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EXPO ‘Four: One of a Kind’ – Four, Göteborg (Sweden) – 3-18 Sept. 2011

Four is turning one year old. It has been a year full of experiences, new acquaintances and a lot of jewellery.  To celebrate we are showing 10 rings made by 10 jewellers especially for this occasion.

Welcome to celebrate our birthday with us.


Lisa Björke, Linnea Eriksson, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik, Hanna Liljenberg, Malin Lövgren, Nina Mårtensson, Pernilla Persson, Anna Rongedal, Karin Roy Andersson, Sanna Svedestedt
Linnea Eriksson – ring: Spread 2011 – Steel, silver, spray paint
Karin Roy Andersson – ring: Matrix 2011 – Silver, titanium
Hanna Liljenberg – ring 2011 – Iron 


Nordhemsgatan 74
41309 – Göteborg


COUP de COEUR : Helena JOHANSSON – fruity, tasty & sunny ….

Helena JOHANSSON  : des bijoux qui mettent en joie, de par leurs couleurs éclatantes, leurs matières, leurs textures, comme des « smoothies » devenus bijoux !
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – mixed media 2009

Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – textile, mixed media – 2009
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – textile, mixed media – 2009
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – candle wax, foam board, straws, plastic – 2010
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – glue, glass beads – 2010


2010 information found on Montserrat Lacomba’s blog :

« We are both members of the same exhibition group called: Aviator
Aviator have 6 members:
*Fredrik Lundberg and Lena Åberg
*Anna Nordström:
*Helena Johansson
*Anna Rongedal
*Elin Johannesson

Elin Johannesson and Anna Nordström are now (2010) studying at
Helena Johansson is studying at
and Anna Rongedal studying at
Lena Aberg and Fredrik Lundberg have a company together   »

« Aviator is Elin Johannesson, Helena Johansson, Fredrik Lundberg, Anna Nordström, Anna Rongedal and Lena Åberg.
An aviator is a person who flies aircraft for pleasure or as a profession. The term aviator (as opposed to pilot) was used more in the early days of aviation, before anyone had ever seen an airplane fly, and it had connotations of bravery and adventure. »


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