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EXPO ‘WASSER – WATER’ – Ariane Hartmann Schmuckdesign, Hagen (DE) – 25 Oct.-3 Dec. 2016

WASSER – WATER     Ariane Hartmann Schmuck & Design

Vernissage am 30.10.2016 – 12:00 – 18:00



The central subject of the exhibition is a reflection about the importance of the Water for life.
Water means life and there is no life without water.

Water flows, whispers splashes, tears, rushes, sprays, drips, drops in crystals from the sky like snwoflakes, forming clouds, is blue, gray, green, brown, muddy or clear. The world is covered to 2/3 with water and of which 97.3% salt water, fresh water = drinking water.
At the water, on the water and under water. Deep-sea, ocean, the sea, a river, a waterfall, a lake, a well, a spring, rapids, a pond, water column, water level, water pollution. To drink to drown – to swim to walk on water?

Artist list :  Anja Büscher (D), Anne Dinan (USA), Applebeach (D), Sue Gregor (UK),  Fabiana Gadano (AR), Kirsten Grünebaum (D), Ariane Hartmann (D), Gabriele Hinze (D), Dagmar Faust (D), Sandra Letzing (D), Annette Schulze (D), Melanie Tomlinson (UK)



Anne Dinan (USA) Stahl Emaille Decal Magnet Anne Dinan (USA) Stahl Emaille Decal Magnet

Anne Dinan  Brooch: Untitled, 2016  Vitreous enamal on steel, decal, kiln fired: Anne Dinan  Brooch: Untitled, 2016  Vitreous enamal on steel, decal, kiln fired

Anne Dinan (USA) vitreous enamel on steel, decal, kiln fired.Anne Dinan (USA) vitreous enamel on steel, decal, kiln fired.

Fabiana Gadano - recycled PET & Silver Fabiana Gadano   – recycled PET & Silver ring

 Fabiana Gadano – Brosche Still Water – PET receycled Alpaca oxidiert – Foto von F.G.:  Fabiana Gadano – Brosche Still Water – PET receycled Alpaca oxidiert – Foto von F.G

  Gabriele Hinze Silber - engraved brooches by Gabriele Hinze SilverGabriele Hinze Silber – engraved brooches – Broschen ziseliert Silber

Gabriele Hinze Silber - engraved brooches  Gabriele Hinze Silber - engraved brooches

Gabriele Hinze Silber - engraved brooch: Gabriele Hinze Silber – engraved broochAriane Hartmann-   WASSER IS LEBEN - WATER IS LIFE - Glass, Water, Cork, Packet String, Silver Ariane Hartmann -Pendant: Wasser ist Ursprung, 2016 – glass, Water, Cork, Packet String, Silver

 Sue GregorSue Gregor


Ariane Hartmann – Werkstattgalerie. zeitgenössischer Schmuck & Design
Eppenhauserstr. 14
58093 -  Hagen
tel +491737713988
Öffnungszeiten: Mo. geschlossen, Di. + Fr. + Sa. 10:00 – 14:00, Mi. + Do. 10:00 – 15:30 mit einer Pause um 12:00 – 12:30Uhr und nach VereinbarungEnregistrer





EXPO « White – Gold – Porcelain » – Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) – 11 Mars-28 Avr. 2012

The words WHITE – GOLD – CHINA build an associative chain. Each term generates its own memories. The achromatic color white stands for purity – innocence – virginity – infinity.

Gold, the noble metal with his unique flair – wealth.

Porcelain – the white gold is a special material in contemporary jewelry. The unusual technique to burn china with silver, chains to be made of porcelain and the virtuosity of the ramification in silver.

Anna Kiryakova (BG), Violaine Ulmer (F) and Zwetelina Alexieva (BG) show works on the subject at Ariane Hartmann workshop gallery of contemporary jewelery and design.

violaine3 dans Anna KIRYAKOVA (BG)

Violaine UlmerBroche Paysage – Porzellan Silber

violaine1 dans Ariane HARTMANN (DE)violaine4 dans ceramique

Violaine UlmerBagues « Galet » – Porzellan Silber

anna-kiryakova-circles-2012-1 dans GALERIES

Anna KiryakovaKette White Circles 1 – Porcelain Silver

  kiryakova2 dans Violaine ULMER (FR)

Anna Kiryakova - Brooch « Red Ant » – Porcelain Silver

 ring "twin", silver, rock chrystalZwetelina Alexievaring « twin », silver, rock chrystal





Ariane Hartmann – Werkstattgalerie. zeitgenössischer Schmuck & Design
Eppenhauserstrasse 14
58093 – Hagen – Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 173 – 77 13 988
Telephone: +49 (0) 2331 – 30 66 543
Fax: +49 (0) 2331 – 30 66 543



