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…. environnement urbain : travaux, béton, ferrailles, échafaudages, palissades, barrières, outillages, machineries, matériaux de construction, lignes, cartes, plans, routes, échangeurs, sens interdits …….. démolition, reconstruction ….  tout cet environnement, même hostile ou menaçant, fascine ….. un moment, le mouvement est arrêté, « photographié », pensé, intériorisé puis réinterprété selon chacun, retraduit, « miniaturisé » pour devenir bijou … une construction nouvelle, en quelque sorte ….

(voir également l’article « Architectures …………… en broches »)

Andrea Zeuner  – Superhighway Brooch 2011  Brass, asphalt crack repair, steel

Andrea Zeuner – Superhighway Neckpiece – Brass, asphalt crack repair, nickel – 2010
Andrea Zeuner Neighborhood Brooch – sterling, copper, raw garnets, wood, steel
Caitie Sellers Transistor Brooch – sterling & steel
Caitie Sellers topographic brooch – Sterling Silver.
The inside of this brooch is composed of 5 pierced disks to make that image. The top of the brooch screws off so the wearer can take out the slices and do something else with them

Phoebe Porter - transit necklace
Andrea PIneros – Broche CIRCUITOS, 2011. The city, the friends, the family and you – Brass, Cristal, car paint
Stephanie Barbié -Lo natural, lo artificial – broche – alpaca, plata, resina, metacrilato
« El mapa de una ciudad, como primera aproximación de un espacio, reune lo artificial y lo natural, lo simbólico y lo real. Confronta imaginación y deseos con vivencia y realidad. Esas piezas surgen de esta confrontación. «
Michael Dale Bernard Excavator necklace, stainless steel, silver, vinyl tubing, powder coat,  2009*7aJ*dvf*6IXARaS0b3ZP7uPA6Ia6FeC24Z93B9aj/6.Dozer.jpg?width=737&height=552
Michael Dale Bernard Dozer brooch, one of a pair designed for the Neo-Rococo show. Stainless steel, aluminum, silver, brass, iron pyrite, powder coat, 2010

Maru Lopez – Derrumbe paredes – 200 – Silver,Iron and cement

Vanessa Arthur - ‘Demolition necklace’ – Reclaimed wood, laminate, copper, wooden beads, gold elastic, 925 silver.
Diego Bisso – Environmental Jewelry – Marmo (marble)

Dana DiPlacido (2011 graduate from MassArt, Massachusetts College of Art and Design ) – House bracelet, 2011 – stainless steel

Robean Visschers  «under-construction» structure ring -Gold, silver (oxidized)- 2006

Robean VISSCHERS ring
Robean Visschers  construction/structure ring

Robean Visschers Untitled 2009 Brooch

Bin Dixon-Ward – brooch – 2009

Ara Kuo – ‘MAZE’ brooch

Alice Bo-Wen Chang Bodyspace/bodyscape serie – red brooch

Linda Hughes Square Neckpiece and bracelet

« Colour plays a very important part in your jewellery and it is often bold and bright. Would you consider this a signature style or do see yourself moving towards a different palette in the future?
The palette relates directly to street signage but I do feel free to incorporate other colours and don’t feel inhibited by it.
What ignited your interest in signs? Was it marked by a particular experience or moment?
Some of the urban landscape in Australia seems particularly contrived, like a theatre set. A mixture of international influences all mixed up, often without connecting to the environment. My attention is drawn to signs as ‘street furniture’ if you like, ‘props’. «

Linda Hughes – Necklace

« In her new body of work, contemporary jeweller Linda Hughes explores the ‘stripe’, historically favoured as a metonym for danger, exclusion and as a device to attract attention. Hazard signage, ubiquitous in the urban landscape, changes when placed on the body as jewellery. In this exhibition, Hughes applies the visual language of the stripe to the sculptural form of the wearable. Displayed against as a series of graphic backdrops, the work explores the tension between body and environment, critiquing the complex theatre of public space. »

Linda Hughesnecklace  – « It’s got legs » exhibition

« Shared Zone, is both the culmination of Linda Hughes master’s research and her first solo exhibition.
Hughes utilises the familiar urban language of invisible everyday objects such as road signs, posts and hazard markings. Juxtaposing these symbols on the body she uses them to define space and create landscape. Her work invites the wearer to become a part of the “theater of the wearable” that arises when the brooches, neckpieces and bangles are placed so as to interact and create their roles – transforming the body into a stage. »

Linda Hughes, Wing Brooch, Red & White Series, 2009, laminate and acrylic. Photography Argonaut Design

Galatée Pestre   sautoir ‘Sens Interdit’ – argent noirci, émail.

