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COUP de COEUR ! Amy Tamblyn

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Amy Tamblyn, Découverte à « The Ganoskin Project » ………. :-)
« I am a Sydney based artisan working predominantly with silver and gold. All my work is hand made and so each piece is a one of a kind. When you wear one of my pieces you are wearing a piece of my art.
My jewellery is an exploration of the line and contours of the human form. The pieces are an elegant extension of the body – creating exaggerated volume and kinetic allure. They are fun and eccentrically stylish. The combination of sweeping form with sharp playful lines makes for very contemporary sculptural jewellery.
My creative momentum comes from wandering market places and delving into eras past. Resurrecting found objects, and taking inspiration directly from the material I am working with, I aim to create unique, spontaneous and playful objects.
Soon you’ll be able to buy my pieces at markets and small boutiques across inner Sydney. Until then, simply email me if you are interested in purchasing for yourself or a gift, wholesale, commissions, or for editorial hire.
My studio is located in Surry Hills.  »

Steel, Cuffs 24ct gold, stainless steel
Amy Tamblyn – Cuffs – 24ct gold, stainless steel

Wearable Art, 925 silver, stainless steel, felt
Amy Tamblyn - Wearable Art, 925 silver, stainless steel, felt  – ring

Steel, Neckpieces stainless steel
Amy TamblynNeckpieces – stainless steel 

COUP de COEUR ! Amy Tamblyn dans Amy TAMBLYN (AU) EB7
Amy TamblynEtched Series- bronze, brass, paper, ink



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