN (US))

Sun Kyoung Kim
SUN KYOUNG KIM (US) – ‘Pair ‘ – ring for two people – Sterling silver

« The artist creates jewelry that involves participation of public to produce lively experiences for individual participants. The artist’s interactive jewelry invites two or more people and lets them interact with it. The wearers of her work create a truly impromptu performance while interacting with her work. The artist’s work is refined, elegant, and feminine in aesthetic. She employs curved lines in the design and uses precious metal, sterling silver to accentuate the elegance. The artist’s work is more or less intimate and private in that it does not accommodate a large group of people. » (SUN KYOUNG KIM (US))

Sharon Massey
SHARON MASSEY (USA) – steel bracelet

« I am interested in defining preciousness in my work through sentimentality, intimacy, and emotion. I seek to pay homage to goldsmithing traditions through technique and format, while challenging conventional materials and their value. I borrow historical ornamental motifs and reinterpret them to suggest a feeling of familiarity, as well as the passage of time. The content of my work lies in its use of appropriation and material innovation. In my work, I hope to express the value of sentimentality through ornamentation. » (SHARON MASSEY (USA))

Jillian Moore Award of MeritJillian Moore
JILLIAN A. MOORE (US)- ‘Symbogillis’ – electroformed & fabricated copper, nickel-silver, paint and ink
‘Knobbles’ – electroformed & fabricated copper and brass, paint

« My work combines electroforming and fabrication to achieve incidental organic textures as well as smooth biological forms. The surfaces are then painted. Abrasives remove paint from high points in the organic surface, and areas of interest may be printed on. The resulting objects belie their processes and instead reference living creatures of my own invention. » (JILLIAN A. MOORE (US))

Renee Zettle-Sterling
Renee ZETTLE-STERLING (USA) – Object of Mourning #3 – silver, copper, doily dipped in latex paint, rubber casting, fabrication, mix media

 » Objects of Mourning  2007-Present Through this body of work, I am investigating how objects are a source of meaning beyond their physical properties. I am especially interested in how objects help us move through the difficult passage of mourning. During the process of mourning objects can links us to loved ones that have passed or moments in life that are fleeting, such as childhood. The objects that I am creating become an outlet for displacement, emptiness, loss, and sentimentality. » (Renee ZETTLE-STERLING (USA))

Mary Hallam Pearse
MARY HALLAM PEARSE (USA) – ‘That Little Something’ Brooch – Sterling Silver, Fine Metal Paper, Pearls, Glass 2008 Printed, Fabricated

« In my current body of work I seek to examine how jewelry functions as an image, a means to construct desire, and the consequence of transfer from image to object and back to image. Found images are appropriated from a variety of sources, including magazines and various publications then printed on thin sheet of metal paper resembling the historical tin-types. This game of skill requires that the player complete the image by putting the jewels in to the impressions. These pieces are similar to the games children once received as party favors and to the game bagatelle. » (MARY HALLAM PEARSE (USA))

Mary Hallam Pearse
MARY HALLAM PEARSE- ‘Feeding Desire’ – Brooch  2008 Sterling Silver, Fine Metal Paper, Pearls, Glass Fabricated 

Sunyeoul Lee
SUNG-YEOUL LEE (USA)  – ‘Penetration’ – Poly Rope, Resin, Copper, Tool Dip, Powder Coating (Resin Casting, Rubber Coating, Powder Coating, Forming) 2007

« My goal is associating the idea of intimacy in jewelry objects to the body while the rope functions as a vehicle which conveys metaphorical meaning of connection. When the piece is on the body, it seems to penetrate or bind the wearer. I feel that it expresses the physical and conceptual connection between piece and wearer. It is important to me that the wearer can be able to relate to the symbolic meaning of the rope and at the same time feel themselves tied and connected with the rope or knot while wearing my work. » (SUNG-YEOUL LEE (USA) )

Eun Yeong Jeong
EUN YEONG JEONG (USA) ‘read or dead’ – Loofah, Wool, Sterling Silver, Plastic, Stainless Steel. Techniques:Dipped, Dyed, Soldered, Felted, Hand-Fabricated.

« Natural forms, processes and movement inspire me to create jewellery. When a form emerges from different elements, it tends to follow no exact model in which it crystallizes. Materials like stones or life forms like plants all have a different shape and character which has its origin somewhere in a void not comprehendible for the human mind. We try to understand how and under which circumstances they receive a life but the creation of these forms remains invisible for the human eyes. » (EUN YEONG JEONG (USA))


EXPO ’2nd annual “Earrings Galore” group show’ – Heidi Lowe Gallery, US – 22 mai-6 juill. 2010

The second annual “Earrings Galore” group show at Heidi Lowe Gallery will showcase dozens of artists this year. From 6-9 p.m. Saturday, June 12, the gallery will host an opening reception in conjunction with Rehoboth Beach’s “Mosaic” art walk.
“Last year, ‘Earrings Galore’ was one of our most successful shows,” gallery owner Lowe said. “This year I am finding a new, fun, and unexpected way to display the earrings. The type of earring someone wears can say a lot about the person. So, I am displaying a lot of different styles to appeal to as many women as possible. The display will only enhance the earrings’ ‘cool factor’.”
The complete show will be on display until July 6 and features artists from across the United States as well as London. A partial display will be on display through September.

EXPO '2nd annual “Earrings Galore” group show' - Heidi Lowe Gallery, US - 22 mai-6 juill. 2010 dans Allyson BONE (US)
Melissa Borrell

Anya Kivarkis earrings

35805 dans Amy TAVERN (US) dans Anya KIVARKIS (US)
The Opulent Project- Costume Costume: Ring-Top Earrings -2010 -Enamel Painted Brass, Silver
Eliana Arenas Orange Earrings – 2010 – Mixed Media

 dans Colleen HEINEMAN (US)
Soyeon KIM – White and Pink Earrings -2010 – Pearls, Glass and Silver

 dans Eliana ARENAS (MX) dans Exposition/Exhibition
Yevgeniya Kaganovich - Pearl and Rubber Earrings-2010 -Pearls, Rubber,  Silver

 dans Gal. Heidi Lowe (US)
Mary Pearse – Crowning Earrings – 2010 – Silver
Lynette Andreasen earrings
Lynette Andreasen – more earrings  !!

ARTISTS : Lynette AndreasenEliana Arenas — Megan Auman — Jill Baker Gower — Arden Bardol — Thyra Bessette — Kristine Bolhuis — Allyson BoneMelissa Borrell — Brenda Bregman — Ashley Buchanan — Laura Buckland — Raissa Bump — Analya Cespedes — Jim Charles — Susannah Fitz — Christina Goodman — Colleen Heineman — Annie Hinkes — Sarah Holden — Janet Huddie — Chris Irick — Yevgenia Kaganovich – Janis Kerman — Soyeon Kim — Kristin Lora — The Opulant Project Jimin ParkMary Pearse — Beth Pohlman — Shella Robinson — Alice Roche — Jessica Rosenkratz — Hyseung Shin — Amy Tavern — Jennifer Theokary — Stephanie Tomczak — Katja Toporski — Karola Torkos — Ben Ulsh — Veleta Vanza — Stephanie Voegele — Sadie Wang — Stacey Webber


35891 dans Jill BAKER GOWER (US)
Karola Torkos (UK) – Cluster Hoops -2010 -plastic, silver

35912 dans Jimin PARK (KR)

Stephanie Voegele -Lime Green Chandelier Earrings- Plastic, flock, paint, epoxy, nickle silver – 2010




Heidi Lowe Gallery
Innovative Jewelry Studio
328 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (DE) 19971


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