Analiese Stinson (2011 graduate from MassArt, Massachusetts College of Art and Design )- Map Bracelet #2–The Trip to School and the Long Way Home, 2011 silver, fabricated

Fabrizio Tridenti’s complex structures

Bergner Schmidt – Concrete jewellery

Benita Dekel, Massconstruction – silver & concrete (ciment)

« Benita Dekel, a graduate of the Department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Israël), developed a series of jewelry pieces that combine silver with concrete. The results of the combination of concrete, which we usually associate with heavy, industrial construction, and delicate constructions in silver is that despite being made of concrete the pieces do not appear heavy. The shapes of the pieces, which are very familiar, almost as though they have been taken from various construction sites, manage to surprise both in their shape and new function«

Todd Pownell – architectural nest*hdw2-EkmKanaQdR7a5zL*3OtSocLMHHYbo6/spiral_bracelet_new_jas.jpg?width=737&height=567

Donna Veverka – Spiral Staircase bracelet

Silvia Walz – série « Casitecturas » Victors Haus – brooch – silver, copper, enamel

Sabine Conrad – necklace Burnt Future 2011, copper, silver, wood, paint

Esther Knobel – 4 brooches From “The Mind in the Hand” series

Renzo PASQUALE – OLIMPICA – spilla (brooch) – omaggio a Palladio (2008)*BG1KEhaEIsXXaDBJbMjRt1I47XG-XTwLBUj9WQLh4upNyh/pic5.jpg?width=600&height=600

Christina Elleni Cox « Changeable Cities » bracelet (on Kit&caboodle)


Decouverte : Andrea ZEUNER – Urban design

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Andrea ZEUNER, 2011 graduate from Pratt Institute, which is uniquely positioned as the only school in New York City to offer a comprehensive course of study in jewelry and metalsmithing resulting in a BFA

Andrea ZEUNER graduated with honors from Pratt Institute in 2011 receiving a BFA in Jewelry. Andrea has been recognized by her department, winning 1st Prize, The Rekha Lee Punch Award, at the 2011 Senior Jewelry Thesis Exhibition Critique for her collection, SURFACES: Earth | Metal | Body. She was also the recipient of the Jewelry Departmental Award, and was nominated for candidacy for the 2011 Windgate Fellowship.

Her collection, SURFACES, explores the textures and patterns of the Earth as seen from above, focusing on the juxtaposition between patterns created through man, and those created through nature. “My work focuses on these two opposing approaches to dividing the surface, and their final marriage, taking place below the surface. I intend the skin of the wearer to show through the pieces, adding a connection between the surface of the Earth and the surface of the body”. Andrea will continue to develop this body of work by creating wearable version of the collection.
Andrea Zeuner
« Crack in the Ring » – bronze, sterling
Andrea ZeunerNeighborhood Brooch -  sterling, copper, raw garnets, wood, steel
Andrea ZeunerSuper Highway Neckpiece – brass, asphalt crack repair, nickel
« In the summer of 2010 on a flight from La Guardia to Orlando, I peeked out of the window from my desired window-seat and looked below at the earth. I was inspired by the textures and patterns I saw; snaking rivers, geometric neighborhood formations, jagged coastlines, puzzle-like farm fields, and wanted to translate what I saw from above into jewelry. The surface of the earth as seen from above can be viewed as a series of divisions of space and may be narrowed down into two opposing forces; how humans divide land and how nature divides land. One is natural, moving with the land, and one is geometric and linear, moving against the land, fighting the natural chaos nature portrays to the human race. The link between the two opposing sides can be found in the stratifying layers below the earth’s surface. Humans help compose the makeup of the soil and what goes in it; our trash, vessels, bones etc., but the Earth eventually consumes the surface through mudslides, dust-storms, earthquakes and adds yet another layer. They ultimately reunite as the earth wins back the surface.
     My work focuses on these two opposing approaches to dividing the surface, and their final marriage, taking place below the surface. I intend the skin of the wearer to show through the pieces, adding a connection between the surface of the earth and the surface of the body. The oldness of excavated objects, unearthed after millions of years being juxtaposed against something as new to the world as an archeologist’s hand has always fascinated me. Through my pieces and the use of the million-year-
old earth materials such as dirt, sand and raw stones, I aim to replicate this juxtaposition. By using negative space in my designs, the skin is revealed through the metal. The surface of the Earth is now on the surface of the wearer’s skin. »



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