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Ariane Hartmann

«  I am a jewellery designer in Hagen who runs its own showroom with studio where I exhibit my own work and do exhibitions with the work of others. I am known for using the written word in my jewellery as so in my « Motto-Collection » or my brand new « Within Word Collection ». I stamp short sentences letter by letter into metal. I work mainly with silver, yellow and white gold sometimes in combination with certain gemstones or acrylic.« 

COUP de COEUR : Ariane HARTMANN dans Allemagne (DE)
Ariane Hartmann- WORD Collection – SPRING – Tourmaline slices and Tourmaline strings welcoming the Season

 dans Ariane HARTMANN (DE)
Ariane Hartmann- « THERE MUST BE AN ANGEL » – New Pieces of WITHIN WORD Collection

The new motto of the WITHIN WORD Collection is stamped intuitvely with different letter sizes into silver. Words gathering into new Meanings. Helping us finding our own interpretation.

Ariane Hartmann- Earrings Amethyst Rose Quarz 925 Ag  – New Pieces of WITHIN WORD Collection

Ariane Hartmann- Collier Amethyst Rose Quarz 925 Ag

Ariane Hartmann- Within-Word-Earings – 925 Silver, stamped letter by letter with different letter sizes, combined with acrylic



EXPO ‘STATIONEN – SEASONS – NEUBEGINN’ – Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery, Hagen (DE) – 15 Mai-16 Juill. 2011

Ariane Hartmann – zeitgenössischer Schmuck in Hagen
jeder Weg durchläuft verschiedene Phasen wie Jahreszeiten. Eine neue Station auf meinem Weg ist seit dem 1. April 2011 die Eppenhauserstr. 14. Die neuen seriellen Arbeiten STATIONEN geben die Möglichkeit solche Wegmarkierungen zu sammeln. IM WORT – SEASONS zeigt die Interpretationen von Ariane Hartmann bezogen auf den Jahreskreislauf.

Zur Neueröffnung und Vernissage lade ich Sie und Ihre Freunde am 15. Mai 2011 von 12:00 – 19:00 Uhr in meine Werkstattgalerie auf der Eppenhauserstr. 14. Bei Fingerfood und Prosecco präsentiere ich STATIONEN und IM WORT – SEASONS.

Ausstellungsdauer: 15. Mai – 16. Juli 2011

EXPO 'STATIONEN - SEASONS - NEUBEGINN' - Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery, Hagen (DE) - 15 Mai-16 Juill. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 203470_224053334276598_6829513_n

Die neuen Räume – IM WORT – STATIONEN – Motto – CHANGE – Regenbogen – & Arbeiten von :
Kirsten Grünebaum, Cilmara de Oliveira, Stefanie Kölbel, Babette Egerland, Rana Mikdashi, Tanja Emmert, Margit Denz, Naschbag, Auri (Design von Anne Bader), Nikolaus Bergmann, Isabelle Falzarano, Simone Rahn, Karin Sehnert und Anja Pietrowski – warten auf Ihren Besuch.

frontweb dans Anja PIETROWSKI (DE)
Ariane Hartmann -
WITHIN WORD Collection
Ariane Hartmann - Necklace: Within Word Winter 2011 – 935 silver, aquamarine slivers, aquamarine string drop   GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mashrabiya7-big dans Ariane HARTMANN (DE)
Rana Mikdashi earrings

anja2 dans Babette EGERLAND (DE)
Anja Pietrowski – « chinese garden » …..the smell of cherry blossoms….a soft breeze touches the fine web of tree branches – medaillon 925/-silver, plastics, paint

herz1 dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Tanja Emmert- brooch

cilmara2 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Cilmara de Oliveira Jewellery from textile structures

stefanie3 dans GALERIES
Stefanie Kölbel 

« Stefanie Kölbel crafts lightweight, filigree jewellery in the traditional bobbin lace technique. She uses other materials than metal wire or ployamide, that she can dye, and achieved new ways of expression that could not be realized with textile materials. The lace can be formed into theree-dimendional objects which are determined bey transparency, preciousness and ease. The material value ot this-consuming work becomes unimportant. « 

auriagohrring dans Isabelle FALZARANO (DE)
Auri (Design von Anne Bader) – earrings

babetteblauerballon dans Kirsten GRUNEBAUM (DE)
Babette Egerland- ring « Ballonschmuck » 925 Ag rhodiniert 

 dans Rana MIKDASHI (Liban)
Isabelle Falzarano – grencollier med akvamariner (& detail)




Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery
58093 HAGEN  (DE)


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